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  1. James Perch

    I smell a Bramble... cheers for the post though FooW where do you reckon you'll end up this season? what do you reckon you need to sign to ensure your promotion? What do you think went wrong last season? Who do you think are the danger teams for you this year? Who would you want from Newcastle United (that you would reasonably get?) Which players do you want to sign (reasonably) Which players do you think you'll sign? How do you think Pompey will do this year? Not being funny but do you think the Championship will get less attention now that West Brom and ourselves are back in the Premiership? It's hard to say where we'll end up. With no signing, top half, if we get what we need top 6 again. To have a real shot at promotion, we need a left-back, centre-mid, left-mid and maybe a striker if the others leave. We're after Shorey, Pratley and Whittingham at the min and if we got those 3, I think we'll be contenders. What went wrong was mainly behind losing Shorey, we were unbeaten in his spell and he was top drawer, it was like having a an extra centre-mid on the pitch, so good was his touch, passing and awareness. Dangers teams are obviously the three coming down, regardless of their troubles, Boro' seem to have organised themselves, QPR will be there or thereabouts too. I don't know if there's anyone at your club who we could realistically get as it stands. I'd like us to sign Pratley, Shorey (although I think we'll see him wait for a Prem move) Jay Bothroyd and a left-mid, i'm not overly fussed by Peter Whittingham, despite his goals last season I don't think he'd fit into our team and what we need on the wing. I think we'll get Pratley, we'll get a left-back, but it's more likely to be this Norwegian fella we've been looking at than Shorey I imagine, dont see us getting Whittingham, think he'll go to Celtic. I can see Pompey being up there. They've not lost many yet and they've kept their core. Although i'd like to see them struggle for morale and selfish reasons. I would have said yes, however I think with Leeds coming back up and Pompey coming down, that will maintain a lot of the attention. With regards to Perch look-a-likes, his nickname from the other players was...
  2. James Perch

    Hey guys, Forest fan here. I'm really quite unsure what to make of this. I know Calderwood liked JP when he was with us, so I imagine that had an impact on the signing, aswell as him having his best game for us at your place. I'll start with the positives. He will work his arse off and he's a really genuine guy who will be a good person to have around, wont complain and is willing to always learn. He is very good at making late/recovering tackles, which is mostly what you saw at your place. He's got a pretty good leap on him too, perhaps needs to bulk up a bit, but isn't too bad at winning headers. Given time, he looks to play the right pass too. However, he is prone to getting caught ball watching and often leaves a big gap in behind him, which is why a lot of attention is towards his very good ability to slide in with some last ditch tackles. His first touch isn't too sharp, and the words, 'second touch a tackle' are ones which have often been attributed to him. He also doesn't cope too well on the ball when pressed, it can tend to end up out of play. Obviously, all weaknesses with a game can be worked on, but at 24 he's not a young lad, and I think more was probably expected of him by now. I think the biggest dissapointment for us is that he has all the athletic atributes to be a good player. He's pretty quick, no weakling, can throw himseld into a tackle, but it's the more mental/technical aspects which he lacks. With regards to him being a centre-mid. I think it can work if he's in a midfield 5, and his main focus is to break things up, but in the Prem where those type of players are expected to then start the play, in a sort of 'playmaker' role, I think you'd see him struggle. His short passing game isn't all that great and often plays other players into trouble. I am quite suprised you've gone for him (well, not as much after you did in Jan) but we assumed that was to try and mess with his head and unsettle a player who was well liked by all the players/staff when we were a threat to automatic promotion. (although that threat quickly died down, so maybe it did have an impact?) As I said, he's someone who will be well liked by all your staff and players as he's a good chap who doesn't step out of line, always gives his all and doesn't complain. I see he wishes to cement himself a place in your team as a right-back, so good luck to the lad. But hand on heart, I don't think he'll prove to be someone who can cope with the Prem all too well, although I suppose if people like Craig Fagan can have 3 years in the Prem, there's hope for all of us. Good luck to him, and to you guys for the season ahead. Hughton's done a good job and deserves credit for steadying the ship and getting you back up at the first time of asking.

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