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  1. Ah man, we haven't won in our last 8, they'll be quaking in their boots!
  2. Royal wedding has been planned to be on the same day as the FA Cup final.
  3. Definitely something in that one That last line was pretty good as well "Thank you gentlemen, I wish we had more time to spend together" with a little wry smirk.
  4. I've been using a 4231 I just realised I forgot a signing, Pedrag Rajkovic is going to be a dead cert for me for most clubs this season I think, 2 million reliable as owt goalkeeper at 21 who typically goes on to be top class. Last season was... Rajkovic (GK defend) Yedlin (fullback attack) Vida/Clark (Central defender defend) Lascelles/Mbemba (Central defender defend) Dummet (fullback attack) 2 DMS Merino (Segundo Volante support) Hayden/Gunnarsson (Segundo Volante support) Ritchie (Inside Forward Support) Perez (Attacking Midfielder attack) Atsu (Inside Forward Support) Mitrovic (deep lying forward support)
  5. And if nothing else, lets hope someone can crock that little sod wilshere
  6. We'll have these, they're shite. 3-1 to us.
  7. Started a new game a couple of days ago, last one petered out as I just couldn't push us on so I left and ended up just giving up. This time though, this will be different. Finished 5th in season one, won the FA cup. Disappointed though as I had spent most of the season in the top 4 and went on a terrible run to the end of the season only winning one of my last six, finished 5th dropping out of the CL spots on the last day. Fairly mediocre takeover happened in December (ahem) it just the same as it was before for me, no extra money or whatever. Summer window I just signed Aron Gunnarsson, I needed options as I'm playing 2 DMs. Winter I signed Domagoj Vida as Lejeune was moaning about not playing so he got binned and I needed a 4th CB. Ritchie was the star of the season, 7 goals but 20 assists. Perez was actually used by me for once and had a very good time also. Defensive options this summer have been crap, no one of quality or note available so I've refreshed the attack to be PL quality rather than Championship in the hopes we'll just score fuck tons of goals. Batshuayi in, Joselu out. Malcom in, no one out (only had 3 wingers, wanted the depth) and Ante Coric in, Diame out. Shelvey and Lejeune also completed permanent moves away. Rodri is due in next to provide some further depth and quality to those 2 DM spots, Hayden and Gunnarsson are both decent but limited, Merino is quality but finding him a partner has been a bit of a trial.
  8. It is your birthday.
  9. Merino has played as a number 10 of sorts for the Spanish U21 side, worth a go there?
  10. We're in a rut, eight games without a win. The 442 came and went, we've seen most of the combos of central midfield pairings, centre back pairings, we've seen Perez and Diame in the 10 position. No Mitro yet but he's about the only untried option I can think of. Is Shelvey our best player or a total liability at this level, or both? Ritchie is our leading assist maker but has only produced one since September, how can that be remedied? Going off what we have on the takeover if we've 30 million or whatever to spend where would you put it? How would you change our shape, or our style to get something out of the Christmas period?
  11. Keeper in Jan please.
  12. More or less what she did for City isn’t it?
  13. No problem Gemmillbot
  14. There is a good "the captain meets..." andertons video with Neville Marten who used to be the editor of guitarist, he uses one exclusively now and talks some about it, its also just generally a good video
  15. He doesn't know what one of them is does he?