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  1. Visa came back yesterday no problems, have now booked flights and arrive early match morning-Saturday. Ok, wil keep in touch & sort somewhere to all meet up.
  2. I submitted my visa forms today. Fingers crossed it comes back tomorrow so I can book flights to Moscow!
  3. Anyone doing Anzi Away? Can't miss it after Maritimo, Brugge, Bordeaux & Kharkiv. I'm going through the process of getting an invite, visa forms & flights. Complicated but hoping it all gets sorted in time. London to Moscow, thinking over Wed, back Sat. Let me know anyone keen!
  4. Hi guys, Anyone heading over to Kharkiv going via Kiev on Tues 19th? I am arriving a day before mates and have a day spare in Kiev if anyones there and keen to meet up for a day looking around Kiev let me know.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows of any spare tickets in the away end v Tottenham next weekend? I missed the sale phase for members as I was skint from booking Kharkiv away. I'm London based so can't miss it. I am after 1. Thanks in advance.
  6. Am doing all 3. Maritimo was good fun, had already booked the 2 others once the draw came out. I'm only a member so no chance of tickets for Brugge, hopefully Bordeaux will be easier. I'm London based so am on the overnight megabus(10 quid return Wed night-Sat night). Then just have to book trains from Brussels to Brugge & Paris to Bordeaux. Have booked St Christophers Inn accom in Brugge(10 quid per night). Haven't looked at Bordeaux accom, anyone found anything cheap?
  7. Anyone heading over to Madeira tomorrow? Idea of a decent meet up point for a cheeky pint or 5 somewhere in the centre of Funchal town?
  8. Its not ideal. Wish we would play strongest possible team to try and win a trophy, but its hard to manage league/cups/europe especially with our brittle squad. Will see how the youngsters go, and I guess throwing them in the deep end is how you find out if they are capable. Bring on the Away Days!
  9. I just received my Maritimo ticket in the mail! Buzzing, I applied despite only being a member, and have got lucky, mustn't be many ST holders going.
  10. I am a member, but doubt it will get to members going by the stadium capacity! You think it will?
  11. I have booked but don't have a ST so hoping a few contacts can help out... if not hopefully someone with a ST(and decent amount of loyalty points) thats not going can help me out!?!
  12. Nothing wrong with stealing the credit card when the missus is asleep & booking Maritimo away at 3am!?! Now for tickets to all 3!
  13. Hi guys,Just a quick post... I'm planning on going to all 3 Europa matches. I've moved over to the UK from Aus to be able to support the Toon(sick of 3am kick-offs on dodgy internet streams). I've booked Brugge(and accom...St Christophers Inn -cheapest option 13 quid with 10 other geordies) & Bordeaux transport and am looking at Maritimo now. Anyone else going keen to share what they have found? Also knowing away ticket allocation will vary between all 3 matches due to stadium capacity, its still uncertain what number we will receive.I was wondering anyone who is not going
  14. I know theresa few Aussie supporters of the Toon. I'm from Newcastle back home, hence the connection to the club years ago. All home tickets are gone too, that was my last resort but even they have gone. Will see what happens, you never know in the coming days. Was thinking of traveling to Norwich and at least watch it at the pub, can be the next best thing than being in the stadium!
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