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  1. And if we are having a genuine guess, I'd say Wilson because you know rehab under Bruce would "just" be one kebab and 4 pints instead of the usual.
  2. Most likely Mannquillo just wandered on down the road to the village of the damned, there is only so much FIFA one can play on their days off!
  3. The PIF bought Carnival Cruises, the world's largest Cruise company just before the pandemic which now has been all but gutted by the same plague, they would be perfectly within their right to pay an over the odds for sponsorship deal because it's a huge company that needs to rebuild their billion dollar industry. The whole thing is a crock of shite and there is no way jealous clubs can push through a rule that is anti-competition, especially one that only applies to deals in the future but exempts current agreements. Biggest problem for NUFC is these cunts are just going to keep tak
  4. Biggest worry is regardless of who we get in to replace cunty cabbage, it’s going to take a few weeks to actually get the players fit because they all look shagged after 20 minutes atm.
  5. Can I call bullshit on this. Bruce is not a Newcastle fan, he's a fucking Man U fan and I'd hazard a guess he was one of those cunts that even supported them as a child, instead of his hometown club.
  6. Fuck the useless cunt, pay him up but tell him it is in cash in a bag at the embassy. Bet he takes a cheque for 70% straight away if that happened!
  7. Oh but regardless, Mandy just sack the cunt, let him be the guy that never gets to 1000 games in charge.
  8. I'm hoping it's just because the release agreement Rafa had included in his contract with the scouse mackems, has them (Everton) slowing things down and nothing more.
  9. Just as cool as Jinky but a bit funkier. No organ but just as good. And listen to Art's drumming.
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