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  1. The Guitar Thread

    Have any of you been following Chris Bucks channel on youtube at all? I've been familiar with him for a while after appearances on Andertons and TPS but I've dived a bit deeper over the weekend. What a player, love the finger/thumb playing for the most part, his opening jams and stuff are fantastic. Enjoyed the '62 Strat journey videos, would recommend if you've not had a look. Highway one has landed at my Mother in laws house for the time being, until I can ship it out here, some more pictures are showing it to be in fantastic nick, I suspect it has barely been played in its life so far. Planning some mods to it already, despite not having any idea how it sounds or plays just yet think a black pickguard will be going on it, probably some locking tuners and an upgrade to the pots and switches on the assumption that its wired wrong like most lefties are.
  2. The Guitar Thread

    I'd have a shell pink strat or tele with a black pickguard any day of the week! But I also like Gemmills new one so...
  3. The Guitar Thread

    I have acquired a fender highway one strat in wine red to eventually make its way to me out here this week. bit of a bugger to ship but the price was good and I know the seller, quite excited, haven’t owned a strat since the squier I started playing on.
  4. Keeping fit

    Your spinner would need something attached to take speed, time or distance readings I would've thought?
  5. Some lovely finishes for our goals! Bournemouth look terrible, from the highlights it looked as though they didn't get a tackle in on one of our players while we were in their half, every time we attacked there was acres of space in the 20 yards outside their box.
  6. my hairs shorter than that these days tbh
  7. We’ve got the app- hire electric scooters all over Christchurch now, they’re brilliant tbh.
  8. The Guitar Thread

    Watching pete honore not be able to do this has provided me with an unreasonable amount of inner peace regarding my own playing.
  9. The Guitar Thread

    that’s gaudy as shit and I love it!
  10. Other games 2019/2020

    It is a bit. City man, this is the team we got pelters for sitting back against No chance there is a manager in the bottom half or outside the best teams that has a record against them as good as we did under Benitez.
  11. Other games 2019/2020

    I hate Burnley. I used to think my hometown was ok really, I'd defend it when people put it down. Bit it's not ok, it's fucking horrible.
  12. Coronavirus

    Gee, thanks.
  13. Precedent Trump

    Worth noting that the likes of George Floyd won't show up on that graph, he wasn't shot to death by police, he was suffocated by them and he isn't the only one. There's a reason "I can't breathe" has been chanted and on signs across the US. Neither will Ahmaud Arbrey, who was chased down in a pickup truck and shot for jogging while being black, which would have been completely written off if one of them hadn't been stupid enough to record and release a video of the whole thing. Breonna Taylor possibly will but then, how many white EMTs are going to go to bed tonight concerned that unmarked and unsanctioned police are going to illegally break into their houses and murder them? Those officers haven't even been fucking arrested. In the UK the government has suppressed a report into BAME deaths of coronavirus for "fears it could stoke racial tension" what does that tell you about its contents? Its only 2 years since Windrush ffs. These stories(among many) and the fact that both governments have utterly fucked the response to coronavirus were begging for civil disobedience at some point and it is absolutely necessary.
  14. The Guitar Thread

    And in almost direct contrast to the previous posts guitar player; Bad look for bonamassa on Twitter this evening and a purveyor of black music to only speak up on the current shitshow of US racism to decry rioting despite having nothing to say on the events leading to them. Ah, followed by calling the people pointing this out to him "bots". edit...aaaaand he’s deleted them after being thoroughly put in his place.

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