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  1. The Guitar Thread

    Its NAMM! Woo! And in news about a Duchess that isn't exceptionally tedious I'm into this big time, I love my V4 Kraken, making that form factor carry a power amp and a couple of effects as well gets a big ol' thumbs up.
  2. Seemed to annoy the young kid who'd just set him up that he didn't give a shit about celebrating with him mind you
  3. 4-0 Joelinton! Dear god let this be his Almiron moment.
  4. I feel like hearing him rave about twos has actually made me dumber.
  5. This bloke at half time is shite he can't speak/read.
  6. 3-0 Almiron Lad can't stop scoring.
  7. 1-0 "Ball in for Joelinton...but its an own goal!"
  8. nothing doing on video at all, ended up on the radio stream. Reddit reckons there are literally no live cameras there at all
  9. Ive got a cracking eastenders stream if you want one
  10. Politics

  11. General Random Conversation..

    Its mad like, we're more than 2000km away from Sydney here in Christchurch but New Years Day it was 29 degrees (not that odd for summer) but the sky was brown. All the ash and smoke carrying over made the sunlight red, everything was sepia toned, one of my colleagues who lives outside the city had this view Rather than this one The glaciers in milford sound, at the very south of the country are being stained by the ash
  12. Happy New Year

    Happy new year folks, I can go to bed now thank god.
  13. Merry Christmas!

    Mirry Christmas chaps, hope you all get what you deserve!
  14. Football Manager 2018

    Started a new save with the new patch, highlight so far

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