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  1. Jonas to Barcelona?

    Don't know about loaning him out. Ok would not have to pay wages but no chance of replacement (Fat Mike wants the cash) Only let him go if we can get anyone in who can run with ball at PACE AND CROSS. We don't have many(any?) others with pace so I would like to see him stay even though he drives me feckin' nuts most of the time
  2. Chris Hughton

    Nah you're wrong there Jimbo.... we all would! Credit to the man, he's just getting on with the job in hand - probably being paid (relatively) next to fuck all for it too. Yeah. He's done great so far and comes accross well in interviews. Doesn't lie and bullshit like JFK but is good at evading the whole ownership thing. Has a lot of dignity this fella but if the past two years have shown us anything he will probably be shat on by Fat Mike in the near future. Would still like to see Shearer/Dowie combo back with Hught's and Calderwood

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