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  1. Of course, buried away in there are some things we do need to address eventually - if we're serious about tackling climate change etc. then we need to get back to eating more of what's local to us, and as a relentlessly consumerist nation drowning in household debt, it'd serve us well to learn that sometimes there are things we just can't have - but I'd rather it didn't take wrecking the economy and chucking away a generation's future to get people eating mackerel again. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Away to Arsenal in the third round of the FA Cup. I see no reason to start a new thread for this terrific news.
  3. Anyone know a lawyer with decent parking in North London?
  4. Glad I decided not to give this game my atDiegotion.
  5. All right, they've got a "£1/month for 12 months" Black Friday on, so I'm finally signing up for The Athletic. (I've also bought a new food processor but you don't need to know about that.)
  6. Cue Noelie with an "Almiron macht frei" quip
  7. These are getting a bit Diegouous now.
  8. Mind, if it was the inner London boroughs that had the higher rates here, I reckon we'd be Tier 3 too. But because it's mostly the Tory-voting outskirts...
  9. (I realise we're way past that point now really. )
  10. Yes, it's called THEIR FUCKING HOMES
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