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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    Only ones who don't lisp though.
  2. Recommend me something to watch!

    I'm hoping they'll have some of the properly older ones too (the guide only goes up to the 6th or so at the minute). I remember seeing the 1958 film and it's amazing, as much for the crisp footage of post-war Swedish city life as the stuff on the pitch. (Niche interest, but hey. )
  3. Recommend me something to watch!

    The History channel goes full-on football from this Monday (which will surely delight fans of documentaries about Adolf Hitler's dental records and the like). Just set a load of stuff to record, there's some decent bits and bobs in there - all the official World Cup films from 1970 to 1998 (except 1994 for some reason), One Night In Turin, various other documentaries... and a bunch of Premier League Years for some reason, but there we are.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    She's good on HIGNFY though. Worked well for Boris.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    It's a fair enough comparison, mid-2000s Dortmund benefited hugely from their spell in the third tier and... oh wait, no, even when they were essentially bankrupt they didn't finish lower than 13th in the top flight.
  6. Cooking

    At last, a purpose for the royal wedding (other than winding up Mail readers) http://gazcookscrap.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/goldburger.html
  7. Politics

    In weekend news, the Labour hard left failed in its efforts to parachute in a Momentum-endorsed candidate for the Lewisham East by-election. That's good news for me at least, means I won't have to get off my arse and deliver Lib Dem leaflets after all.
  8. SJW Snowflakes

    https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/03/the-intellectual-we-deserve Interesting read
  9. General Random Conversation..

    Happy wedding day, everybody.
  10. What mood are you in and why?

    And before you know it The Fish will be writing a twelve-paragraph movie review about you. Best of luck strawb
  11. Rafa Benitez

    Bop bop shoo be doo wah.
  12. World Cup 2018

  13. World Cup 2018

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