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  1. Politics

  2. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    He had a lot of injuries from 17 years old to 20 which I guess have ruined his development.
  3. Anyone able to photoshop out the SD signs on Diegos picture? Might make a nicer keepsake without the tat.
  4. Frees us up to concentrate on the league...
  5. Other games 2019/2020

    Don't forget the constant fake injuries.
  6. With his magical ability to immediately get back to his feet at full sprint and catch up to a running striker while his face is mashed into the turf having fallen over
  7. Fortunately a graft and strength of box to box midfielder Almiron will make up for it...
  8. The Guitar Thread

    Aye I've just been looking £4,500 for the three month course, though it does say that its aimed at people wanting to start building on their own time so I suppose as business expenses go that might not be too terrible? I'd love to do the 3 or 5 day courses
  9. The Guitar Thread

    Ah thats cool, I've fancied doing something like that for years.
  10. Where Now?

    Last season we had a coach who has won La Liga twice, the UEFA Cup, The champions league, the FA cup, the europa league and the italian cup before coming here as well as winning the championship as our manager. It was reasonable to give him the time to turn things around, his record speaks volumes. This season we have a coach who has won nothing, for all hes had teams promoted hes never even won the championship. It is not reasonable to expect that he is capable of turning this around.
  11. Wondered if this would make its way here saw it on reddit earlier and saw it reasonably well picked apart as well.
  12. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Story checks out As does this one
  13. The Guitar Thread

    Pickups in, kraken fully integrated into the helix setup. Ive had worse! Chair included for Tom.

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