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  1. Honestly, given the struggles most of our team have with getting/staying fit it could be any of them. I reckon its Ryan Fraser.
  2. Bruce will be managing Man U by the time we play them at this rate,
  3. Craig Hopes article is absolutely stunning, what a fucking waste this bloke really was.
  4. Thats true, I still can't imagine this sticking. I was referring mostly to you saying the most immediate problem is getting money in to save ourselves. We can do that. After that it remains to be seen.
  5. Thats not strictly true because we don't need to pump the books to spend a SHIT load in january, because we've been so cheap in the last few years. Infrastructure doesn't play into FFP and we can spend upwards of 200mil before we get near the limits of our available spend.
  6. Listening to Chris Waugh on the Athletic podcast talking about why Bruce hasn't been given the sack and it makes a lot of sense tbh. They reckon all of the coaching staff he brought in (considering all of Rafas were dumped when he left) would be leaving too, meaning when Bruce went we'd literally only have Graeme Jones as a coach and no one else. Which is why Jones as caretaker isn't really seen as a viable option. If it then took a couple more weeks or however long to get a manager you're looking at trying to get a club to survive in the PL with one coach, maybe bringi
  7. The problem with those kind of schemes is assuming that just making the team good is the only angle for the money here. PIF want Saudi Airlines or Aramco or whatever on the shirts and on the hoardings. You need the parts of your stuff you want to be seen to be visible if you want to get your sportswashing done. If they can't been seen through NUFC, they won't bother.
  8. Its four posts above yours man! You're absolutely right though, they're panicking and seeing if they can get away with shit.
  9. Presume that amounts to Levy not offering him enough post tax, Italys rates as very low compared to the UK iirc.
  10. If it helps https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/19/premier-league-clubs-v-newcastle-inside-the-stunning-emergency-vote
  11. Exactly, everything Levy and the rest of the dickheads in charge of the pauper clubs have thought up over the last 18 months is going to start being wheeled out now, none of it will stick because if any of it was any good and actually provided them with long term security in the form of stopping competition they'd have done it already regardless of us. The superleague was the best the biggest clubs in the world could come up with and look how shit that was.
  12. We can't dope ourselves financially long term with out it, but this is going to get tangled up in legals forever if they try to extend it beyond the month, Charnley laid out at the meeting that the club believe this move is illegal and we'll continue to challenge on that ground. In the meantime we can just spend shit loads of money because of our existing books anyway. The "problem" is the benefit the Saudi PIF companies gets from being all over our shirts and hoardings will be more limited for...a month currently. This is desperate stuff lead by a handful of clubs who
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