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  1. Fatty back on track then, expect the next announcement of the club being up for sale around August this year.
  2. Any more from your source Gloomy?
  3. Gigs 2017

    FFS, 20 quid is nothing, Shame cost the equivalant of that to see them here. It costs a lot for small artist to tour internationally. These poor fuckers deserve to make enough to survive, it's not like they're Radiohead or worse, Coldplay and making millions. I'd hazard a guess Ty Segall barely makes the average wage. Only when Erika whatsherface jumps out of a cake.
  4. Gigs 2017

    Jonny, the venue was small, a couple of hundred people and the singer spent as much time in the audience as he did on stage. Good to hear Mogwai are on form. I see Ty Segall is playing the Boiler Shop in Newcastle in June, he's great live and worth the effort.
  5. The Guitar Thread

    That was the plan but to an original style vibromatic, just like you should have.
  6. The Guitar Thread

    Scott will enjoy this. I have an opportunity to buy either a cheap Johnny Marr Jaguar in black or an American made 50th Anniversary thin skin Jaguar in burgundy, both are secondhand. Thing is my preference is to buy/build black guitars but I prefer the block and binding neck which the 50th Anniversary has (as well as the original bridge and standard pickups which I also prefer). But the Marr is blacker than satan's heart. They both the same price and I can't afford both, before anyone suggests that.
  7. Gigs 2017

    Saw Shame on Wednesday night, great live well worth the effort. Protomartyr next Friday, Cloud Nothings the week after, then in March Mogwai, BRMC, PWEI, The Aints (Ed Kuepper doing his Saints material) and some other stuff.
  8. The steam off our shite would have more of a backbone anarl. He and Bellamy are there to perpetuate the NUFC cliques, there can be no other reason as neither offer insight or intellect.
  9. The Guitar Thread

    No insult, I quite like the occasional squier but if you have the time and are willing to buy 2nd hand there are better buys out there. Things like the original Squier Bullet, all tele running gear and necks, are great buys for parts, the Venus is brilliant (but not really a squier when compared to current squier guitars) and the bass VI, well it's the only way I could afford one these days.
  10. The Guitar Thread

    Scott not sure if buying 2nd hand interests you but a 90s MIJ or CIJ Tele will give you a better guitar than a current squier for similar money. Another good alternative is the G&L ASAT, not sure what the current Korean versions are like but if you can find a US built version you will get a lot of guitar for the money. G&L if you don't know was Leo Fender's company he started in the 70s. The Johnny Marr Jag is it US made or Japanese?
  11. The Guitar Thread

    Tom, have you checked out the pedals from Death By Audio? They do some interesting stuff, including a bunch of modulating effects.
  12. Yes Gemmill...

    What about this?
  13. Yes Gemmill...

    The Fall were great live (saw them in the 80s and a few years ago) but in part it was always about what Mark E Smith was going to do on stage. The recent albums aren't band anarl. RIP you old manc cunt. Don't give Ian to much grief.

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