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  1. Out of genuine curiosity why not? What about getting it was a problem that means you wouldnt do it again?
  2. We're just shy of three years in NZ now and we're in our 5th house here I'm so over moving house. Fingers crossed this is our last rental but the house market out here is utterly mental so I've no idea if we'll be able to afford to buy when we sell up in the UK.
  3. Could be Delph, you'd think Gylfi would be more interested in the other end of the age spectrum
  4. Atletico Miniero had a fan competition to design their new shirt.
  5. Matterface can see the future
  6. nope. Tv lied to me.
  7. Rashford coming on
  8. we’d have no midfield then. bellingham maybe?
  9. Phillips looks absolutely spent.
  10. What a fucking ball in that was.
  11. Ah it all just got a bit silly so I moved some stuff out to the general chat thread and let it carry on from the last politics related post. Here you go
  12. Aye considering how many of them have been champions league finalists in the last 4 or so years.
  13. Youre all welcome to post in the actual euro 2020 thread Fucking hell Quiff didnt even give the slightest shit when i tidied up the politics thread, I didn't expect this. Off out for the evening anyway, have fun kiddos. Ill tidy this up when I get home.
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