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  1. Some coaches, rather than anti-coaches, would be nice.
  2. Was Howaythetoon the one that followed on from toon-chat.co.uk? Think I first joined up in about 04/05.
  3. I posted this on NO yesterday which I suppose half ties in with the KK stuff, but it's my views on football in general at the mo (long post) : After having a fair few hours to reflect on today, it's confirmed a lot of things for me. Before I go on, this isn't a whinge saying how i've fallen out of love with NUFC. I very much love my club, our club, and I always will. But, to quote Sir Bobby, what is a club in any case? The noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. I feel a lot of these are on the wane for our once great club. I've been considering ove
  4. They've covered it in a black sheet apparently. Like a massive roll of duct tape.
  5. ESPN advertising that they're showing NUFC vs Monaco and NUFC vs Fenerbahce.
  6. Apparently not. I thought he'd gone to Borrusia Munchingflapjack.
  7. The Times and Talkshite both saying we've held talks with Hoilett.
  8. Olympiakos confirmed on their website they're playing NUFC at Porto's stadium on 27th July. Assume we'll play Porto while we're out there too. http://www.olympiacos.org/en/article/11950/friendlies-portugal
  9. Sporting Lisbon and Cardiff away games set to be confirmed soon apparently.
  10. I believe if Liverpool win the FA Cup, it doesn't matter who the losing finalists are. Their FA cup place would take precedence over their Carling Cup one, so Liverpool would take FA Cup place and their CC one would go to league. Everton only 7 points behind us now. With us going there on the last day and having Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool all to play, they're a bit close for comfort now!
  11. Nice that you've been told your allocation so swiftly. You couldn't give Wigan a game at the Stadium of Copyright infringement.
  12. Why? Well, to win the FA Cup It's a very extreme view Chris as they don't go hand in hand (unless you're Birmingham...), but I see your point. As terrible as relegation is, the club would recover. To have the memory of a cup win would last forever, the stuff of legends. There's no reason why we can't beat any team left in the cup, but then again we could get stuffed by Brighton. May as well give ourselves the best chance possible and go full strength.
  13. Early goal ls key. They'll come to park the bus and play for a 0-0.
  14. Cheers for this. My dad is a patron for a local charity (Clarke Lister Foundation) and a couple of NUFC players are patrons too. I'll forward it on and hope they remember me if they win it!
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