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  1. Toon v AFC Bournemouth

    Our goals https://streamja.com/PaK5 https://streamja.com/ajM2
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Youtubes just been made available on the switch @Ant
  3. Grenfell tower tragedy

    Accounts been protected, what was it?
  4. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    You're an idiot.
  5. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    But aye hes going to spend enough to get us into the top 16 clubs in europe in January or whatever.
  6. Toon V Watford

    He really does seem to be at his best when he just needs to apply a flick or something to a finish rather than having time to do anything else.
  7. Other Games 17/18

    The kind of goal you see at the top level of football week in week out and far more down to Dunks marker than the keeper, great ball in by march too https://streamable.com/ti53f Not sure why you're so bothered anyway though
  8. Dead Red Redemption 2

    Typical Corbyn loving communist.
  9. Gotta get some interest going before he does in the jungle or whatever.
  10. General Random Conversation..

    That seems to have become harder to get than it used to be, Mrs A got some last year no bother but they wouldn't give it to her a month or so ago to fly out here.
  11. Europe --- In or Out

    I mean, just look at all the wars between major european nations in the last 60 years, its terrible.
  12. Dead Red Redemption 2

    I'm basing it on having worked in QA for one of the biggest game publishers in the world and on having friends who still do for a decent variety of studios. Testers outside the games industry can indeed be paid well, I'm basing that on working as a developer for a regional building society who pays their testers well, so well in fact that they make around twice what I did in my above role. You can get overtime, many didn't, I'm basing that on their testimony to journalists in various articles that have been written in the last few weeks. They could leave aye, jobs are easy to come by these days though. Games industry QA is largely made up of people just starting out, not yet qualified, young and easily taken advantage of. You might think its fine, more power to you, I don't. RDR2 is apparently really very good though, yeah.
  13. Dead Red Redemption 2

    AH is right that QA will be getting paid very little. Most of the Rockstar staff are salaried and weren't getting any more money to work the hours they did. It not being surprising or new doesn't make it wrong or shit, I'd like things to be better because they don't need to be the way they are and I am voting with my wallet.
  14. Dead Red Redemption 2

    Thats a very... Tory way of thinking.

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