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  1. Aye we'd be absolutely mad to chase a keeper in January considering the make up of our squad, we had three of them on the bench this week, we don't need more. Dubs has 130 PL matches to his name, Karius has 30. Neither are inexperienced kids who we'd be throwing in the deep end while Pope is out.
  2. On evidence of tonight it is very funny that Maguire is a dead cert for the England squad where our players don’t seem to be able to get a call up unless they’d had one before joining us.
  3. We’re carving through these almost at will here, they’re playing so deep whenever we get ball. we need to score though before we tire
  4. AFCON runs jan/feb this season. I know we think longer term but I can’t see us signing a striker in jan that isn’t going to be able to play for us or train with us for weeks.
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