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  1. Your fellow fan wrote him off, said he'd be third choice etc. 'My nan could be a good keeper in that league'. Fantastic players are plain and clear to see no matter what league you're in. Only in the last few years 3 of our fantastic players have done just as we suspected in Forster, van Dijk and Wanyama.
  2. You were all too arrogant to find out. Can't say I didn't warn you that he was the real deal. Oh well, your loss.
  3. Nice to see when you dismantle them they retort with racism. Conveys that they have nothing constructive to reply and indirectly was an admission of defeat.
  4. Look at the Virgil comments in the last page. Starter and arguably one of their best players right now.
  5. "Going about English boards to bad mouth the Rangers" fuck sake hahaha he done his one and only post to only bad mouth Celtic. I don't even think I mentioned rangers much outwith being asked certain things on here. Rangers, the master of hypocrites.
  6. Nice to see the arrogance in here hasn't disappeared. Even though you're facing relegation, at least you can all have a laugh at the Celtic.
  7. Bad. Three out of the four teams in our group are has-beens on the downward slope with the other one of taking advantages and pushing their luck.
  8. I'm still here lads hahaha What an embarrassment that was. I'm entirely truthful on here when I say that the team I came on boasting about- that beat Barcelona, isn't the one playing today and probably have slid into what you described as championship standard. Only 3 or 4 players left here from that Barca team. We are like newcastle in that the main money man is a knobend and won't spend and when he does, spend it properly. We have made 49 million quid from transfers since Lennon came in until now with the new manager Deila. We have spent £12 million- basically amazing in a balance perspecti
  9. You can't stand and clap in an English stadium without it being in the papers. The fans above are fans with a bit more character, furthermore the seats shown there were mostly accidental due to poor stewarding and overcrowding.
  10. Thank you! I knew there'd be a good voice of reason in here.
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