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  1. The Guitar Thread

    Just made a slightly silly order from GuitarGuitar which their quite ambitious shipping estimator reckons will be in New Zealand on Friday. So I guess we'll see
  2. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    To give credit where its due our form has really improved since Steve Bruce admitted his own tactics didn't work and that he'd have to revert back to Benitezs style of play. 10 points from 15 available since then where prior to that we'd managed 5 from 21 including getting smashed by Leicester, losing to the team currently rooted to the foot of the table and been knocked out of the cup.
  3. Other games 2019/2020

    Its definitely VAR thats done it, not total footballing apathy KD is right anyway, VAR at the world cup and in europe is doing fine, the PL (initials a coincidence? I think NOT!) have implemented it in a nonsensical way.
  4. Long time no speak

  5. 1. Wyki has nailed that one. 2. Hes shite, we're shite, we're less than the sum of our parts with him in charge while we were more under Rafa. There is no "yet you have beaten spurs..." point to be made, Spurs are all over the place this season and we were lucky, failing to win since is the norm based on our manager and our performances. 3. If you think "news of a takeover" means we're going to be taken over you haven't been paying attention. It is interesting actually if that question is a window into the minds of other clubs fans. This is the 4th "takeover" in 18 months and all any of them have done is provided ashley with an excuse not to spend any money. he has no intention of selling to anything less than a total lunatic who will give him a fortune and let him keep his grubby hands in on advertising his shit brands and retail. 4. Ideally our new owner could somehow take us slightly back in time and get hold of the wildly successful manager we had last season. Failing that I've no idea, as Wyki says, avoid the jobs for the cunts old british manager merry-go-round and I'll be happy enough. 5. Under a manager with a plan I'd have been gutted to see him go and see us miss out on a talented midfielder, under this melted wax faced prick it I'd be desperate to get out if I were him, if hes here beyond this season hes finished as a "prospect" and will stay at his current level. If he goes somewhere where he gets well coached and gets games he'll comfortably be an international. 6. Pointless, couldn't care less. 7. I actually can't pick one from the time before Ashley, there were a lot. Since then I'd say beating you 3-0 in 11/12. That season was a fun ride, manager and owner both wankers but we had such a good team to watch. I really enjoyed us beating Rodgers swansea that season too, they were the least interesting team to watch in the world, passing sideways with god knows how much possession for the whole match and never made a chance. 8. Under current management, none of them. As individuals on their own merits, Schar is our best player (imo) Maximin seems fun and Almiron may eventually get a bit of luck and start doing something. 9. You'll be lucky to be in europe next season, we'll be lucky to be in this league. 10. Honestly don't care. 11. You're sort of crap, but we're really crap. We'll make you look good.
  6. Long time no speak

    Seems a simple question, did he answer it?
  7. Long time no speak

    Good talk, catch up soon. *makes mental note never to come back to this tesco*
  8. Long time no speak

    Ah not bad you know, how you doing? Been up to much?
  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    And the front cover has Rondon, Perez and Schar on it.
  10. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I see we're being taken over again
  11. Owen - If only the fans knew the facts!

    Michael Owen doesn’t understand that team sport isn’t all about him, what coaches are, what coaching is for or what preseason is. No wonder his career evaporated when his natural attributes deserted him.
  12. Politics

  13. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    He had a lot of injuries from 17 years old to 20 which I guess have ruined his development.
  14. Anyone able to photoshop out the SD signs on Diegos picture? Might make a nicer keepsake without the tat.

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