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  1. “The City of London will remain the dominant financial centre in Europe for the foreseeable future”. Get a life. Come on over to Mumsnet.
  2. Looks very good. (Clean and modern)
  3. Best wishes for you and your wife. Our lass has brittle asthma and it was stressful enough before Corona. She’s been admitted twice since March and it’s very frightening.
  4. I just bought my 16 year old a Huawei Matebook D 14 Laptop. Seemed to have decent reviews and she’s very happy with it £549.
  5. Well I’ve just bought running shoes if you need a smile Seriously, this year has effected a lot of people mentally in a lot of ways whether it’s the isolation, worrying about money, health, kids, work etc etc. You are both definitley not alone. My advice is try and not to worry about the news / stuff you can not do anything about and get up tomorrow and just give one of the charity’s a ring and get some stuff off your chest. All the best to the both of you.
  6. Im sorry, but my days of long winded back on forths on here are over. Suffice to say a lot of “professors” are finding a lot of health benefits from a Keto diet. Even in Great Ormonde street it’s been prescribed for kids under 16 to help them manage their epilepsy medicine free. Maybe give it a go and see for yourself
  7. In an ideal world that would be ok but the vast majority of people don’t do macros, exercise or pay as close attention as you do to what they consume. We were basically told in the 70’s that real fat such as butter, cream etc was bad and instead the worlds populations were shifted on to high carb diets. Obesity grew out of control so they invented all these “low fat” products that are full of carbs and crammed with sugars. More obesity. Then theres the problem of the “rush” carbs give you but a couple of hours later you feel hungry again. Good fats are good. T
  8. There’s a very good uk Facebook group (Keto fitness club), with lots of people who have “reversed” health issues be that diabetes, ibs etc. Full of recipes as well. Some people have come off insulin in less than a week. Just have to be very careful in some circumstances to reduce medication prior to starting. All easy enough to get advice though through Diet Doctor of Keto Fitness club. I’ve watched quite a few YouTube videos with Doctors discussing Keto and it’s quite shocking how the “norm” is still to throw medication at people rather than addressing their diets. It
  9. Ketosis is just the natural way the body is meant to work. Energy from fats not carbs. It’s so easy and you basically find yourself naturally on one meal a day. Nearly one and half stone down in 6 weeks and just full of energy all the time. Diet doctor on YouTube is a great explainer on all the benefits. Being used all over the world to get diabetics off medicine as well. (Great Bond villain voice as well).
  10. Sorry to hear about your dad MF. My dad went a similar way (bar the booty call ) and relief was my main emotion on the night. All normal stuff. Condolences to you and yours.
  11. Kodi / Xanax build. Free and still works perfectly every match.
  12. @Dr Gloom Just wanted to pop in say I should have listened to you! All those years ago when you were being ridiculed for your obsession with nutrition and nuts and good fats etc, you were bang on. Somehow found my way on to a Keto diet and in only 10 days (I know ), it’s quite incredible how it changes you. So little hunger that I find myself unintentionally fasting for 18 hours. Sweet tooth & carb cravings vanished Unbelievable increase in energy and mental focus ( almost like the bloke off limitless). Eating nuts and flax seed e
  13. Free £50 off the tax payer for you to get it fixed starts today.
  14. Where it reminds me about breaking bad is hank / Stan. In BB the brother in law was DEA and in this, the neighbour is FBI. Regardless, it’s a good watch.
  15. If anyone’s all binged up and has nothing left to go at, The Americans (free on prime) is quite good. 5 or 6 seasons to go at and it’s a sort of cross between homeland and breaking bad. I won’t say much more so I don’t give the game away but it’s definitely very watchable. IMDB: 8.4 / 10
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