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  1. Gout

    They any closer to making a actual diagnosis other than "auto-immune" disease?
  2. The Guitar Thread

    Andrew, have you looked at Warmoth's site? http://www.warmoth.com/Pages/ClassicShowcase.aspx?Body=2&Shape=1&Path=Stratocaster&orientation=27
  3. For a self proclaimed gambler he's proven time and time again he's crap at it.
  4. The Guitar Thread

    Not that anyone is probably interested but this is a great article by guitar builder/tech out of Brisbane that is famous for his work on Jags and Jazzmasters on the vibromatic bridge and tail piece. https://tymguitars.com.au/blogs/blog/8403005-fender-jaguar-bridge-and-vibrato
  5. The Guitar Thread

    Hey Scotty, nice work, hope it comes back sounding just as you hope. I hope they dress the frets for you and don't mill them, it shouldn't need that, maybe shimming of the neck. On the bridge did you see on the new American Pro series Jags and Jazzmasters Fender has redesigned the bridge? Allegedly more tone, no buzz and completely intonate-able. Looking at their range it looks like they have discontinued the original vibratone bridge which is a shame. Even the Squires versions are using tune-o-matics. For some stupid reason I really want a Marshall 1974x amp.
  6. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Steady on gents, let's hope they stick by Hughes because they are only going one way with him in charge.
  7. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Why didn't they take it to the corner flag?
  8. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Thank fuck for that.
  9. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Having a much better 2nd half.
  10. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    And against Brighton. But you've never been one for sense and logic.
  11. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Problem atm is every ref will be looking at Gayle as a diver and he will get fuck all.
  12. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Gayle needs to stay on his feet ffs.
  13. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Ashley was probably looking at the potential return for a young English player when the scouts suggested Murphy.
  14. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    True he's no kid rock.
  15. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Looks like Murphy has forgotten how to be a footballer over the Christmas period.

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