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  1. no chance a burnley player is on that much a week.
  2. The Guitar Thread

    Hows the lockdown treating you chaps? I ended up going for the Musicisum one in the end and I'm enjoying it so far, mixture of picking and choosing lessons and exercises and learning songs of my own accord has been fun so far. I also legitimately regret not buying myself a REALLY nice guitar of some sort for my 30th last year to have around. I can't see people or whatever but I still have my THINGS, things are there for me.
  3. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    OK why is this a thing now?
  4. Might as well get excited lads, you've not got anything else to do!
  5. 9/12 Not too shabby since 5 of them happened before I was born.
  6. Rona Recommends

    Pornhub premium is free for 30 days. So, enjoy.
  7. Coronavirus

    It's taking some adjustment, being in the office is good for me, being here less so.
  8. General Random Conversation..

  9. The Guitar Thread

    That is interesting...have you used them? I was most interested in the production musicisum course with the guitar ones being a handy addition (especially since Rabea makes tons of music I like) The main library here (which is currently closed...) has a full recording studio setup that is free to use and I really want to figure out how to use it.
  10. Coronavirus

    From the guardian live feed. I've never once had an encounter with a british police officer in which I'd describe their approach as described there.
  11. The Guitar Thread

    I had a subscription to musicisum a few years ago when it was pretty new, which I eventually let lapse. Had a look back in today and they look to have expanded their repertoire a bit, might get back on that for a couple of months.
  12. Coronavirus

    Well, that's me on working from home, tomorrow onwards. Just had the announcement here that schools are closing from tomorrow. 102 confirmed cases in NZ. Quite mad really how far ahead of the curve NZ is reacting to this than the UK seems to be.
  13. What are you playing

    Did you go with Alexios or Kassandra? Alexios delivery on some jokes is brilliant, he's actually funny which is rare for a "funny" game character.
  14. The Guitar Thread

    I've been off and on with Infantile by Toska for a while, finally got to the point where one or two of the riffs that were giving me trouble are coming smoothly now. Sticking to that tuning I'm learning Killswitch Engages version of Holy Diver because its fun and have finished with The End Of Heartache which brought back some teenage nostalgia. After that I am less sure...
  15. What are you playing

    Played that last year and I absolutely loved it. Contention with black flag as my favourite AC game.

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