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  1. Newcastle --- Pride restored as the title party begins

    alright lads. i must start off by thanking ye for all the interesting posts/bullshit that ye post up. tis all information anyway. I'll start off my essay been following this forum for last few years through good and bad times. Said I would wait for the right time to join in the toon talk here. Im from Ireland but have black and white blood flowing through me and I make it my business to get to between 5 and 10 games a season. When we went down last year I was in right depression for weeks and got the usual slagging from all the manure and fool fans over here. I took it with my head held high and with the jersey on and ever since fixtures came out at the start of the season i straight away booked my dates as usual but more importantly I booked a flight for 23rd April as I sensed we would be clinching the title and I WAS FOOKIN RIGHT ....... anyways I am bringing along 5 other lads from Ireland who are magpie mad Newcastle fans too. All i can say is I am really really looking forward to being over for the match saturday so long as Iceland keeps their shit together. Because I had a good feeling about us at start of season I decided to put €100 @ 6/1 on us to win the championship so also thanks to Paddy Power for that!! One question though - where will be the largest gathering before we head into St. James. The usual spots will be good but is their anything organised or any particular spot where the party shall be at its loudest & craziest!!! WE ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE PREMIER LEAGUE!!

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