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  1. Politics

  2. Politics

    Not a hope in hell the Libs will go down that route again. Of course Tories could do a deal with DUP but they will have to change Brexit. My prediction is Conservatives fall below 300 seats. Labour will run as a minority government successfully. (There is no way SNP or Lib Dem’s can vote down the majority of Labours plans and side with Tories).
  3. Politics

    No, I don’t see any great benefit for the country from either side but I’d rather one side gets to govern rather than nothing getting done as has happened for the last 2 years. I’m at centrist at heart. The country is really crying out for a Labour 1997 outcome but that’s not on offer. Im back to lurk mode now to get my nibbles and blue moon ready for 10pm.
  4. Politics

    No, all options are shit. Johnson’s just for Johnson and Labours plans will ruin the economy.
  5. Politics

    I’ve never been away Just restrain myself. Honestly don’t really mind who wins as long as they can freely implement their manifestos.
  6. Politics

    At least Dianne has surfaced
  7. Politics

    Not a chance the gammons are turning out today. Hung Parliament, Labour government. Lots of people voting for their least worse option today which sums up UK politics.
  8. Politics

  9. Politics

    Bye but you summoned the wisdom.
  10. Politics

    Yes, but they’ve done that over many years and on the back of higher taxation for everyone as detailed by the IFS yesterday. You know it’s a cheap con. You can have all this but only the top 5% will pay. Sadly that’s the way politics is. If they’d said everyone has to pay for this better standard of living, they would get nowhere.
  11. Politics

    The city forecasts that Brexit will mean a slower growth rate. On Corbyn the FT says “TERMINAL ECONOMIC DECLINE”! Good paper, suggest you read it
  12. Politics

    They say Brexit might reduce the amount of growth, but Labours manifesto, sadly will bankrupt the country. If Labour put that manifesto forward but added that all of us would have to pay a bit more to achieve it ( as happens in Europe), then it would get a landslide. That would be honest and achievable.
  13. Politics

    Simples. They manage the economy better than anyone else. Every Labour government has left office with unemployment higher than when they came in. I thought Corbyns manifesto launch was very good, also his speech to the CBI. I think he is a very genuine bloke and believes what he says but the bottom line is that promising he can achieve all that just by hitting the richest 5% is bollocks. Even the IFS say so. I find the return to secondary picketing and taking 10% of the value off every company with 250 plus employees terrifying. We will be back to the 70’s of wealth creators moving offshore, crippling strikes hitting every sector and eventually the continued trend of no money left and more unemployment. Personally I long for a return to sensible centrist policies and living within our means. We should be welcoming in a landslide centre left government but it looks like we are heading for another deathly hung parliament.
  14. Start An Argument In Four Words.

    So then, what’s up?
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    Cant take anything seriously from a fella who skate boards in green shoes tbf

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