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  1. Toons £4m Fan-cy man

    Wouldn't surprise me, they seem to wait for us to be linked to someone and then put an offer in To be honest I don't see why he'd want to leave to come to us when he is guaranteed first team champions league football...

    I stated earlier in this topic that I doubt we can fix all our problems in the one transfer window, I don't believe we have the money for the amount of problems we need to correct but then again, we don't exactly know how much we have to spend this summer (at least I'm not aware of it). I'm just stating that imo our 2 full backs at the moment are not good enough and that bringing in 2 fullbacks is just as important as 2 strikers although at the present time I'd prefer it if we brought in 2 new strikers as it would give our midfield someone to supply and would relase the pressure on our defence. That said I don't think many teams in the premership can trouble us like PSV and again it was only a frienldy so I'm am content with our defence at the moment aslong as we do get 2 strikers. But there has been reports that wayne bridge is going for 3 mil and surely that is an opportunity we can not afford to miss?

    I think 2 new fullbacks are just as important now if not more important than 2 new strikers, fair enough we can be scoring goals but if we are conceding the same amount at the back well we are back at square one. Our team has already showed we can score goals but our defence when put under pressure has been shown to be frail thanks to 2 fullbacks who imo are past it. Carr is too slow and defensively suspect where as babs is good going forward in terms of linking up with N'zogbia but he's defensive positional play is atrocious and often leaves us exposed. Ramage isn't good enough for the premership, and it's as simple as that. We need to buy 2 new fullbacks imo if we are to mount a serious challenge of getting into the top 4.

    I hope this makes Roeder realise we need 2 full backs, left back has always been a worry, especially if we are going to play ramage there when babs is injured and Carr motm? lol I think you may be right there mate, I didn't even realise how slow he was until I seen him play irl at St james park 2 weeks ago. Unfortunely I don't think we can solve all our problems in this one transfer window.

    How did our midfield perform? I've heard a lot of people say Ramage was one the main reasons why our defence was so terrible as most of their attacks came down the right hand side?
  6. United drawn against Latvian side Ventspils

    It seems like Liverpool don't want to fly there and will actually refuse to play there due to everything that is happening at the moment (something about it was on ssn yesterday I think)

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