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  1. New Kits 2011/12

    bizarrely i like this :/ doubt its the real deal though!
  2. Tiote v Batty.

    Tiote is better hands down! Our Midfield is awesome this year so far! Tiote, Nolan and Barton are running the show! and Carrolls there to convert all the chances into goals quite simply "awesome!"
  3. Adidas ditching The Toon

    That looks very authentic. ( I wonder if Puma might be responsible for some of the kits doing the rounds in an attempt to gauge what their customers would like, I don't know, call it 'market research' or something, now wouldn't that be a revolutionary thing?). If they are monitoring our responses then I kinda like that one too. Very Nice kit design! i love it! one little problem ive noticed on all the kit designs atm is..... i read that we are no longer sponsored by Northern Rock as of next season, and our new sponsor is some like Fantastic Telecom, is this true? Also when are the new kits going to be revealed? as they normally are by now, dont we normally wear them for the last home game of the season?

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