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  1. True to form, my mum has just busted out her original first edition all the bells and whistles pressing to put me in my place. Even has the posters in absolute mint condition...bitch
  2. Nah I'm not a collector, I occasionally get bought vinyls as presents which make up my entire meagre catalogue until I bought this today. Getting DSotM was more of a "I really should own this" thing than any real desire to have more vinyl or anything.
  3. Saw the live version in a shop the other day and was very tempted! Really like the cover with the "concept art" version of the final design on it.
  4. Bought an original vinyl copy of Dark Side of the Moon since it turned 50 this month and despite it being probably my favourite album of all time I've never actually owned a copy of it myself.
  5. The only reason I care about it is that FFP now means we have a limit on spending and I want us to be as good as possible as soon as possible. IF we could spend 50 million on McTominay or 30 on someone as good from elsewhere I want us to do that so we can invest more in the team.
  6. Its not new information though and that would be the first and last thing said during a legal challenge, there is no way the PL didn't know this very publicly available information about PIF. Its "news" because no one bitching about the takeover ever read up on what they were bitching about, they just parroted each others talking points (some of which are very valid, lets not pretend otherwise) But PIF being run by a minister is no surprise to anyone who knew what they were talking about, it was a stalling tactic when the PL were under pressure from broadcasters and their favourite clubs. FFS its on their website, this took me 20 seconds to find. https://www.pif.gov.sa/en/Pages/About-OurLeadership.aspx
  7. As was mentioned at the time, the fact that PiF has to be chaired by a sitting governement minister etc. is literally in the header of the PiF charter or something, its not some cleverly discovered "gotcha" It was never about government control, it was about piracy and how pissed of the Sky 6 were about the prospect of us being loaded.
  8. Yeah thats CatGPT, I dunno what else you expected? You probably want ChatGPT
  9. Just type something in the text box at the bottom
  10. https://www.cat-gpt.com/
  11. Aye its quite funny, I liked Josh anyway but when he revealed that he'd been using a Kemper rather than a "real" amp for about a year on his videos and no one had noticed my respect for the trolling he is capable of skyrocketed
  12. Sherwood funnily enough is about the same age as Klopp and Guardiola and had the spurs job handed to him on a plate when he was the same age Eddie Howe is now. He's not particularly old, its not like hes a Hodgson or Allardyce coming out with this shite after his day has passed. Its all projection, he failed miserably as a manager precisely because he held these sorts of opinions and it just doesn't work in modern football and rather than admit that to himself or anyone else he gets a spot on talksport to trot it out.
  13. Bloody hell its $900!
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