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  1. Exactly like she has but they were hoping it wasn't on social media but in a couple of weeks time, in front of the cameras for their shite show. I can tell you from recent experience they would have been salivating at the thought of putting her in the BB house with whichever unsuspecting muslim/non white/non christian(s) they have in their cast.
  2. That's being generous.
  3. There's the off-season of supporting NUFC in a nutshell. We could be talking about all the great potential signings and the huge expectation we have for the season but instead we are surmising about some overpaid presenter from the BBC custard addiction - how fucking 2021.
  4. More chance of him trying to poach Miggy tbh.
  5. Neymar crying for the cameras once more. The Brazilians will surely burn the Maracana to the ground now. Lionel can retire now.
  6. Good to see the 4th official is getting some support. I was going to add, Engerlund play tonight, so does anyone care? Eighteen minutes in and it's a right dive, try and kick them off the ball fest.
  7. Which one, the original Australian movie or the US TV Series remake. As you like Mr Inbetween (there is a new series btw) you are bound to like the original movie as a lot of the same people are involved. Watching Halt and Catch Fire atm which is interesting.
  8. The final is just about to kick off. Can Messi finally win something with Argentina? Will Neymar win a Copa America with Brazil?
  9. Meth isn't a herb so Quiff will be alright!
  10. I'd have to agree and disagree with that statement. You are very correct about our Sky News watching section of the population, and that is a growing percentage. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt our bunch of useless Tories have also fucked up the procurement of acceptable vaccine options and that has lead to a lot of people dragging their feet. They were hedging their bets on the AZ blood clot because it is: 1. Cheap; 2. They can manufacture it locally; 3. AZ are known to donate to the same Tory cunts that are in government; 4. Cheap. So they under ordered Pfizer vaccines and didn't bother
  11. This news has disappointed me as much as the fact we're still stuck with the two fat cunts. Fucking scouse mackems, bunch of cunts.
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