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  1. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    If we are going to keep the current backline and/or include Lejeune into it, I'd like to see cabbage head move Schar up into defensive midfield. He's got a cool head, great range of passing and can make things happen. Unfortunately I can see the home town hero leaving him on the bench.
  2. Only won the FA Cup with one club.
  3. So ewerk that means you are right about the question being only one PL title as Alenka and Cole are the only two players to have won the PL/FA Cup double with two different clubs.
  4. The Great Britian Olympic team in 2012
  5. So it could be A Cole or Alenka?
  6. Yeah you're right, for some reason I didn't think he was part of the Arsenal FA Cup final team but then I read:
  7. Alenka was a good shout but I don't think he's won two FA Cups with different clubs. What about Ashley Cole?
  8. So you're claiming it's one PL title and two FA Cups?
  9. Or the FA Cup at two different clubs. It has to be a South American.
  10. What are you listening to ?

    A bit of ambient guitar from one of Andrew's neighbours. Grouper (Liz Harris) has released it for Roy Montgomery.
  11. Mr Potato Heads Lads V The Blue Mancs

    Won't matter what we do if he starts Shelvey again. As PL asked wtf has happened to Ki & Muto? Ki is a far better option than the waste of space that is Jon Jo. Most likely he sent them down the "chinkies" to pick up his order and they've come back with a bimbimbap and some sushi to confuse the cunt.
  12. Vile Cunts v Bruce's Band of Bastards

    What the fuck was cabbage head thinking making Shelvey captain? Where have Ki and Muto gone (they're not listed as injured) or they the wong wace for pissed Steve?
  13. Vile Cunts v Bruce's Band of Bastards

    Shouldn't that be "Jeff?" Normal service resumed, loss.

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