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  1. "There is no Santa, it's just Steve Bruce in a fake beard after some free whisky and mince pies"
  2. We're just gearing up for a move to another rental place, because we're not ready to leave London yet but we definitely can't afford to buy the kind of thing we'd want here either. I'm happy to report that most estate agents and a good handful of removal companies are still cunts. Very much looking forward to moving into a place of our own in a few years, getting set up and not fucking moving a muscle again until the merciful release of death.
  3. Meanwhile, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/disability-sport/57887715 It's almost like women can't win
  4. Career Of Violating Individuals' Doo-doo
  5. They've just awarded Brisbane the 2032 Games, 11 years out, mainly on the rationale that no fucker else wants it. Surprised they haven't had to resort to Doha or Baku yet. Anyway, I need to take some time off work so I've booked the week when the athletics are on. Even if there's no one in the stadiums and half the athletes are crocked, it'll still be a laugh.
  6. Ah, my favourite Malaysian Premier League team.
  7. I haven't deleted it. I just keep forgetting to turn Bluetooth on...
  8. Hoo boy, someone's in for a treat when they find out about professional football
  9. The spin-off podcast about where in town does the best Portuguese custard tarts is stretching the joke a bit, mind.
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