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  1. Decent shout for a couple of hours in the daytime too - bit of a walk by the water, plenty of hipster cafés with obscene cheesecakes (not a euphemism), etc
  2. He reckons Vittoria's is "the standard Italian. They're all good and there's 3 of them in Edinburgh." Also suggests Kezban in Leith - Turkish not Greek, but let's be honest, it's all the same really 💀 - or this place for a bit more of a punt while still falling within the "Italian" brief: https://wineandpeach.com/
  3. My Edinburgh food tips are Bodega, Lucky Yu, and Wings, none of which are Italian or Greek. They're good though. I'll ask the mate who took me there if he knows any good stuff in those categories for you. There's loads of decent scran down in Leith these days too (that's where said mate lives now), we had some outrageously good bao buns and sides at Bundits the other weekend. Bit of a schlep if you're not down that way generally though.
  4. Doesn't remotely surprise me, unfortunately. I know there have always been crackpots around but it's the enabling and sense of entitlement that feel like they've changed hugely.
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