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  1. Recommend me something to watch!

    Nothing to worry about there Scotty. Jonathon I know nothing about the NHS, I can probably quote some articles that make me look like I have a story but unlike you I've never worked as part of it and it would be boring of me to argue the toss based on those articles. He's now 48, series one was made when he was 46, two years before that he was contacted by Nash that makes him 44. So the poor cunt spent 4 years delivering pizzas and driving a cab in Echuca, which is a small town with about 30000 people, that's a life quite a few people would be happy with. Good luck to the guy he's made a cracking show but as I said he's been working in the industry for a while and has a lot of backing by people with major connections.
  2. Recommend me something to watch!

    Never said he was acting but so what, it's not as if he's been selling double glazing since then and it's a miracle he's now suddenly acting. He's been "developing" the program for 15 years and then spent a few years doing other jobs because it didn't pan out. It's a very small industry in Australia you have to do shit like that occasionally. I was making music clips for mid size indie bands and short films for festivals when I was at Uni, that's how the industry works. As I said look at the people involved (a Hollywood actor and his family), it's not a "come good" story. Something you want to gloss over is: No uni film gets that much in post-production finance. It's a decent show but fuck you're making something out of nothing, it's not like he's the only actor that had to wait untl their forties to make it. Samuel L Jackson, Alan Rickman, Larry David plus a host of others. Just enjoy it for what it is, not Scott Ryan's "backstory."
  3. FFS Noelie!!! Get your fucking idiot mate Steve to put Almiron on the left, the kid's right leg is only good to keep the fucker balanced - that's a huge reason why he's been shite this season so far, playing him on the right wtf! Plus we'll get humped (well we are anyway but) with Franz in the centre of the backline, he's like a super tanker and takes a mile to change direction. The rest of your team, well meh.. just meh. edit: Hope Ki has a good game so cabbage heed cannot keep dropping him for the useless, bald, hollywood ball playing radgie fucker.
  4. Recommend me something to watch!

    Yeah that's not quite right. He wrote and acted as the same or a similar character for his feature film The Magician in 2005 and he's been working in the industry since then. Also if you have a good look at the credits Nash Edgerton is Joel's brother and the show is made by Blue Tongue Films which is owned by the Edgertons and a bunch of others who have been kicking about the short film circuit in Australia for the last 20 years.
  5. Recommend me something to watch!

    Haven't logged in for a while so late to this conversation, but WTF?!?? And here the conversation ends, I don't remember either of them supporting Take That. The straight edge soldier is correct Mr In-Between is great and the 2nd season has just been released.
  6. Look out, the moose fucker is off his meds again. There will be no Albert to chip the keeper unfortunately. 0 - Absolute dry humping
  7. Joelinton

    As usual you are generally wrong.
  8. Almiron should be playing on the left, he's all left foot. Last season even if he didn't directly contribute to an assist stat, the scond ball from his run would often lead to the assist for a goal. For some stupid reason cabbage heed has him playing on the right (I bet it's because ASM has laid claim to the left) and when he does get around his man he scuffs his pass/cross because his righ foot is only good for standing on. Or he tries to cut inside and it makes it so much easier for the defender, so you can see he's cutting inside to early as he has no confidence. Almiron is all about pace.
  9. That's about the sum of it Noelie. You know I get your take on the whole situation. You're staring down the barrel of a fast approaching expiry date and you desperately want to see the club win something more than a throw in before then, so you're willing to give the benefit of the doubt. But the truth is as long as the cunt owns the club and he keeps employing clowns there is zero chance of us winning anything before you pop your clogs. The only hope you have my Californian friend is if the club is sold because nothing will change otherwise.
  10. Where Now?

    Does he though? The only thing I get out of this sort of opinion piece is cunts like Carragher want to keep telling us that Benitez was to good for NUFC and that Bruce/Pardew is the level we deserve and we're not grateful for them. Which is absolute horse shit. Rafa chose to be at Newcastle, he could see the club's potential and even with a little support he would have eventually won something. Which worried the pundits who are of the "big club ilk" because a successful NUFC would just grow and grow.
  11. Bottom 2 teams in the league have taken their only points from us. Yeah the team is doing great and is definitely on track for 50+ points this season! I don't get why some have decided to throw their unreserved support behind Bruce (and constantly be contrary about it), you're just giving Ashley what he wants. Bruce knows the score and made the choice, a supporter of NUFC would never have agreed to join the cunt's circus.
  12. Where Now?

    The above statement shows how little Carragher knows about NUFC. Carragher didn't like Benitez did he? I think I remember reading how he gave him credit for making him a better player but didn't like his methods, so basicaly he's disparaging the man and then accusing Newcastle supporters of having a bias against Mrs Doubtfire because "Bruce's overall management record deserves respect!" Oh this shit management records? Fuck off and play with your hubcap collection, fucking bin dipping idiot.
  13. Ashley's United V Lesta League Cup 2nd Round

    Perez to bat the winner in with his cock while kissing the Lesta badge, cabbage heed to complain about the fans after we get beat, Shelvey to start and wear the captain's armband while doing nothing but playing hollywood balls.
  14. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    You forgot to list the fact the club tried to tap him up and due to their continued stupidity and underhandedness had to pay compensation for a "head coach" that no other premier league club would consider.
  15. Sissoko to bang in the 5th with a deflection off his arse.

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