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  1. Pretty convinced Howe will take the job if offered. Not only does it get his family back down south and probably a big long contract, but I think he will feel duty bound to go for it. Patriotism and all that shit. Gutted if he goes but wouldn’t blame him. Would also love to see England playing his type of football.
  2. And let’s not forget his crowning achievement, cutting the ribbons at the SCS midland stores grand openings!
  3. In my opinion, I would delete all of those images off Toontastic.
  4. Must admit he pissed me off watching him as a lot of the time when we were under attack he would just stroll along.
  5. Who dares wins and we didn’t. At least it’s only 12 more sleeps til Eddies boys are back in business.
  6. So that’s the rat @thebrokendoll was after
  7. A quick google near me and they seem to start from £75 https://sunderlandairguns.com/collections/spring-powered-air-rifles?filter.v.price.gte=&filter.v.price.lte=&sort_by=price-ascending
  8. So how come he gets so much abuse on here
  9. Bit strange that this has been leaked and still no official statement from the club
  10. I mean fuck all that. The football has been mind numbingly boring to watch, we’ve scraped through a fair few games by the skin of our teeth against lesser teams and he has nowhere near got the best out of the talent available to him. A better manager could have romped home with that squad, playing good football.
  11. Aye, far too restrictive and boring. Tonights tea was Lemon chicken, garlic crushed new potatoes and sugar snap peas. Deeeeelicious
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