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  1. Pope looked terrible with his feet yesterday, can we not please?
  2. Looks like it is going to be a minority Labor government who will have to form a coalilition with the Greens and a number of Teal independents (non Tory Tories who want action on climate policies), so it's a great thing to get rid of our Tory cunts who have been rorting the country for the last nine years and hopefully a sign of change of what is happening around the world. But also I get the feeling this Labor government will also be hamstrung while trying to undo what the cunts have done by having to rely their new partners.
  3. FA if they were true to their word and had a set of balls would sanction Everton for the pitch invasion and attacks on Palace players and staff (and looking at that Viera video something bad was obviously said to him for that reaction). 3 point deduction and a huge fine would be appropriate. Btw only thing that worries me about Everton being relegated is some thinking DCL and Ricarlison (sic) being good buys for us - don’t want that shite near our club.
  4. Thanks Craig, maybe wait until I’m over next, I’m good but it’s probably a bit far to wank over her from here! 😉
  5. True this but Everton and their supporters are generally a bunch of cunts, so it’s disappointing.
  6. Oi! I wasn’t wanking over her, she’d have to ask me nicely to do that sort of thing, but I wouldn’t be kicking her out of bed for you! Disclaimer: I quite like her enthusiasm (and accent) for the club but being OOT’er I don’t have to watch her pop up as a voice for the fans so it probably makes her less annoying. At least she doesn’t jinx Everton’s relegation like some supafans. NUST did a class badge once, about 12 years ago, haven’t really done fuck all since then.
  7. That's only a couple of mill, the owners lose that down the back of the sofa these days. Considering even the willy wavers thought we'd be lucky to finish higher than 17th, it's all gravy lad
  8. We will get better relegation pickings from Leeds than Burnley, so we'd be better off wanting Leeds gone. Fucking Evertone, shame the league couldn't get shot of those cunts and their great supporters.
  9. Bastard, I was in there first! So you're telling me you wouldn't @Monkeys Fist? Don't lie.
  10. Guy I work with supports West Brom, poor bastard I warned him about the Cabbage and it only took 6 weeks for him to believe me, I digress, he sent me this link for a Baggies fans podcast and they interview Dan Ashworth. I haven't listen to it yet but he claims it's a decent listen, so I thought I'd pass it on for those interested.
  11. Has Elon taken a donation?
  12. Yes there is a lot of swearing in it. The other problem is the Murdoch media and their like. Their readers believe they talking for them but they're not. murdoch and the like don't want you joining the 1%, that's their club and if we all join it then it is no longer the 1%. How can they not see that?
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