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Documentary Film - Contributors Wanted

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Hi All,


Some of you may remember me from other posts here and there and some may even have met me if you were at the Liverpool game on Boxing Day.


We are making a short documentary film about Newcastle United fans, for the fans, quite different to how most football documentaries are. 


It is about how Toon fans, arguably the most passionate in Britain (or just unarguably as I'm sure you may all agree) sacrifice various things in order to support the team. This may be money, work, family time, relationships, school, university or anything really. Maybe you don't sacrifice anything, maybe you sacrifice everything.


I am particularly looking for those who travel up and down the country supporting the club as a large part of the film's story is about these long long long journeys to various parts of England (and Cardiff) just to support the club. For example, many of you might have to sacrifice an afternoon or more off work to go to Wolves on the 11th (a game and journey that we will be covering - so if you are going, please please please get in touch).


This promises to be a really interesting film with good coverage in many different formats, online and other screenings and is a film about the fans, for the fans. IT is all about you, your voice and I hope to hear from some of you who might be interested in contributing to the film and telling me your stories of how you support the Toon and how much it means to you to be there with them, every gaem, home and away.


Thanks very much.


Please reply here or my email is:



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