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  1. Me a "wind up" merchant? I don't think so. You, on the other hand, don't know when to stop!
  2. Not at all, because I will never defend any hooligan either. What I do recognise is a keyboard warrior who is not fit to be a mod/administrator. Please combine sex with travel, in short jerky movements and (unless you have something constructive to add) please don't reply to my posts in future! I find you an embarrassment!
  3. I shouldn't ask but I will. Who looked confrontational?
  4. I take your points on board marra, but I've been to Cardiff & Swansea, without feeling intimidated by the police. Never have I been to Glasgow (for a match) but I hardly think that 2 -3,000 SAFC supporters would be classed as "small time", as it is far more than a large number of SPL teams get playing at home. It would, I think, be intereresting to see the average number of away supporters attending Rangers/Celtic matches, in the SPL. Also, if Strathclyde can handle (around) 3,000 without problems (no herding and with smiles) how come Northumbria could not handle 40 to 50, with
  5. Good god, I am shocked and need to lie down. That has to be the first sensible, none hate filled post, I can remember seeing from you. Welcome to the Damascus road. We'll, presumably, be seeing you in an SAFC top, as the next stage in your conversion!
  6. I'm glad someone finds it interesting Anyway, don't you live in Thailand? Therefore anything you hear is 2nd hand anyway. Bit of a myth to suggest Celtic / Rangers and Cardiff etc. don't have loads of bother as well. Cardiff are notorious for it. Aye marra I live in Thailand but have found this crazy! I made my position clear, in my opening post - http://www.toontastic.net/board/index.php?...t=0&start=0 I have, though, seen "first hand" the way certain police forces treat people, with their only (apparent) crime being that they support a football team and if an INDEPEND
  7. What I find interesting is that Northumbria Police are now changing their tune, whilst attempting to hold the high moral ground. 1) They are now claiming that they had officers injured - Yesterday their press release did not make that claim, stating (only) that Earl, Cleo and her two brothers Floyd and Diesel were battered and bruised after they were kicked by fans intent on violence and stamped on while on the floor. 2) They have, also, now started to claim that They had "intelligence" (contradiction in terms maybe) that there was a planned "meet" between SAFC and NUFC supporters, at
  8. I know that the guy received "rave" reports after the West Brom game, but I've never seen him play. Of course, newspaper reports are never reliable. But, if there is anything in this I would appreciate an appraisal of his strengths/weaknesses. Thanks in advance. http://www.shieldsgazette.com/nufc/Arsenal...-off.5546827.jp
  9. I never said that, because (as, previously, stated) I was not there, so could not pass judgement on this, particular, incident. You, however, seem happy to continue making a prat of yourself, despite having the same restraint. C'est la vie! Looks as though the other side of the story is getting into the papers: - http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-...-name_page.html I think that the "journalist" responsible for the article (Sophie Doughty) is an absolute disgrace to her profession. All she has done is to take the NP PR statement (which I linked in my
  10. I never said that, because (as, previously, stated) I was not there, so could not pass judgement on this, particular, incident. You, however, seem happy to continue making a prat of yourself, despite having the same restraint. C'est la vie!
  11. I couldn't agree more but, if you had bothered to read the accounts before you attempted to pontificate/make cheap points you would have realised that there were only around 50 SAFC supporters on the "soccer special", who were faced by 20/30 police plus unmuzzled dogs. I think that negates just about every word you have written!
  12. Ok marra, I am going to bite - You've been fishing for long enough! Please read the threads and then you will prevent yourself looking, repeatedly, like a moron. Your last point (regarding transport) was asinine - the SAFC supporters were told (announcement at half time) that a "soccer special" had been laid on, from Edinburgh to Sunderland and requested that all SAFC supporters utilise it. This turned out to be a complete lie - it ran to Newcastle and ONLY those that boarded it had a problem. Fortunately, the majority of the 4,000 or so SAFC supporters attending the game chose
  13. Only reason there's any coverage is cos it happened in Newcastle. I've seen that photo before it was used in the thread on the SMB and then used twice on here. I could be wrong but is it not something to do with the Roma Ultras? Nobody will ever get me to condone any form of football violence but something (for me) smells here! So many first hand accounts, so much video and then the police put out a statement accusing fans of attacking police dogs! Can anyone, seriously, believe that? Sure, 40 Sunderland fans decide to attack 20/30 police (with unmuzzled dogs) a
  14. I know that there two sides to every story but please look at these threads, two from the SMB and one from their own website and then see what you think. I was not there, so cannot comment on that incident but, having seen these thugs in action before, I can say that the cancer that seems to be ingrained in Northumbria Police needs cutting out! http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=431176 http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=430927 http://www.northumbria.police.uk/details.asp?id=16929 Some of the stories are horrific, along with the video evidence of large
  15. Total rubbish That had better not happen, its my worst nightmare FFS!!!! Even I would not wish him on you marra. I would love to be a fly on the dressing room wall if it turns out to be true. He will command no respect and then continue with his normal trait of blaming the players (publicly) for his own failings!
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