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  1. After a couple tickets for Man City in the cup at the end of the month if anyone could possibly help me? Cheers in advance,
  2. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10am, 2 per member/season ticket holder.
  3. The match is a 12.30 kick off on the Saturday (I hope you haven't booked your tickets thinking its a 3pm kick off) Where are you travelling from, I'm also travelling from Scotland.
  4. Yeah should have asked if anyone was in the England supporters club, as its only members who can buy tickets. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. I know this is a long shot but here goes. 4 of us travelling down from Scotland for the game, 3 are members of the Scotland supporters club so we have tickets. Now we were hoping to get the other guy a ticket for the England end when they were due to go on public sale but apparently there won't be one anymore. So if anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. Bought a ticket but I can't make it now. Its in the Leazes stand. I live in Scotland so we'd need to arrange payment and delivery. Sorry if I'm not allowed to sell tickets on here.
  7. You know the 6 match ticket offer that was going about, do people already have the tickets for all 6 games? I was just wondering as I've been offered a ticket for this game.
  8. Game will be moved to the Sunday won't it?
  9. Drunkenly decided last night that I was coming down to the game next weekend so bought 3 tickets when I got home. The only place I could get tickets together was in the "Gallowgate stand, west corner, gallowgate club" Are these tickets any different from normal as it "corporate" on the price list?
  10. Despite having a soft spot for Rangers unfortunately, I'd like to see Newcastle make a bid for Gary Hooper.
  11. Yeah I'm part of their Facebook "group" its just for meeting up in Aberdeen to watch games etc and occasionally meeting on the train for going down to Newcastle.
  12. Montrose. I only get to a few games due to work but It would be good to find a bus, if there was, to go down instead of travelling myself.
  13. Anyone know if there's any supporters buses from Scotland that travel down to games? I don't get to much games but when I do it's by train and they get pretty boring when you're by yourself!
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