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  1. Why wouldn’t you charge? Doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist, Surgeon or whatever. If you have a skill and can monetise it, why not? Anyway, my last post on the subject unless someone wants any info. As far as I see it, people on here can either risk one months subs or not. 👍
  2. Don’t worry, I’m not going to rattle on about it. Just thought I’d give my month subscription feedback and honestly believe the group would be of great benefit to some in here. 👍
  3. Well my first month is up and I’m gutted. Genuinely gutted I didn’t find this discord group sooner. It’s 100% genuine and the place is full of people from all walks of life making money day in, day out. The overriding message is risk management and that every trade you put on should only carry a maximum 2% risk. So if you put a grand on a trade, the most you can lose is £20. Over and over they hit home that this is get rich eventually, not get rich quick. It’s best to start off just following the trades the main 3 traders put out as they are experts and have great win ratios. However from daily results posted by members it’s clear that if you follow their training methods you can fairly quickly pick and choose your own trades to put on. Many people who have been there over 4 or 5 months are posting fantastic results from their own trades, some into 4 figures. I started with £100, so was risking £2 a trade to test the waters and winning comparatively small amounts. Once I established how genuine the group was I upped the amount I was trading with and the winnings went up. Yesterday was my best day making nearly £200 off a 10 minute trade. And May has been a shit month for trading due to a stagnant Bitcoin (which basically effects all other coins). As well as futures trading, there’s also recommended spot buys. These are coins that you buy, own and forget about that will hopefully 10x or 100x when we leave this bear market and enter a bull market. Again, there is no certainty which coins will 10 or 100x, but the analysis is all there for you if you want to go down that route. Quite a large group on there have already made 20-30 thousand this year from a coin that was recommended to soar and it did. The downsides. If you don’t adhere to the strict risk management you can lose more than you should. If you treat it like gambling, you will fail. If you try to “revenge” trade after a loss, you will lose. I’ve seen a few examples of this over the month and they all kick themselves from not sticking to the rules. Also, putting money in and taking money out is a faff on at first. Nothing to do with the discord group, just the way the crypto exchanges work. And as always, never put money in that you can’t afford to lose. Not one person has a bad word to say about the group. So in summary, my £29 subscription (I think it’s now gone up for new members) has earned me just over £400. I have only just scratched the surface but have learned so much about trading, charts and analysis already. And before you all jump in with your commentary the reason for this post is not a brag. I 100% genuinely think that we are some weird family on here and this is an opportunity for some of you (not all), to make life changing money going forward. It’s not for the gamblers, it’s not great if you are not comfortable with technology and you really have to be quite disciplined in what you are doing. I have no affiliate links to sell If any of you are slightly interested and have TikTok, have a watch of “the money project” he is just one of the members who started last year with £100 and is now approaching £80 grand (iirc), has just packed his job in and is moving to Spain to trade full time. Having lived inside the group for a month I can confirm the stuff in his videos is all true. Now Ive got to make mugs
  4. Maxi player of the half for me. Almiron back to normal and Dubravka looking Sharp. I’d hook Miggy and get The Murph on. And I’d be tempted not to Bring Bruno back out if his ankle is still fucked.
  5. Must admit I’m keen to see how Maxi does with Target behind him. Could be good for Maxi, not so good for Target.
  6. Not to bad a team. So fucking pleased we beat Brighton otherwise this would be a stomach churning afternoon
  7. Honestly man Amazon prime. Look at the state of this for a plastic set of wickets. Unfuckingbelievable. The first box was about 6 times to big and then that was in the sort of box a washing machine gets delivered in
  8. Sort your shit out. If genuine, it’s a brilliant open letter from Shearer to Eddie. Tear in the eye stuff.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted. Hard to sum it up better. As much as I am looking forward to the journey ahead, this first 18 months will take some beating and Eddie and the players, even Murphy, will hold a special place in my heart til the day I die. https://www.nufcblog.co.uk/2023/05/23/emotional-letter-sent-to-eddie-howe-as-alan-shearer-shares-must-read-piece/?fbclid=IwAR2MN22xi4U0R9-2tr2Z42oQIeN3bszRH6mltuKHQkb5Nz9BpppSDhpQMUI_aem_th_AdeoTCcArRY17TECBxvucZOCdY6rs_w5ZtFrJgcf44Uk8KSVLwHDwv_afk-705rn7XQ
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