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  1. I know man.
  2. It's cause contrary to popular belief he actually runs everything. Schlepping about with all the files in a plastic Tesco bag.
  3. Done. Rafa will get funds for Jan.
  4. It's cause it's all done bar the paperwork.
  5. It's already done.
  6. Yeah air drops of food from China or summink...Broaden the playing field...UN expedition force arrives etc....
  7. Won't happen. Club will be sold and Rafa will get a war chest.
  8. My shares in Coca Cola have done alright....I've had them about 15yrs.
  9. Would have thought by now they would have cooked up some new shit to add to the mix....Super Zombies or something...
  10. How have they got away with this piddling nonsense for so long? New group/fight zombies/move/new camp/fight zombies/nonsensical chit chat about zombie dangers/new camp/move/fight zombies....
  11. They were annoyed you had such a grandiose car I bet.
  12. When mustache bloke started talking about Euratom it cut to the audience and to a man they looked like perplexed chimps - mouths open - scratching armpits style.
  13. Sup t't ale.
  14. Munchhausen by proxy innit.