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  1. I genuinely don't understand what she's trying to say.
  2. As irritating as it'd be for Everton to get decent again, it'd be an even more damning indictment of Fat Frank, so that's a plus
  3. Reader, they did not win. Due, among other things, to Lydon's vocals being... let's say "suboptimal" 😬
  4. Sounds dangerously like exercise
  5. Also the trains from Kings Cross go to Wembley Park, not Wembley Central.
  6. In that (very general) direction, the Hancock might be all right too
  7. I'd never make suppositions about anyone's gender in the current woke climate, but are we saying that Kristian is the long form of Krissie now?
  8. Come on England, give us a goal!
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