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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    Cant take anything seriously from a fella who skate boards in green shoes tbf
  2. What are you drinking?

    One more nasty word out of your mouth and I’m heading straight over to the cooking thread with a years worth of pictures.
  3. New Phone

    I think the transgender movement would disagree
  4. New Phone

    iPhone XR Briefly flirted with Android option but didn’t like it last time. know someone who works in the NHS? £40 a month (over 2 years) 50 gb data ”free” handset
  5. What are you drinking?

    Blue moon (without orange)
  6. Europe --- In or Out

    You’ll thank me when the cracking deal is done, the trade deals are pouring in, North Shields fish market is returned to glory and the economy is booming. Enjoy your hols.
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    Your confusing me with @Meenzer . An easy mistake tbf
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    I still read what’s going on but have no time for the way political discussion takes place on here these days. It’s sunk to twitterish levels.
  9. Politics

  10. Politics

    Only possible future referendum is a 2 part. Leave v remain , then deal (if there is one) v no deal. nice try though
  11. Politics

  12. School bullies

    Although it’s hard, don’t let yourselves get too stressed and worked up. My oldest is 30, youngest (boy) is 8 and two in between. At 8 it’s big change because they’ve usually gone from being top dogs at infants to small fish at Juniors. There style of play gets much more boisterous but at 8 there is usually (in boys) very little if any genuine malice behind it. A fluid pecking order starts to develop and eventually he fill find his place in that group or will move on to a different group. If it starts to effect him badly (more than at a bit of whinging that Billy won’t let him join in), or physical attacks, then insist the teachers get more involved and set up a few meetings with the head. DONT take it out on the kids parents either. Honestly, a lot of this has been going on in my sons year group this year and they can be in and out of favour all the time over the stupidest of reasons. Good luck with the situation but at 8 it really is quite often more of a drama for the parents than the kids.
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    Basically just bored with all at the minute. Bored with the last couple of months of May (TM), bored with the prospects of the leadership contest, bored with the labour leadership and bored by the lack of any resolution on the horizon. Overjoyed at the potential football news which seems to have formed up a bit today. Havent decided on a favourite for Tory leader but certainly not keen on the likes of Hunt, Boris or Jarvid. Possibly think Gove could be the one to plot a sensible course forward but struggle to see anyone but Boris getting voted in by the blue rinse brigade. As things stand, I’m not sure a GE or PV will resolve this. My wish list now would for Corbyn / McDonnel to make way for someone like Rayner / Watson, them to work honestly with the new Tory leadership to agree a deal, that deal vs remain put to a final PV and get back to fighting politics on domestic policies.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    Just angry or angry and pissed? Do you ever read any of the bile you post over and over again? You have zero tolerance for anyone who doesn’t think like you. You try to pigeon hole 17.4 million people into the various sneering attributes that makes you feel better about yourself. You really do come across as an awful person. You are extremely neurotic and seem to have so little self awareness of just how vile you come across. Even now you have allowed yourself to build a few far right attention seekers into some new clear and present danger to society. I told you over a year ago that if Brexit didn’t happen then the vast majority of leavers would shrug and get on with their lives. The Tommy Robinson’s of this world will quickly go back to their sad edl lives. You really should get a hobby and stop posting so much hatred.
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    The thick racist lot have always been there and always will. They’ll never take hold in this country though as they are doing in Europe. It’s just not British.

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