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  1. has anyone got a spare room?
  2. Agreed, especially in a country where there is essentially a two party system and candidates who are utterly polarizing, you'd think you'd know who you were backing, unless you were firmly in the none of the above category
  3. I think regardless of the Democratic candidate, this event has galvanized Trump's support, if its not too late already its shit or bust.
  4. Christ, the morons on Facebook didn't waste a second.
  5. I honestly think we are already in one, a cold one.
  6. to be fair, the chances of the bullet exposing his brain were remote to say the least.
  7. Thats him re-elected, we are officially fucked.
  8. looks like the kind of movie you see for sale on DVD at the checkout aisle at a garden centre.
  9. She was a Cat 5 in the Gulf but thankfully just clipped the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula which weakened it, otherwise we'd have been fucked, I went through Hurricane Harvey which I think was a Cat 4 but thankfully we only got the outer bands, even that was absolute carnage
  10. Fucking Beryl lol sounds like an old granny Yeah, fucking close call !!! took a tree down across my fence but otherwise looks like we got by ok, went most of the day without power, I think there are 3 million Houstonians without power today, scary as fuck and this was only a cat 1 !
  11. I think I'm suffering from hurricane PTSD, thought the fucking roof was coming of Castle Jimbo last night !
  12. Can't say I'm surprised, Great Yarmouth its Twatistan.
  13. Thats some Tyson Fury levels of denial
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