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  1. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  2. Politics

    Oh, terrific https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/19/sajid-javid-praises-nigel-farage-in-speech-on-extremism-boris-johnson?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other&fbclid=IwAR3r0BNpvqv55Osfgi5hRxcXqVbVGFrwIDDLTkV_0SgCZDnVXdEY_6vNL7U
  3. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Aye, he'll change his money at the airport.
  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    He never really got the hang of this football lark.
  5. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    The brilliant thing is even his edit about Ashley finally understanding what's needed has turned out to be wrong.
  6. Europe --- In or Out

    It's becoming increasingly obvious that the "we survived the war, we can survive this!" brigade (who weren't born when the war happened) actually want to live through warlike conditions and the deprivation that follows. They feel like they missed out compared with the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation and they're somehow lesser people as a result. This whole thing is going ahead because of sheer bloody-minded gammon insecurity.
  7. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    He's too busy laughing at Boris Johnson's "whey" joke.
  8. Precedent Trump

    Funny how it's always a "her", too.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    He didn't, but he added an extra sprinkling of powdered shit by refusing to actually say "racism", or as he called it, "the 'R' word". Because apparently the word "racism" itself needs to be censored because that's how sensitive our best friend in the world is.
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    Jeremy Hunt on BBC Breakfast just now, basically saying that he thinks Trump's comments are racist but he won't call them racist because we need America on our side post-Brexit. I must say I'm delighted by all this control we've taken back.
  11. Sports Direct FC vs Willy Cheat Again?

    In a similar vein, I'm expecting us to re-sign Paul Robinson.
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    There's every chance the Dutch will hold next year's Eurovision in Maastricht. I know it's not important in the grand scheme of things but I love a good bit of low-level trolling.

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