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  1. Your experience is out of date tbh mate. Epi, Squier etc make great stuff these days tbh.
  2. The new Pedals would go in the front. The preamp one can act as a pedal infront of the amp and have a switch that drastically changes the eq to make that work. But theyre best in the effects loop, in bypass mode, so when its off you have your amps preamp and when its on your amps preamp gets no signal and the victory is your preamp and runs to your amps power amp. I have one of these ones and its excellent.
  3. Convince me not to @Blastronaut because if you don't I will absolutely be buying at least one of these \
  4. Do they not amount to about the same thing? I had an LT which was ace so I'm certainly not knocking it, just wondering why.
  5. I'm surprised he only managed 25 scotland caps mind.
  6. I have aye, there is also a bloke in auckland selling a Skeversen raptor which is definitely working for me Undecided at the moment whether to go for something like those or go back to trusty ESP and get one of the 1000 series guitars.
  7. Ive finally sold the Tele and I have a nice chunk of money burning a hole in my pocket that I want to spend on a metal machine.
  8. Again, I must insist that we refer to him with his proper title.
  9. My sister has taken the train down to join the queue to look at a cloth covered box. Then realised the queue is so long she would miss her train home so she's given up on that. I despair.
  10. I want to say something snarky and insulting about those people but I honestly just can not fathom it Its just a baffling amount of horseshit from start to finish.
  11. I believe so, Police only need to believe that it may cause offence and they'll arrest you. its a fucking joke. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/sep/12/anti-monarchy-protester-charged-with-a-breach-of-the-peace-edinburgh-queen-death-king In London, a barrister and climate activist who had held up a blank piece of paper in Parliament Square said he had been threatened with arrest by a police officer under the Public Order Act. “He confirmed that if I wrote, ‘Not My King’ on it, he would arrest me under the Public Order Act because someone might be offended,” the lawyer, Paul Powlesland, said on Twitter.
  12. He didn't sorry. Its far to succinct a sentence to have been written by him for starters.
  13. Looks like there is a chance of an extra public hol here after all, Govt deciding today. God bless her.
  14. Im going to have to ask that we use his proper title, just for context mind you.
  15. A mate of mine has one of those and I honestly reckon its brilliant.
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