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  1. I see no one has mention Jim Steinman?!?? Like a Bat off to Hell.
  2. Shouldn’t that be Bye Bye Bay(be)cityroller?
  3. Twenty bucks well spent if it means I’ve help put the nail in the coffin of fat Sam’s baggies!
  4. They broke the rules of their contract with the Premier League, see an earlier post by @PaddockLad therefore they will definitely be able to be subject to punishment both financial and competitive.
  5. Mate, I’m one of the few on here that doesn’t treat you like a cunt or a fool but if you’d like me too, feel free to keep acting the way you are.
  6. The best thing is this is the sort of shite fat Mike would wank himself stupid to be part of but because he took a club that was more competitive and prosperous than Spurs when he bought us to the shell we are today he has lost out on the possible golden egg he could have had! At least he’s saved us the hand wringing we would had to do if we had of been part of these cunts and not dealing with our own cuntish problems.
  7. The conversation is about the useless twat Shelvey but thanks for reading.
  8. Seeing Hayden is out for the remainder of the season, why not. Still cannot see Shelvey being dropped. It will Longstaff dropped if anyone. Um, not sure what is going on here seeing my point was all about twaty Jonjo.
  9. And imagine how much better our midfield would be with Hayden fit and replacing that useless cunt Shelvey? We might even keep possession long enough to not be camped on the 18 yard box defending against 10 men. As others have mentioned, the recent form is more in spite of Cabbagehead than because of.
  10. Forget the plastic shorts, you ever seen how they clean gravel rash in hospital??? A wire brush and some sort of nasty cleaning agent.
  11. IMHO Fulham are one good result from turning things around and West Brom's upturn is also worrying. I think Brighton made a huge mistake letting go of their experienced keeper and putting all their faith in a young in-experienced goaltender, finding as they get sucked closer to the relegation fight things might not be so rosie. Their remaining fixtures, with the exception of Sheff United are all tricky. Burnley also have some difficult games including both Sheff United and Fulham - althought those are both away, so they might be sweating. As much as I hate fat Sham, I'm goi
  12. Definitely, unlike Burnley they actually have strikers that know how to finish their dinner.
  13. Considerably higher if you are immune-suppressed or suffer from clotting disorders, allegedly. AstraZeneca have not trialled their vaccine on either groups whereas pfizer has plus it has collated significant data from the Israel vaccinations.
  14. Nope definitely as I said, they have to play at the ball (the defender), if it just hits them on the way through or if they miss it completely the attacking player is offside if in an offside position. And no keepers cannot hold on to it indefinitely. It's no longer the count to fourteen but there is a referee here in Australia's top flight (I know) who has pinged a couple of keepers this season and it ends up an indirect free kick.
  15. You’re being harsh on yourself essembee, no one here thinks you’re a cheat! Rule states if a player intensionally plays the ball and it falls to an opposition player who is in an offside position then they are no longer offside. If they don’t play at it and it just hits them or don’t make contact the ball, the offside player is adjudged to still be offside.
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