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  1. We didnt even have a fucking match thread for that one
  2. An 8 for me. 7ths a solid position taking everything into account but there have been so many positives and we've NEVER been boring. Battering PSG and giving a decent account in the CL, beating city in the cup, embarassing sunderland in the first derby in years. The emergence/flourishing of Gordon, Isak, Livramento and Miley. Record goals scored and league results like Villa on the opening day, 8-0 v Sheff U and Man u in the cup then finishing above them, the club I hate above all others for the first time in my life. Good season that.
  3. They offered 110m for caicedo in summer, he just chose to go somewhere else. This was after they bid 100m for Jude Bellingham who also decided to go somewhere else.
  4. And Robin leapfrogs Fish on the final day of the season
  5. Robin and Meenz are both behind you. Robin had never done fantasy league before and Meenz has rules about who he can sign. So you should remain ashamed of yourself
  6. Because Twitter changed all core systems over to X today, so twitter.com links no longer exist. Ill need to update the site to make this work again which ill do out of season and when im not on holiday
  7. And, of course, the genocide.
  8. Barring a shocking weekend of results it looks as if this years title goes to ABCDE FC
  9. Ive done better than I expected here, 1989 gave us; Taylor Swift Nathalie Emmanuel Brie Larsen Elizabeth Olsen Lily James
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