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  1. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    So now positivity has taken its bat and gone home who is going to help Mike fatten his wallet? My guess is Dubravka, ASM and Matt Longstaff will all be gone before the end of the transfer window, the cunt of an owner will give Mr Doubtfire change from down the back of the sofa to buy the lame nag that is Rose and we will end up with Pukki from Norwich on loan.
  2. You would have to consider that supporters groups could take up a class action against the PL. Their job is to merely facilitate the running of the league for the good of the clubs and stakeholders (the supporters) involved. By their actions they have stopped a positive future for Newcastle and left the club in the hands of a neglectful owner. They want to sell themselves as the best league in the world but refuse the opportunity to have "potentially" the richest club in that world as part of their league.
  3. What are you listening to ?

    Fucking hell, one sounds like a sad karaoke soundalike, the other sounds like one of those crap pissed buskers you get (well use to) at 2am down the street from a decent music venue. If you want a Radiohead cover there is only one bloke to go to Christopher O'Riley.
  4. The Cricket Thread

    And there is the problem, a bit like football scouts with youth players, the biggest and fastest aren't always the best. Australia's best pace bowlers have always been slower than their "quick" counterparts Lillee for Thommo, Mcgraw for Lee but they have that bit extra that pace loses. But wtf would I know, I lost interest in cricket when cousin Doug retired!
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Sir Les shirley?
  6. You have to think that if the club is petty enough to get involved in something that we clearly have no skin in the game of, then it's no wonder other clubs would be in the PL's face about us becoming the richest club in the world. Daft cunts.
  7. This is interesting and you have to ask why the club would want to get involved:
  8. The Cricket Thread

    That's because they are a team of cunts like Steve Smith. Fucking cricket!
  9. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    More likely to turn up at the Jets than United.
  10. They will be to busy verbally spunking everywhere about Liverpool, so you'll be watching for longer than 6 minutes. No doubt the expert pundit will be that bin dipping twat Danny Murphy.
  11. Yeah that's no spoiler, I've already made my prediciton for this game, remember?
  12. You're a better man than me K, it will be an on-demand replay for me tomorrow as it ruins my breakfast. Only thing I miss about watching the replay is the ability to take the piss out of how shite we are on here in real-time and having to wait until I've finished the game to avoid spoilers.
  13. The Guitar Thread

    I've got a Jaguar Baritone and it's a great guitar so I can imagine the Cabronita would be fun to play. I see it has P-90s so it will be meaty.
  14. The Guitar Thread

    He might, it's not like he's written anything decent since he last ripped off the clash!
  15. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Looks like the grey man is still out there! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/25/premier-league-overachievers-underachievers-those-in-between#comment-142567639

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