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  1. Shepherd In?

    so simple and so straightforward and correct. Really makes me wonder why so many people have bickered with me here [and on the other site] when I said it. simply being "not as bad as other people" is not any kind of indication that you're any good. Shpeherd was awful for this football club towards the end and we would have gone down with him at the helm, regardless of what you say now. Ashley was a catastrophe that was as much a victim of bad luck as a victim of his idiocy. "not as bad as other people". Who said that ? Not me. Fact is he was better than most, european qualifications and league positions prove it. Agree wit the "you have to spend money to earn money" And the european qualifications and good leauge positions in the early Hall/Shep times. These was good times... BUT what happen when we simply do not deliver, and over some years have tried to buy us out of it, without success? You get to a breaking point, where there simply are no point of return. Should we then still borrow, and face the possible meltdown? Like, look at Liverpool, what will happen to them, if they fall out of the top 4 next season (ulikely i know). But they are in a mess now. I am afraid alot of clubs will find them in a rough situasion in the future. My 5 cents and opinions
  2. Ashley has outdone himself

    This is kinda rockbottom. Its so fucking hopeless i dont have words... Even Peter Griffin would have made a better job...

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