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  1. Spare a thought for my football mad daughter. 4.31 driving instructor turns up for a lesson she thought was next week. 1 minute out the door and we score.
  2. Gutted I’m not there today. Tickets sorted for Chelsea though.
  3. Tbf, it’s had a busy week If the cameras pan to Denise in the stands, I’m fucked
  4. What a week! Its going to be very strange having such a professionally run club.
  5. Absolutely superb podcast here. Interview with a guy called @duncancastles who is very well informed about what is going on now and what the actual plans are going forward. https://t.co/vnW9O1y7x7
  6. I was thinking more in the mould of a kilkline etc. Only reason I could think Bruce was still in place was if he’d suggested some out of contracts that could make an immediate impact and buy them a bit more time.
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