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  1. Given who it is from, I'm not sure I'd be too worried, pretty poor taste none-the-less.
  2. What an outstanding fight ! an absolute rollercoaster, Wilder looked shot from the 3rd round, can't believe it took Fury so long to finish him off, would love to see Fury Vs Usyk but it seems we'll have to wait for that, maybe while we wait for that, Fury can finally give Dillian Whyte a shot at the title.
  3. The Guardian can fuck off, especially the Football Weekly podcast, that thing went down the toilet the second James Richardson left, fucking Barry Glenndenning seems hate football and hate Newcastle United even more, the ever-present Jonathan Wilson is a fucking Mackem, so what do we expect?
  4. Can't lie, I can't stand Fury, would love to see Wilder knock him spark out.
  5. lol I forgot Holt existed, he blocked me on twitter years ago when I think I called him an "Alice-band bellend"
  6. I see Miguel Delaney is having a hissy-fit about it already, strange he was seemingly not alarmed when they were linked with his beloved MUFC, him and Barry Glenndenning can go off and have an anger-wank together.
  7. Bollocks to Bruce, he knew the price on the ticket when he took the job, he'll get a payout when he's sacked, no need for sympathy
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