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  1. I think you are massively underestimating their ability to campaign. ”We saved you with the vaccine” ”We saved you with Furlough” ”We saved you when Putin put the prices up” Also possibly ”we’ve got the economy booming, don’t risk it with Labour” ”We’ve brought down Putins inflation / rates / etc” One thing they usually do very well is campaign. Starmer really needs to up his game or move aside or he will be caught in the headlights of “are you going to increase taxes” etc
  2. My “silence” is purely just a mark of respect for the make up of the board. Politics is far too tribal now to have any serious discussion about it. As for yesterday, my main takeaway from everything I’ve heard / read is GAMBLE. You just need look at the two leaders of the front page of the FT to see one writer over the moon and one much more cynical / cautious. It reminds me of the 80’s / 90’s and the boom and bust economics. The money that’s been borrowed to pay for covid and energy bills is astronomical. I guess the options are to return to even bigger austerity or try and grow your way out of it, hence this gamble. Even if the growth comes, interest rates are going to return to pre 2008 crash levels next year which will be misery for millions. This on top of the misery that energy is already about to cause. The hope now is that growth does come and the Ukraine situation is resolved.
  3. Dahmer - Monster (Netflix) only 1 episode in but quite good.
  4. House of dragons. Basically a Poundland Game of thrones. Im enjoying it’ish but it all seems duller and cheaper production quality than GOT. And the leading lady ain’t no Emilia Clarke. 6/10 so far
  5. All the best for a speedy recovery for your lass.
  6. They were all in the Trent pre match. Where we were sitting in the Leazes, time and time again Isak started to make runs through the middle demanding the ball, but they just kept ignoring him and passing it side to side. Some of his touches on the ball were pure quality.
  7. Shit day out that was. Pleased for Isak on the penalty. He also wanted to make loads of runs through the middle and was asking for the ball to be played but it never came.
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