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Roberto Baggio 'Step Into My World' Compilation

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The BEST European player i've seen in my lifetime and it would take a hell of a player to beat this man that's for certain, his technique was one of the best i've ever seen, he could take on full teams single handedly. One of the best free-kick takers i've ever seen too, could be as good a playmaker as well as a striker, fantastic in Italia' 90, in my eyes was the Star of USA '94 not Romario, he carried that Italy team to the final, then his post USA '94 treatment by the media, Sacchi, Capello it was nothing short of a disgrace.... there was even a campaign to get Baggio back in the Italy team for Euro 2004 :shocking:


But for me the thing that makes Baggio stand above the rest was not just his technical ability but his ability to overcome adversity, his will and determination that really set him out from the rest, Almost couldn't continue at the age of 18 at Vicenza as his knees were that bad but somehow he managed to overcome this, the setback's of post USA 94, time and time again proving Del Piero wasn't a wealthy air to the throne, transferring to Bologna scoring 22 goals in 30 games transforming that team up the table and at time's becoming a one man show to prove he wasn't finished as a player, playing out of his skin for Brescia despite injury and old father time against him.


True legend and one of the greatest of all time in my eyes


The song is- Hurricane #1- Step Into My World



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