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  1. from those fixtures before we play again Sunderland could be in a much better position and by the way we are playing just cant see us surviving, think its going to be Villa, Norwich and us, hopefully some sudden fight will magically be found in the team while there away or we forget to bring Mclaren back with us bar that just cant see us surviving.
  2. AFC Bournemouth fixtures: Watford vs AFC Bournemouth - Saturday, February 27 AFC Bournemouth vs Southampton - Tuesday, March 1 Swansea City fixtures: Tottenham Hotspur vs Swansea City - Sunday, February 28 Norwich City fixtures: Leicester City vs Norwich City - Saturday, February 27 Norwich City vs Chelsea - Tuesday, March 1 Sunderland fixtures: West Ham United vs Sunderland - Saturday, February 27 Sunderland vs Crystal Palace - Tuesday, March 1 Aston Villa fixtures: Stoke City vs Aston Villa - Saturday, February 27 Aston Villa vs Everton - Tuesday, March 1
  3. Its not that the result wasnt expected it how shit the whole team has been, cant see how 1 performance now and again will be enough to keep us up,they dont even look like they believe we can get wins in most games or even give a shit
  4. surely Mclarens influence on these players must be looked at, they need all of sports direct boots thrown at them in the dressing room, disgraceful for so called professional footballers
  5. In recent form Chelsea would probably be up near top spot and we would have been expecting a hammering anyway with our defence, just didnt expect us to play this poorly.
  6. relegation here we come, good work lads enjoy your hols
  7. got to get another striker on now at least try for a consolation
  8. as said last week Townsend cant play on the left much better on the right
  9. why the fuck bring on another dm when were 3 0 down, unless he wants to hold on to it
  10. might as well go two up top at half time in 442 bring new guy on for Mitro to knock downs, cant be any worse
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