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  1. "As someone who thinks highly of the whole of the North East [...] (even though I've always hated them)"
  2. Representation is important! CT's son needs role models to show him that a chronic lisp is no barrier to being thimply the betht.
  3. Probably for the best. Every time I see his name I go into full Beavis & Butthead mode.
  4. Too right. The western extension of Great Park basically meets the airport runway which means it's in PONTELAND, marra.
  5. Aye, I'm not sure I even feel the need to edit this one
  6. The Sven Botman looks like Louise Taylor
  7. It's 58% until it becomes 59%. That's how it works
  8. I was there last summer. It's lovely. And not just like that.
  9. To be fair, it's mainly Playa del Inglés/Maspalomas that are queer as owt, and especially the bit around the Yumbo Centre - the rest of the island is more your usual blend of British package holidayers and older Germans and Scandinavians. The presence of moneyed gays does mean there are some really good restaurants in PdI/Maspalomas though, which is unusual for a resort town.
  10. I would object but it's basically how I've been selling the thing to you for over a decade so I can hardly protest...
  11. Put some respect on their name! https://escinsight.com/2023/05/09/let-3-dictators-worst-nightmare-military-drag/ You didn't get this kind of thing with Daz Sampson
  12. Tomorrow night's Polish performance may also tickle your... fancy
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