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  1. Arrived safely and without problems in Newcastle yesterday. No problems or delays there, fortunately. Now enjoing the sun and my view on the Tyne from my mates window at Quayside. Anyone knows an away friendly pub? Want to watch the Man Utd game with him later.
  2. Berlin - Amsterdam arrived as scheduled today. Guess Amsterdam - Newcastle will be the same. So I shouldn't get any problems tomorrow.
  3. Now that worries me. However, on BBC they say "It is anticipated that almost 100% of air traffic will take place in Europe on Thursday" according to Eurocontrol so I really hope my flight to Newcastle on Friday goes as planned.
  4. "Early enough" is difficult in current circumstances. Guess I will know if my flight goes or not on Thursday morning at the earliest. And they only refund after 5 hours delay or cancellation. How I hate this uncertainty...
  5. Thanks for the link. Why are there such differences? £96 at 15:00, £52 at 15:45 ?! Kinda funny that I would get from Berlin to London for £40, though....
  6. Could someone please tell me how I get from London to Newcastle and how much it will cost via train?! Just for the worst case...
  7. Sounds good. However, reports here in Germany suggest that Eurocontrol will set up 3 zones (1=no flights, 2=flights based on countrys decision, 3=free airspace) and obviously UK will be marked zone 1 so I wonder which information are true?! Would be absolutely devastetd if my flight to Newcastle gets cancelled...but you gave me some more hope!
  8. I have a feeling that my flight to Newcastle on Friday will be cancelled. Kinda ridiculous that things like that happen when I want to fly for the second time in my life and for the first time since 2001...to my first ever game in an English stadium...
  9. Will be my first visit of the season...but I'll be in the away end. Nice to have a sold out SJP and a trophy presentation for my first game over there. Unfortunately my Toon mate will be in Leazes Corner as Ipswich only sold 1 ticket to every season ticket holder.
  10. I could prove it. It was just 5£, but hey...like the great man said, every pound counts. And yes, there is one at eBay...for 28€ (+15€ shipping)...ridiculous.
  11. I am a Tractor Boy, yes. Unfortunately I've never been at a Town game in England (I am German). So St. James' Park will be my 'debut'. Really excited to see the famous Toon Army as well. Btw: is it still possible to purchase such a scarf? Couldn't get one when they sold them last year but however donated for the SBR Foundation via PayPal.
  12. http://www.itfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,1...1988084,00.html Great!
  13. I guess the Ipswich game will be televised as well...to my disadvantage. Actually wanted to fly to this game.
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