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  1. Donations Required

    Apologies for the begging but any donations would be greatly appreciated. My godmother is having a pretty shitty time of it at the mo and needs a fair bit money for the appropriate chemo, link below with further info: JustGiving link Any little helps chaps. Thank you kindly.
  2. Game is live yet again, have renewed the league. Code to join for anyone not in, 130345-33746.
  3. Latest code for anyone not in: 109824-35616
  4. Kadar's been surprisingly quite impressive this tournament. Hazard tonight though, immense!
  5. Holidays 2020

    Stalis, Crete next month. Can't bloody wait. Not sure it can top Rhodes from last year, stayed in Pefkos which was nice but Lindos and Rhodes Town were mint.
  6. Rio Summer Olympics 2016 - Surviving is the Real Medal

    Still be a damn sight better than Russia 2018
  7. The Boxing thread

    People still pay for PPV? Benn did well, looking forward to Eubank
  8. Been some shite games today mind!
  9. What Are You Watching?

    Mr Robot, halfway through series 1, superb
  10. Other games 2015/16

    Expecting Kosc and Mertesacker back I think. Mertesacker was only out will illness and Koscielny a 'mild' back injury.
  11. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread

    Abdennour off to Juve apparently. Was never coming here tbf.
  12. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread

    Potentially Twitter twats winding people up, not quite sure
  13. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread

    Canal+ saying we're in talks with Lyon for Jordan Ferri 23 year old CM.
  14. Back up from today. League code is 44306-12889 but if you were in before you should automatically join.
  15. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I was thinking it was more along the lines of being able to appoint a competent manager. There's probably no cunt that wants to manage us so he's said that bollocks.

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