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  1. Surely Dogleash would want to resign junior. Again.
  2. Of course I was, and you've won a free trip to Specsavers sans panties if you want. Others have already pointed out your hard on for Poch is undeserved. A guy who inherited a top 6 squad at Spurs then went on to lose the confidence of the best player the club had seen since Bale. And to top it off Koeman did a better job at Southampton even after they sold Poch's two best players.
  3. Thank fuck that fraud Poch has given away his hand in his interview with the Guardian. Ole's getting sacked in the morning.
  4. Fucking blasphemy, Give your heed a shake Tom, especially as a Green Day fan! If you haven't seen it, look out for the Punk four part documentary EP'd by Iggy Pop that was released in 2019.
  5. I thought it was still on pre-order!
  6. Buy or Bin

    And fucking Hayden, the kids is obviously smoking some of his grass clippings.
  7. Schar not good enough for your squad? I'd keep: Dubravka Lejeune Schar Fernandez Almiron ASM Matty L Sean L
  8. There is a story doing the rounds with the sports journalists here that a UK based agent is trying to get them to consider Perth (Western Australia not Scotland) as it's far away and has a low infection rate. Crazy idea but if you played the games at 10pm Perth time that would be a GMT 3pm kick-off so Ewerk can have his match day experience. It's not going to happen.
  9. What are you listening to ?

    A bit of dub.
  10. It's an elitist bellend thing!
  11. Levy signs all their players but Poch made the donkey starting 11.
  12. Recommend me something to watch!

    The Grand Tour isn't very good, is it?

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