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  1. Did a fuck, I said we will be on Sky or Espn. Never mentioned nowt about Birmingham and I will happily bring that thread up to prove that. I dont do installation stevie, I am a sales manager who specifically deals with the sports and the movies. But aye, you on the dole or factory working nah much better than someone who directly works for sky like, definetly. I've been exposed? Before I lived in the south, I am on a fucking dongle with an IP address that changes everytime I fucking log on. I was born in wallsend moved to birtley about 5ish years ago, drink in the labour club every match a
  2. You dafty I work for Sky at the listening company right next to the Jurys inn just owa the redheugh. I divent hafta prove meself to sum fucking middle aged little cunt who is reknown for being nothing but a divvy on here. Clubs sign players as replacements ecause they genuinely believe them to be equal or better. I didnt realise you were the Marseille president and knew there views on both Nasri and Ben arfa. Arfa was in the squad for one of the first times pre season, Nasri has been there time and time again. Malouda is highly experienced at that level and Gourcuff is easily, easily o
  3. Chelsea fans couldnt stand him, ya right. He was a player and half before he joined Chelsea and was a player and a half after he joined aswell. He took abit time to adapt big wow, his actual potential is there. Gateshead is Birtley, just outskirts. Gateshead council, shitty morrisons who cant fix a boiler which is a whole different subject, You didnt say what pub Viv Graham died in, you said the last two he drank in. Viv Graham is the very last of my intrests though WDP(Stevie from what i gather). He really and truely is.
  4. Presumably your first sentence means your second one is based on you being an avid Marseille fan. Stevie is just reflecting how the french press generally have presented the potential of their younger players. Read my comments after that and you will see i have followed french football, not avidly, but definetly closely over the last good few year. Simple reason for that is because it was quite an easy picings league to get bets off and betfair showed alot of their games.
  5. Down south IP address, I am sittin in Birtley where I have resided for over the last 5-6 year, as stated in another thread. Nowt but a wind up since me very first thread, nowt but a knob jockey. I meet you type of people day after day at graft, know it alls, impossible to tell them otherwise. Dribbling doesnt make a footballer. The sun may of said Real Madrid were after Ben Arfa at one small point in his career, they werent. The 3 mentioned, especially Gourcuff and Nasri are better footballers than Ben Arfa. I am a realist mate, hes a very good player, one of the best on wor books, but a w
  6. Fuck me. If you believe that your knowledge of world football is very limited mate.
  7. Does anyone really give a fuck? 4 minutes cos I was responding to the England v France match (to your comment).
  8. Two pubs in shields and me desire for Viv Graeme is less than my desire to scran a hairy bollock with its sperm valves still pumpin. Nil.
  9. Couldnt agree more about Nasri being at the best club in the world for developement and more so Arsene Wengers input. Ben Arfa, its always been his atitude since he was a bairn that has fucked him up. Ever since he threw a paddy at the age of 17 for not being selected you knew he was a badish apple, his ability is undoubted but i would hoy a tenner on Nasri being nomintaed for the Ballon d'or 2 times before Ben Arfa ever makes the list. Nasri's form is nowt to do wi it, he is and was as a youngster, a majestic and garceful footballer and he is destined for big things, well before the last 2 se
  10. Behave, Wallsend born and bred. Lived in the gateshead area for the last few year though unfortunately. love takes you to weird old places.
  11. There best hope? Fucking hell dont be daft. Nasri, Malouda, Ribery, Gourcuff and the kid whose name started with Va (He scored tonight) are all alot highly rated over Ben arfa. He is good dont get me wrong but he really isnt the shoulder of french football.
  12. I thought it was 47, no wiki involved. You basing this on a couple of games he's played for us or were you an avid Marseille fan last year? Ben Arfa has always had the potential, as has Nasri it was obvious from a young age that Nasri was going to be something special though. I saw a fair bit of both on betfair (I regulary log on and watch as much foreign football as possible aswell as much live stream football as possible). Nasri within the next couple of years will be one of the best on the planet, behind Ronaldo and Messi who are untouchable. Ben Arfa wont, he will be quality dont g
  13. If he turned out to be a Bull (Dublin to a lesser extent) I would be over the fucking moon.
  14. Barry hasnt got 50 caps, not far off though. Gourcuff, Maloud and Nasri, are alot better players than Ben Arfa.
  15. Disagree on the Ashley Young assesment like. Everytime he got the ball he turned his man and his pass completion must of been atleast 96%. He was also always tracking back and for me was the best player on the pitch. Carroll played well but wasnt really given anything, but the little he was gave he done well with. MOTM though for me was Young.
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