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  1. Liew as well, I think he's gone on about it less but he shat out plenty of think pieces on us and sports washing when the take over went through. Not one of them worth listening to on the subject, theres a reason they're sports writers rather than working on more serious subjects.
  2. I assume you signed up for the new chase bank he was advertising in general chat?
  3. Verging on unhealthy this wyki
  4. Just found the most obscure football shirt ive ever seen irl in a charity shop, so now its mine
  5. I really do want them to stay up though, its like a little derby just for me a couple of times a season
  6. Andrew

    Eddie Howe

    I imagine it was possibly something discussed when he signed, since there was a very real chance we'd go down and there would be cuts it stands to some reason that now we've definitely stayed up there be some rewards.
  7. He is relatively injury prone and that isn't going to improve as he gets older. Over the last two seasons he has missed half of our games, thats too much for a number 1 when Darlow is our second choice. And we're not going to be the club who are buying backups anymore unless our hand is forced by backups leaving when the first team player is top class, we turn our first team into the backups now.
  8. Aye it has to be this, loan to buy, spending that much on a keeper who has hardly played for a mid table team would be unbelievably reckless.
  9. Its a poor decision as well, we'd be furious if it was us. Fucking Villa.
  10. Considering that its Leeds they're up against I could take that personally. Fucking Leeds
  11. Theres plenty to be said for this, my knee was very sensitive for a few years following a rough tackle that messed it up and one of the first things my PT when I finally hit the gym for the first time a couple of years ago did was focus on building up some strength around it and it made a world of difference. Not had any trouble with it in a really long time now but the first couple of months were pretty gruelling for it.
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