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  1. Cars

    Would never drive anything with 2 wheels
  2. Cars

    looks like i wont be driving til next summer then
  3. Cars

    i am not getting a moped
  4. Cars

    my parents car insurance company needs me to have my licence a year
  5. Cars

    im off to liverpool next month.. was quoted 870 for 12 but thats pointless, they wont insure me for 1 month, everyone else is saying over 21 or have your licence a year
  6. Cars

    anyone know anyone who does 1 month car insurance for under 21's?
  7. What mood are you in and why?

    been a few months since ive posted here, a lot has changed. Passed my driving test today so im buzzing also accepted into john moores so thats another thing
  8. General Random Conversation..

    Met Vicky from Geordie Shore last night shes a fox
  9. What do you sound like?

    :lol: excellent hahaha
  10. What do you sound like?

    Yea mann. Hes like biggins
  11. What do you sound like?

  12. What do you sound like?

    I tried to put on an irish accent hahaha, il do a proper 1 later, hittin john moores in september dude, accepted in and all deposit paid for halls today howve you been anthony?
  13. What do you sound like?

  14. Forum Changes

    People take this shit far too seriously
  15. Driving test!


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