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  1. I've got polycystic kidney disease, which doesn't give me any trouble or need any treatment at the minute but apparently involves a 50-50 chance of kidney failure by the time I'm old, so maybe that's enough to put me on a list of special cases.
  2. Well, most of London anyway. Soz Gloomy.
  3. I don't know, actually. I have plenty of things wrong with me (shut up) but nothing that should push me up the list as far as I'm aware - asthma that gets me the flu jab every year but nowhere near bad enough to be in a Covid risk group, #feeb kidneys that might give up on me at some point but that aren't any kind of Covid-specific risk factor, and so on. So either someone at my doctor's has looked at the cumulative picture of all that and decided I should be bumped up a bit (even though that's not meant to happen), or I've just got lucky in some other way. There's not as many old
  4. I had the Pfizer on Wednesday and thought I'd got away without too much trouble, but I tried to go for a run on Saturday and nope. Had to stop and walk home with my tail between my legs. It's been all right otherwise though. #feebpower
  5. Especially for something that's happening purely so the almighty god of house prices shall never fall.
  6. Fixed the embedding for you because everyone should have the joy of partaking in his arseholery
  7. If he's such a brilliant manager and we're still where we are in the table, Shelvey is effectively saying he's so shite he's irredeemable. Reckon he even realises?
  8. Relegation play-off at Fulham and there might be home fans in? This is blatantly happening, isn't it? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/23/premier-league-vote-fans-allowed-final-game
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