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  1. Cooking

    Going cold turkey? Well, cold beef.
  2. Cooking

    I've made something similar several times since. It works well, I swear!
  3. Cooking

    This thread is full of gold tbf. Just click to a random page, you'll end up with things like this: (...is it wrong that I quite want to try that tonight?)
  4. Politics

    Party political thinking feels increasingly outdated really, doesn't it? Unfortunately the system seems geared to keep us on those lines.
  5. Politics

    Would sort out the house prices, anyway. I'm all for it.
  6. Cooking

    Just stir some cumin.
  7. Cooking

    Horseradish sauce stirred into braised savoy cabbage, though...
  8. Politics

    BBC News never messes up.
  9. Politics

    This is one thing that worries me about it - I think some of the LD targets are based as much on hardline Tories voting BP as soft Tories coming over to the LDs. Hopefully it's more the latter though.
  10. Politics

    Fuck's sake.
  11. Funny pictures thread

    Take a load off your feet.
  12. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    "Ryder Architecture"
  13. Politics

    The front...?
  14. Politics

    That's better. You cunt.

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