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  1. I cannot predict the result but I will predict that post game Warnock will whine like the old wanker he is about some perceived injustice which he will totally be wrong about.
  2. What are you listening to ?

    For those that like Mazzy Star, I give you Holy Motors
  3. We've already got one of those.
  4. Only in America

    It's not really backwards though is it? If we want to be accurate it's one third out or forward, backward would be if the right side was the GMT line. It was made by someone, who as others have said, thinks the world starts and stops with the USA and not the date line. We all know North Americans are stupid and ignorant, it's just degrees of this depending where they are from.
  5. Only in America

    Backwards map??? WTF?
  6. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    This was in the Rafa thread: I think this is actually one of the things he is looking for when he sells and besides the price, it is a huge obstacle for any potential buy. Unlike the fucking idiot, owners of football clubs want to be able to grow their commercial brand/revenue and being tied to free advertising, which no doubt he wants it all, shirt, stadium, naming rights - no one in their right mind would agree to. Also I think he stripped so many physical assets out of the club's ownership (and into MASH) and run the playing squad down so much, that any buyer knows that they are going to need a lot of investment over and above his ridiculous asking price. He's painted the club into a corner with his greed and ignorance and once a buyer does due diligence they will tell him to fuck off. Trooper, this has been obvious since day one, I think even the cunt that got us into this situation, John Hall, said it in an interview after he sold the club from under fat Freddy but it's not the only reason why Ashley won't invest, that's purely because the man is a cunt.
  7. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Wasn't there are rumour that there was a penalty clause in Rafa's contract if he quits. Besides the fans it's the only plausible reason he hasn't left considering the lack of respect Ashley repeatedly shows him.
  8. World Cup 2018

    Someone obviously forgot to tell Jedinak he's moved clubs.
  9. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    More like we'll end up with Ukrainian player, Bukeetov.
  10. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Bullshit. What did Liverpool pay for that average defender last season, £70m, that makes Lascelles worth well over £45m.
  11. World Cup 2018

  12. VAR... really??

    And they would have seen it on the big screen at the stadium as part of the replay for the goal. The whole thing was a fucking farce, with the referee giving Melbourne carte blanche to man handle the Newcastle players and that lineman was blindingly bias, a bit like the cunt that gave the penalty against NUFC on Saturday. VAR is just an excuse for referees not to make decisions and for the VAR referee to re-referee the game on matters they should have no say in, as has been obvious this season with the a-league. Offsides and dubious goals should be all VAR is used for.
  13. Other Games 17/18

    Fair enough. The team they beat, owned by the Citeh franchise, in post match interviews complained they didn't deserve to lose because "the lad will never score another goal like that in his life" really boiled my piss as they were second best the whole game. Citeh, cunts across the globe.
  14. Other Games 17/18

    Yes and no Alex. He intentionally swung his foot at it, probably more in hope that the ball would end up in front of him as it was a shit pass back to him. He even said so in the post game interview. But Riley has been great the last couple of weeks, scored a hat trick the game before, so you have to give him credit for trying just to get something on it.
  15. What are you drinking?

    Mmm, what's this mean then? I seen that on a couple of different sites now? As I think I've mentioned before it's like rocking horse shite here in the antipodes but I recently found some so bought a bottle, now I just have to be able to drink it!!!

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