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  1. I think I'm going to end every sentence with "...& of course the Genocide" from now on. Love the way he drops it in there. "My favourite teams? Newcastle, Mainz, Norrköping, Stenhousemuir & of course the Genocide." "I'll have the lamb jalfrezi, pilau rice, garlic naan & of course the Genocide."
  2. (I wholeheartedly agree, I just enjoyed the juxtaposition)
  3. "Me being alive" and "Scottish tournament failure" appear to correlate fairly closely, if that helps at all
  4. Just booked a trip to Germany and realised I'm going to be there for the Euro 2024 final, so that's England's chances knackered, sorry to anyone who cares
  5. That's because there isn't one
  6. He was everything I expected, and that's fine by me.
  7. Eurovision 1974 is just about to start on BBC Four, lads.
  8. Decent day's work for Minteh https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68756779
  9. I'm seeing Frankie Boyle tonight and I'm expecting it to be every bit as joyous as that
  10. Theme tune by George Formby, if I remember correctly. On a river where they currently build the boats... turned out nice again!
  11. If they were in the top flight, I'm sure they'd refuse our luxury tax contributions to their coffers anyway. Morally superior marra.
  12. Calendars? Just pages and pages of statistics
  13. Meenzer


    Couldn't find a bulb of garlic, used a 60W bayonet cap
  14. Meenzer


    Be fair on yourself, in this scenario CT would have used advocaat
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