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  1. They're not, but I did spend a lot of weekends helping out at Lib Dem jumble sales
  2. I was pretty much the only kid on our street who went to state school, so my folks did their best, but aye.
  3. That's right in my neck of the woods, that is. So to speak. I even went to Beavers in that church hall. (Steady, MF, steady.)
  4. The only gay tradesman we've ever had in was Polish. I might rephrase that sentence.
  5. The inevitable endgame has been reached.
  6. Simplified your post. I never cease to be amazed by how utterly shit this process is that almost everyone has to do at least a few times in their life. All the best KD, hope it works out.
  7. The big guns are wading in now, lads
  8. "And that, son, is how I met your mother."
  9. "Newcastle in the last 14/15 years have been in the bottom half of the Premier League". Fuck me, I know I don't like Bruce but I never thought he'd have me wanting to jump in to defend Alan Pardew.
  10. At least they've matched our average attendance this season
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