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  1. Same as it always does, a surge in price over the next six months probably to at least 120k plus. The market is currently just ranging (see rectangular box), but will continue upwards trajectory post halving, especially when the US start cutting interest rates from June onwards. Lower rates sends people looking for better returns so money goes into stocks / crypto. So putting $1000 into Bitcoin now is probably going to make you about $800 over the next year, where as putting $1000 into a good Alt coin now is likely going to make you at least $10,000 plus, possibly a lot more. 100% though Alt coins are not something you should look at without expert advice. The forum I am on is full of plenty of people who tried to do this alone last Bull run and it didn’t end well. Also once halving has passed and interest rates start coming down, the uninformed investors start flooding in due to FOMO. (Fear of missing out) This causes the rapid rise in price over a very short time. Crypto will be all over the news and social media and the “gold rush” mentality takes over. You don’t want to be in this group. Equally important is knowing how and when to sell to avoid round tripping profits.
  2. Yes, it's growing massiveley, even Japan who are very careful with their pennies and have one of the largest pension funds in the world are looking at getting into Bitcoin. This is why the US government has been forced to pass all these Bitcoin ETF's so the big money people like Blackrock , Fidelity and grayscale etc can offer it for investment etc. Most countries, France, Germany etc are following suit. UK is still way behind. Theres still a lot of scams around the overall Crypto market which is why it's really something you need expert guidance in, but all the companies we invest in are multi million market cap companies that work in partnership with the likes of Mastercard, Nvida and apple etc. They are basically just digital wizzards who create a lot of the background stuff that these companies use. Basically with the right companies it's no less risky than the traditional stock market but far more rewarding.
  3. Still love you all but just mad busy with Crypto and trading. Currently half way through my test for a funded account and ideally hoping to be trading full time later this year or early next. £3000 grand initial investment is currently at £17000 and aiming to get that to somewhere between 75k and 150k at the end of the bull run. Given the way things are *currently* going, I’m obviously putting a lot of time and effort in to make all the above a reality. Still watching all the games from behind a cushion though
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/C5DqGsqM2BM/?igsh=MWh1dDgxdXp1ajEybg==
  5. You’ve whooshed me It’s early, but I’m unsure whether you’ve tagged me because …. 1. It’s got Crypto in the name 2. You think I should be selling these on my Etsy store. 3. I should be looking out for these when metal detecting
  6. Get a fucking move on then And sorry, but Im too old to be sitting in the pissing rain. I was also right under the rim of the stand roof so every two seconds I was getting that on me too. Not for me.
  7. Lovely seats right at the front, superb toilet access and then the heaven opened. Never been so wet and cold at a match since I was 11. Only saw one goal due to toilet breaks, curry chicken nuggets and chip breaks, vape breaks and generally avoiding the fucking rain breaks. Wunderbar, superb as always. Lovely bit of table top dancing to Jerry Cinnamon
  8. My first match for quite a while so really hoping they have managed to sort themselves out for tomorrow. I would love to see Isak getting some decent service for a change and rediscovering his silky footwork in front of goal.
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