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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    Cracking https://t.co/LHPlRrn0N7
  2. Politics

    Cracking Ad
  3. Europe --- In or Out

  4. Cooking

  5. Cooking

    Manchester Tart, just cherry’s
  6. Cooking

  7. Cooking

  8. Cooking

    Not really, just use a different weapon
  9. Cooking

    Whole different league now with my Ninja and Mixer.
  10. Politics

    In fact, 3 years late to the party
  11. Politics

    It’s a very tough choice. Jess Phillips would batter Boris week in, week out but has other issues. None of the “runners” are great prospects. They should really try and get the SAS guy to run (Dan Jarvis) but not sure the hard left membership are going to let any else through other than RLB. I think they are looking realistically at 10 years before they have a chance as so many things are against them. Left v centrist tug of war Northerners having lost their cherry to Tories Wiped out in Scotland Boundary changes that will now happen. The unknown is whether Brexit leads to ruin, is bumpy or actually improves things. Maybe a Boris batterer for now and Bridget or Jarvis in 5 years? The truth is we are in for a period of very “strong and stable” government with that majority and parliament will just be a rubber stamping exercise as it was in the early 2000’s.
  12. Politics

    Bridget on air now “we have become the nasty party”.
  13. Politics

  14. Politics

    Not a hope in hell the Libs will go down that route again. Of course Tories could do a deal with DUP but they will have to change Brexit. My prediction is Conservatives fall below 300 seats. Labour will run as a minority government successfully. (There is no way SNP or Lib Dem’s can vote down the majority of Labours plans and side with Tories).
  15. Politics

    No, I don’t see any great benefit for the country from either side but I’d rather one side gets to govern rather than nothing getting done as has happened for the last 2 years. I’m at centrist at heart. The country is really crying out for a Labour 1997 outcome but that’s not on offer. Im back to lurk mode now to get my nibbles and blue moon ready for 10pm.

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