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  1. A mate of mine claims Shola is the best penalty taker Newcastle have ever had. I'd wonder if the stats back this up.
  2. Against Cardiff Hughton set out with his new, more creative line up, to outplay the opposition. It worked (apart from the first 20 mins of the second half). I wondered then a) would he be brave enough to try it away from home and would it work? I fear he'll now revert back to the cautious defensive approach against Swansea.
  3. I'm with Christmas Tree on this one. I sense a deal to be done this week. All the briefings and press reports coming out at the moment suggest negotiations are at that final critical stage. Ashley is trying to squeeze as much as he can from the sale but ultimately he wants out and I believe he'll do a deal.
  4. According to Gary Richardson on 5 live this morning "he understands" there is likely to be devlopments this week with Ashley pulling out of selling the club and appointing O'leary as manger. Some fuckwit journo on the programme then commented how O'leary would be a good appointment because he's still in touch with the game and that his appointment would be welcome and popular with the Newcastle fans. Short of describing Colocinni as suited to the championship, I couldn't think of a more stupid thing to say.
  5. In fairness to Harris, it was Gary Richardson who asked "How many buyers are in the running, is it about 2-3?" to which Harris replied "yes, that's a good guess." It wasn't Harris who came up with 2-3 Why is everyone having a go at Harris. He came across to me as a competent articulate person doing a professional job answering the media's questions as openly and honestly as he could in his position acting as an agent for another party. Far better than anything we've ever got from NUFC since Mort left.
  6. Keith Harris has just been on Radio 5. There are 2-3 interested buyers some from "near to home". He expects then to submit their bids by the end of the week and the sale to be complete by the end of June.
  7. I'll be going for a long walk on sunday between 3 and 5, phone switched off. I can't stand the tension, it has me in knots. Best go between 4-6 mate
  8. Couple of points here. First generally about Ashley. He clearly has brought his commercial principles to NUFC. Sports Direct is a cheap shitty brand where there is no investment in its employees and consequently they don't give a fuck about the business or its customers. Whelans comments were the main topic on last nights 606 hosted by the cockney irritant and every premiership footballers self proclaimed best mate 'Spooney'. A Norwich City fan came on with an intelligent and well articulated critique of Ashley's tenure of NUFC. His principle argument was that to allow a club of such
  9. According to 5live, the deal has been agreed for Zog going to Wigan in return for Taylor, and a bit of cash I'm assuming if Taylor valued at £800k.
  10. "Lua Lua looks a promising player. " On what basis are you saying this. Hitting a hopeful shot from 30 yards on the turn 10 yards wide? You're talking bollocks mate.
  11. Could work - more interested in what he had to say regarding sale progress. I'm puzzled why after so much silence, Kinnnear blurts all this out apparently on behalf of Ashley. He looked like Ashley's spokesman on Sky Sports. I'm suspicious. Is Ashley really going to sell. Nigerian sale breaks down, Kinnear gets an extension, results get better, Wise and Kinnear enjoy good working relationship, protests fade and on we go.
  12. "2 consortia have approached him about being the "name" on bids as of now but wouldn't give any more details." What does that say about the credibility of the consortia if they wanted FS as a figurehead.
  13. Well done tf and the mag. I can't help thinking any campaign is for all football fans in the premiership against big business taking over and taking the piss out of us. To my mind this is not just making a stand for Keegan but its about the future of football, we've taken some shite over the past 10/15 years (bonds, £40 shirts, 1.30 & 5.30pm kick offs, 39th games, Marcelino, re-arranged games at 2 weeks notice etc etc) right lets see who really has the power? the billionairres jumping on the bandwagon or the punters.
  14. I understand why everone goes on about the Portsmouth (I'm assuming that 's what you're referring to) game, but I'm always puzzled why people don't talk so much about the Leicester game away the following week . WE were up then down, then up, then down, threw it away in the final minute, pitch invasion then won it in injury time and stayed up for sure. The most amazing end to a game I've ever been at.
  15. Based on recent incomings, my money is on an unknown spanish coach who is big mates with Jimenez. Next year we're gonna join La Liga and the year after that we're re-locating to Malaga. But hey the good news is the paid up season tickets will still be valid.
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