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  1. I can smell the pissy pants on a few of you already. A couple of injuries, too many games in close succession, it's a cold night in October, blah, blah, blah. It's just PSG, Messi, Neymar or Ronaldinho don't play for them anymore. Even Mbappe wants out. Mad Dog to get them geed up. Eddie knows best, onwards and upwards.
  2. Good win. Another game we were slow out of the blocks but after the first ten, mainly when BDB was having his pants pulled down by that Burnley kid, the team didn't look too troubled. Lascelles doing another good job for the team. Someone (Gloomy I think) commented he passed it more backwards and sideward but he was also in a backline with better ball players this game which makes perfect sense. Anyway well done, onwards and upwards. Nah, I'm doing fuck all but titling match threads with shitty lyrics none of you fuckers know, tbh.
  3. I was thinking the same after the Man City game. For years he looked like he was on the roids and spending too much time in the gym, but recently he looks leaner, more like a footballer.
  4. You going CiaomanHeyman? Isn't you going to games like Gemmill's predictions? Never works out for the best??? (Hope you are mate, sounds like it's been a while for you).
  5. sammynb

    Gigs 2023

    We never really got the Rezillos over here but I've heard a bit on various Garry Crowley radio shows and meh! But how good are the Undertones live? Even with Fergel light singing, he nails all the early songs. Saw Ed Kuepper the other night, he's re-issued two of his early solo albums, Electrical Storm and Honey Steel's Gold and he was a great as always, good to see him with a full band once again. Got the Descendants; Sorry; and a jazz type thing called Asteroid Ekosystem which Ed plays guitar in, all in October plus SXSW is in Sydney so might get to some of that.
  6. He's had injury issues and isn't a top end of the PL defender but Dummett's passion and effort for the club has never been questioned, seems like a decent lad, hope he gets to move into coaching here if that's his future.
  7. To give Lascelles his dues, there was a ball last night that he brought down like he was fucking Messi, whereas normally you would have expected it to ricochet off his shin, into the back of the head of one of our midfield and out for a corner for Citeh. He played his best game ever for us last night, probably should retire now.
  8. This is a piss free zone as the Geordie Boys continue their glorious winning ways. Eddie knows best, onwards and upwards.
  9. I will have run out of ways to dup them out of the free access by then, so expect you to step up young Frodo.
  10. Isn't it sam Fender last time he played at SJP?
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