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  1. Aye I've done best man speeches before like, doesn't bother me talking in front of people. I have been informed by the bride to be it isn't to be funny and has to be heart felt. So naturally I've started off with a terrible gag. Definitely going to be in the bad books

  2. He rang me back, very apologetic and unhappy with the staff. Has honoured the rooms for the price difference (£45) and a bottle of champagne for each room by way of an apology. Can't grumble!

  3. Had a bit of a nightmare with Close House in Heddon. Basically they've informed 3 of my guests the hotel is full (incorrectly) and my guests have had to book alternative accomodation (Hilton at airport for example).


    There is currently still 10 rooms available...


    I have complained that this miss information is not good enough and asked they allow my guests who have now paid non refundable rooms elsewhere to pay the difference i.e £50 to Close House for the rooms which are normally £150 since they have paid £100 elsewhere. They are refusing to budge and its really pissing me off, how far would you take it or am i just being rediculous?


    One of the guests is my usher for the wedding and It would of been nice to have him there in the morning and that.


    Baring in mind we are spending nearly 10k at Close House and our guests will be spending similar im suprised they wouldnt be more apologetic and accomodating since they have acknowledged the mistake they have made(Using the 'training need' excuse).


    Is it poor form but would you let it go and just crack on or would you take it to the management? My wedding is next thursday and its pissed me off a wee bit like.


    Just realised this reads like a Dear Deidre from the sun :D

  4. I can't imagine any MD would go on holiday during the transfer window. More likely they are away negotiating but the papers always do trot the line about holidays out. Probably cos that's what they're fed by clubs not wanting to raise fans hopes. But in our case more than likely they're all off on holiday


    i'm about to head there on a stag as it happens. i made the mistake of reading reviews on trip advisor. it sounds horrific - is it?


    Benalmadena? Nah it was okay, there was 15 of us (20-35yr olds) just hitting the square everynight til about 8am. Its a laugh, the eateries are shite mind. It only gets busy about 1am so dont go out to early.

  6. Just back from my stag do (4 nights in Benalmadena). Was canny, although i probably wouldnt go back.


    Off on the honeymoon 2 weeks on Sunday, 4 nights in new york then flying to Mexico for 10.


    Bit girly but got Lion King tickets for Broadway which im looking forward too.


    Cant wait to chill out for 10 nights in Mexico, staying at the Seaside Suites in Maya Riviera if any has been before. Looks really nice.

  7. Its a difficult one really, total boycotts would work but only if they were sustained and there is too many people who aren't commited enough to the cause .


    Basically as we stand, hes using us as an advertising vehicle for SD, were we to be relegated or near relegation he would have to consider his investment and think about selling up. Basically the worse we perform the less the asset is worth.


    In reality he doesnt want to sell, he wants as is, to be self supporting and able to advertise SD to billions for nowt. So finding a buyer unless an arab can magic up £300m+ we are stuck.


    Most realistic is that we continue as is and hope we do really shit and get relegated leading to a sale. How can we as supporters affect the performance of the team to such an extent that could get relegated ? Who knows, morally it stinks but what the lesser of 2 evils? Continue as is on a path to nowhere letting MA take our money and us for mugs or unite as fans for a common goal.


    Can anyone else realistically see another alternatives?


    In a business sense hes played a blinder. We our self supporting with low expectations as fans. But slowly the tide is turning, be interesting to see what ace he has up his sleeve next and what counter punch us fans can muster up.


    All this is ofcourse personal opinion, the thought of finishing midtable for the next ten years with no cup runs whilst he milks the advertising exposure .... :angry2:

  8. Dundee United, was my first ever kit cos it was cheap in Mcgurks sports in the town and me dad was a tight arse.


    Also follow Roma since my mams fella is Italian and a fan.Hoping they get Liverpool in the CL so we can go to anfield for it in the away end with the ultras.

  9. Transfer policy is NOT a joke, it's quite sensible, the application of aforesaid policy is a little more sporadic than it should be but the underlying policy is what brought us those good players.


    For every Wullie (doom-monger and naysayer extraordinaire) there's folks like my mates and family, who go every week and NEVER talk about Ashley, the regime etc. Most agree Pardew needs to go, as I do now, but none of them would want us to lose, ever. It's only about watching a game at a weekend, as it should be, to many.

    haha deary me. Nee wonder SJP is like a library these days. 'It's only about watching a game at a weekend,' What an attitude.


    Worryingly you are not alone, there's a canny few others who sit there and silently lap up the bullshit and go home. Where's the passion?

  10. What will people do if we're winning though?

    Still leave i'd imagine. The game and score tomorrow is irrelevant to the protest. NUFC.com have it spot on their website 'In our eyes, it's a withdrawal of support and goodwill from fans aghast at seeing a long-standing commitment to the club repaid by a declared policy of non-competitiveness. '


    Pardew also being hopeless just adds to the equation.


    Would be nice if those choosing not to leave acknowledged those leaving with a round of applause to show some kind of united front.

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