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  1. Will be voting IN later when i get home from work.


    I stand to win £300 if we vote leave but id rather we vote in and not have the money.


    I was on the fence initally but the lack of a plan from leave is alarming. We're British, we can do it doesnt really wash with me unforunately.

  2. Although there is an element of will ashley care if people boycott when the tickets already paid for, I think the reason people have done it is that it makes a bigger statement that season ticket holders who have already paid can stay away. There's loads who's only reason for still attending is because it's paid for.


    Attendances will drop off dramatically next year. Possibly sub 40k

  3. Anyone else heard he's been given the job? Saw this on rtg http://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/a-reliable-source.1064807/


    I know what you're thinking...


    Then Jonas tweet


    Tired about some things i Am a geordie and newcastle deserved more. Cansado de algunas cosas, soy un geordie. Y newcastle se merece mas.


    Then Neil Farrington ex journo tweeting


    Today's tweet by @elgalgojonas suggests talk of a significant meeting at #nufc today was bang on the money..


    @TheMightySteve Word is that the players have been filled in re next season.



    Fucking depressing if true.

  4. Nah. Normally go with me dad, brother and a few mates. None of us are going. Be hanging about the gallowgate before kick off then somewhere to watch the match. Season tickets canceled this week. 180 loyalty points and years of loyal support home and away lost but can't continue to support what they are now. As cheesy as it sounds I have literally fallen out of love with the club. Would go back at the drop of a hat if a new owner comes in, otherwise I'm out for the long haul.

  5. Can't see anything other than an Arsenal win (to nil probably).


    I'd like to see Cabella and Sammy play not gouff and obertan. I'd have made Jonas captain and stuck him at left back. I don't think moussa is captain material as he goes missing too often.


    I'd play perez through the middle instead of riviere, he is light weight but if you get bodies around him he can make things happen.


    Fwiw carver will not do any of the aforementioned and we'll go down without as much as a whimper.


    3nil Arsenal.

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