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  1. Only in America

    Ban guns in parks! What next, no guns in kindergartens?
  2. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Ah good, something new for Ritchie to kick.
  3. Best away fans in the Premier League

    And three fucking hours long.
  4. Politics

    I'm still going. This Pornhub video of Mark Francois is a struggle, but whatever it takes to bring about unity.
  5. Politics

    Call me nihlistic but I'm willing to say that life's always been fairly shit for most people throughout history. I don't see why human nature would change radically now.
  6. Politics

    Speaking of which, this just opened near me.
  7. Politics

    Find me the words 'Tory press' in your post.
  8. Politics

  9. Politics

    I give up.
  10. Politics

    You literally just said that the centre will ensure that Nandy can't succeed.
  11. Politics

    So the centre is massively influential even though nobody wants it. Cool.
  12. Politics

    Considering how there's no centre in this country any more, they sure seem good at ruining things for Labour
  13. Politics

    So there's no way of knowing how many Labour voters looked at Corbyn's half-hearted stance towards the EU and chose to shrug their shoulders too and not vote.
  14. Politics

    Does that include Labour voters who didn't vote in the referendum?
  15. Politics

    Nandy won't get my vote after this. Making it easy for northerners to come to Lewisham?! I've benefited from it and now I want to make sure no one else can.

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