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  1. You actually don't, you just need to get the other batsman out, Smith can't carry the team (and be the twat he is) without other batsman. Just saying.
  2. FYI Cricket Australia has been in battle with the local broadcaster over money and things have been financially tight. Plus India has played a good game on and off the pitch, holding CA to ransom over a lot of Covid related "issues" which has no doubt had some people's eyes off the ball. Still say it is a shame the Aust team is full of cheating, mindless cunts. BTW I'm working on a show with Merv Hughes atm, very funny man and likes to say fuck a lot. Shame Australian cricketeers aren't like him and cousin Doug these days.
  3. He's only a symptom, the cause is the same as it is in the UK and here in Australia, cunty Rupert. It looks like Lachlan and sister are happy to continue dad's legacy and spread the lies and bullshit.
  4. Moved back into our house over the weekend and so sorting all the records into their new shelves and found the Bangles first album, so gave it a spin in honour of Ms Hoffs b/day. Thing is the best song on it isn't sung by her, so before the record company pushed her to the front. As for Robert Fripp and Toyah's titties - Fripps best work was always when someone more interesting was the main feature, Eno, Byrne, even his stuff with Daryl Hall.
  5. No, that's just a manners thing. But the thing with manners is it is a two way street and someone taking a dump on your front lawn doesn't deserve manners in return. Problem is, none of the pundits are Newcastle fans, so they are happy watching their old cunty mate take a dump on our front lawn.
  6. Britpop the brainless, cunty younger brother of shoegaze! Left wing politics is a bit like supporting Newcastle, you support the team even though the owner and manager are cunts in the hope that one day it will be better.
  7. A Rod Lavers what they call Volleys over there? I just looked, they're like Adidas versions of Volleys! $39 (about 20 quid) for these, my go to backyard plimsols (but in black of course)! btw @Alex when you want a pair sing out and I'll post some for you.
  8. Hey @Renton, further to the conversation about the vaccine yesterday, as you're in the biz/know, where are they at with testing/results with the immunne suppressed? Last I read they were yet to go to trial, Pfizer anyway, we haven't had a lot of info regarding the Oxford vaccine here.
  9. As others have said if that was BLM the "authorities" would have opened fire as soon as possible. The place is a fucking bomb that is going to go off sooner than later.
  10. Thanks Bitches. You're a bit shouty today.
  11. But does the science back that up?
  12. It would probably buff out if you hit him with your car.
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