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  1. The Guitar Thread

    HHHNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/tag/PRS-SE-Stealth
  2. Facebook

    Mostly just use it for messenger and somewhere to dump holiday photos so my mum can see them these days. Apart from the potentially dodgy source of the data (which is problematic of course) that CA have used for brexit or trump or whatever whats the problem here? Is anyone surprised that social media is just a big information gathering scheme?
  3. I'm still hopeful that Vince Mcmahon will come back in for us.
  4. The Guitar Thread

    I really liked it, more than expected. Fanned frets were weird though I was not playing stuff right at all, fluffed a few quite badly sucks about the bass, I’ve gone through richtone once and they were fine
  5. The Guitar Thread

    Today’s offering
  6. The Guitar Thread

    I’ll take that! I had until Rabea Masaad changed my mind with his, I guess like most things you’ll get good and bad ones, it speaks a lot for their “myth” value that I could get either of those two for less than two grand where a pre-cbs that’s not as good would be going for at least twice that. that black one was incredible, it weighed a ton but it was astonishingly resonant, absolute gem. If it wasn’t for our NZ plans later in the year Id have bought it, Mrs A was even there and was in full support of the idea.
  7. The Guitar Thread

    Had a nice wander down Denmark Streets various guitar shops today.
  8. We finished fourth under Pardew?!
  9. Other Games 17/18

    The problem is that when hes not being played where he wants or in a system he likes its not just a case of him not dominating games, he becomes incapable of making 5 yard passes. He gives the ball away like nobodies business in a majority of the games I see him play and its not when hes trying to make Shelvey-esque raking balls out to an overlapping fullback, its him passing to his midfield partner a few yards away, or this https://streamable.com/amukq
  10. Freddie Woodman saved three penalties last night to help Aberdeen through to the Scottish Cup Semi Finals. Can't believe we've loaned him out tbh.
  11. Yes Gemmill...

    There are legitimate replies to that tweet echoing that sentiment.
  12. Yes Gemmill...

    RIP, possibly the Simpsons best celebrity guest
  13. Extended highlights https://www.nufc.co.uk/nufc-tv/highlights/southampton-h-highlights-17-18?autoplay=true&isloggedin=true#_=_
  14. Other Games 17/18

    Palace will win that one I think, Zaha should be back.

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