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  1. Oh I’m very aware of my attention span. I was in a few sports shops this morning looking at gymwear when I had to take a moment, give myself a virtual slap and continue on my way.
  2. Rocked into the gym at 6.30 today, pod on the Tyne podcast and 40 minutes flew by. Dropped the car off for mot and jive walked* the mile home. And still raring to go *Luckily, this was a secluded route along the rail tracks. I do genuinely think it’s sad that we are all so repressed that jive walking is sniggered at. It can make a walk so much more enjoyable and we’d all be happier, healthier people for it.
  3. I tried that a couple of years ago but just don’t feel safe on the roads. Maybe it’s because I see so many near misses with my job. Too many idiots on the roads.
  4. Tbh, the idea of a PT was purely for setting a routine and knowing which machines to use and how to use them. But I agree with Tom about taking it steady and often first. If I can stick to that then I can gradually add on machinery down the line
  5. Trunk shopping in the morning as it happens I did think a few options through, but as I have quite a bit of free time, going to the gym regularly seemed much more cost effective that swimming.
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