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  1. What are you listening to ?

    Hey @PaddockLad thought you'd be interested, I'm currently working on one of those reno reality shows and I got this in the first episode.
  2. What are you listening to ?

    @PaddockLad decent but who does he remind me of? Wild Nothings, no not really. The Stills, yeah there is a bit of them in there. The Radio Dept, there is a lot of their sound in Dead Boys. Nite Fields, it's definitely Nite Fields. No it's Maps or is it M83? Local Natives??? Other interesting things out there at the moment: Cloud Nothings - Last Building Burning is great if you want something fast and noisy. A bit of dream pop care of Hatchie's - Sugar & Spice For anyone that was a fan of the original Saints, Ed Kuepper with The Aints! have released an album of songs that were written for the Saints fourth album, the follow up to Prehistoric Sounds. It's like it's 1979 again (and the clip is footage from then). New Zealand's finest The Chills have a new album and its' great. Last one is for anyone who is a fan of The Drones. A couple of them have gotten together to for Tropical Fuck Storm (they also have a label with the same name).
  3. What are you listening to ?

    ^^^TBH it's not that different musically to the original.
  4. Other Games 17/18

    He was terrible last night, couldn't trap a bag of cement and Schurrle was so far away from him that he couldn't benefit from the rebound. Huddersfield's defence were barely worked.
  5. Toon V Watford

    Fucking hell Alex we'd still score nowt with that lineup with the Hoss constantly giving up possession as he tries to find a team mate or spoons it into the crowd with an open goal in front of him. We'd at least break the record for the oldest starting 11 ever. And I would have thought you'd start Socrates not have him on the bench???
  6. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I'm still yelling at the telly but it's when they cut to the football cunt in the stands.
  7. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    Because Muto's arse was hanging out after 70 minutes of chasing shadows plus we'd spent those 70s pumping crosses into a 5'8" forward hoping he could out jump a 6'0" plus backline, at least the Hoss didn't have a far to jump as the ball sailed over his heed. Not sure what the mentality was to keep pumping crosses into Muto, especially when against Man U he showed exactly how we should play with him up top, either to the feet or just in behind their defence for him to run onto. Shelvey is definitely missing Gayle's running off the ball, and before anyone blames Rafa there is no doubt the fat cunt signed off on the deal that Gayle went the other way. A lousy 16m wasn't it to buy Rondon if they acted promptly?
  8. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    He's such a classless cunt I doubt he knows what Motown is, more likely he thinks it's Mowtown and he's getting a bargain priced Jim's Mowing franchise.
  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Or exposure, which begs the question why? Is it all about tax minimisation? What other benefit would there be for owning a 2nd tier Scottish club?
  10. Other Games 17/18

    Don't be like that Chip, maybe is middle name is Bacon.
  11. The Guitar Thread

    Yeah they monitor that sort of stuff hard but if you hoy the link up here to your gumtree/ebay sale page I can post it in the ads spotted thread.
  12. The Guitar Thread

    Scott, did you ever join offsetguitars.com? They have a decent classifieds section on the forum with a lot of UK and Europe based members, so your target market. You need to have made 50 posts though to use it.

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