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  1. The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin. An anemic version of the Mighty Boosh with many of the Boosh regulars, good enough for me in these desperate times, I liked it.
  2. whilst ignoring the absolute absence of a legacy at West Brom.
  3. Enjoying Masters of the Air on AppleTV+, naturally its not a patch on band of brothers, but it captures the utter bleak desperation of the WWII air campaign.
  4. The same kind of idiot who is whining that eggs are $6 a dozen.
  5. let him rot on gardening leave until his NUFC intelligence is redundant
  6. The land of the free = the land of no free time. and congrats !
  7. Yes lol, in all seriousness, this is a great example of responsibility online lol, The day after I tweeted this, it was featured on the Chris Moyles show on XFM, and I thought it had got out of hand and I deleted the tweet, that must have been 5 years ago and I still get DM'd about it or I see it on lad bible or get forwarded it on Facebook etc. The internet is forever ! even if you delete it lol
  8. We will if we start with Burn again, just seems like petulance from Howe to continue with him, will be very telling if he starts again.
  9. Everything, everywhere, all at once: Well made, well directed, well acted, otherwise absolute Bollocks
  10. How many members of our government sit on the board of companies? does their involvement make those companies government assets?
  11. Thats horrible news, RIP Lisa. Sad to look down her Facebook and seeing posts made on the day she died, makes you appreciate how fragile life is.
  12. official confirmation, for those that were waiting....
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