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  1. That’s excellent. It’s pretty well known for reversing type 2. As you say, once you get your head round it it’s fairly easy. Bread I rarely miss, rice is substituted with cauliflower rice and I’ve just started making my own flatbreads to have with fajitas and Crispy duck on Saturday with gem lettuce for pancakes. But because the carbs are virtually gone you don’t get those highs and lows so can naturally fast. Bet your doc is loving those results.
  2. Tonight if you have a clear sky 10.51 west to east south east duration 6 minutes
  3. Was looking at Atkins to shift a bit of weight quickly, then discovered Keto fitness club on Facebook and diet doctor and learned a lot about the benefits of very low carb diets. Only takes a few days to get into Ketosis (fat burning) and after that it’s fairly straightforward. Quite often I’m just on one meal a day. Just not hungry as once your in ketosis the body quite happily eats you It’s quite something after about a week or two that your brain and energy levels kick into overdrive. You just have to set yourself up with all the new cupboard staples suc
  4. I make my own. Called mega bread. Bit rubbery but does the job. Not that I eat much bread these days.
  5. There’s a lovely pub opposite the Matfen, just walk through the churchyard. Or better still just get a bar meal in the conservatory at the matfen.
  6. Sneaky kid free night away with the Mrs. Started the day in Stokesly, then afternoon in Whitby, bit of shopping in Thirsk, waved at @Alex passing through Hemsley and now sitting in a gorgeous hotel beer garden in Pately Bridge. Back home tomorrow via swaledale and Wensleydale while keeping an eye out for @Dr Gloom on another stag do. Obviously a bit pissed but will do my best to “fuck off” ASAP. However might be drinking late and looking for the odd meteor in the sky so can’t promise.
  7. I’m not really back. Know nowt about football and politics is too confrontational these days. Just happened I’d finished the pergola over my fish pond as was a few beers in. Still enjoy reading though. Anyway Quiffs took my place
  8. But that’s infections Trooper not hospitalisation or deaths. Thankfully the vaccines are working. Ive been as scared of this as anybody given my wife has severe asthma, but it’s clear as day that the vaccines are working. That said I’m still not back in a taxi yet but that’s mainly because I would like my teacher daughter to have her second jab before I risk bringing it home.
  9. I think London is a tough situation given the population diversity. Been very lucky here. I have one in primary, one in secondary and another who is a teacher and so far no time missed.
  10. I think that’s all we can do. People will have to decide for themselves whether they want to attend a match, go to the theatre or pub and whether they want to continue to wear a mask. I think if we ever want to return to any sense of normal, then this is about as good as it gets. As for variants, I honestly don’t think there’s any stopping them. They will always find a way through. So many routes in. I’m just pretty pleased we seem to have some very clever people in science looking at all of this and that it has targeted the old rather than kids.
  11. Not what the data says or virologists suggest.
  12. Agree about a mutation but that could come from anywhere, anytime in the future. As for schools, good discussion on times radio this afternoon where teachers were calling for bubbles to be terminated. All his staff are double jabbed and it rarely effects children so no need for it to continue from September in his opinion.
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