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  1. These things? They’re very useful for high gains prog stuff, keeping strings in check for tapping or preventing sympathetic ringing from open strings or behind the nut when you’ve a lot of gain going. I think guys were using them in the studio more than live since you’re trying to get your perfect takes and shit and then just thought...why am I not using this all the time if it is helping me get my best takes?
  2. like his entrance music was going to come on just before Biden raised his hand and George W Bush was going to start yelling "bah gawd thats DONALD TRUMPS MUSIC"
  3. Shelvey and Xhaka, get your money on a red tonight. Can't see any other reason for that nonsense
  4. I played it when it came out so I don't really remember, I do remember load times when I died being terrible though.
  5. I enjoyed BL3, love a good looty game. Which is possibly why I've fallen out with Valhalla, playing it while Mrs A plays Odyssey and its just so fucking miserly and miserable compared to Odyssey, and they've got rid of all the weapons and shit. Its boring. Just playing Overwatch a load now!
  6. oh absolutely no offence taken! I'm with you, theres a reason I don't post much in the "what are you listening too" thread, I wouldn't get a moments peace.
  7. Robs vocals dont help. the other three have an instrumental band called Toska which is fantastic. Ah, and there are also the covers he does with his partner, which I love. Yeah I'm a fan ok
  8. I get it, do what you love to do normally but in much nicer weather.
  9. If you're into heavier music his actual music output is well worth a look into, he has 3 EPs on Spotify (other platforms are available) of tracks hes made for demos on his own channel (also worth a sub) and there are a few absolute bangers on them.
  10. I'd probably have to sell to buy tbh, but I like what I've got and the only thing this would be a direct replacement for would probably be my Squier Tele, which I both love and wouldn't put much of a dent in the price.
  11. The Joe Duplantier ones! I do love a Tele, though Rabea Massaads signature chapmans are my favourite non-tele teles going. I have it in my head that you're scotland right? Guitarguitar do Charvel, could probably get one in there...some time...I have no idea what lockdown is like in the UK anymore.
  12. With Namm not happening this year everyone is just doing their own announcements. Charvel have put one of my favourite guitars of theirs out as a lefty and I am now figuring out how to afford one. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/charvel-unveils-15-model-strong-2021-electric-guitar-line
  13. If it helps to write it out then you do it mate. We're all here to support as best we can, you neednt delete anything. I missed the original post but I'm very glad that this seems to be better news.
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