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  1. 40,000 seats ✅ Financed with blood money ✅ Built from shipping containers for extra heritage points ✅ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadium_974
  2. They hoyed up an entire 20,000-seater temporary stadium for just three matches when Dusseldorf hosted Eurovision. I'd love us to have the audacity (and we certainly have the funds) to do something similar on a much bigger scale.
  3. Hardcore religion is basically a disability, so Gueye has my full support in that respect. I hope he overcomes the obstacles facing him as a result of his lifestyle choices.
  4. 'e deserves it, mister. *doffs cap, tugs forelock*
  5. The video keeps getting taken down, but I'm sure they'll play the song in full on the Radio 1 chart show
  6. I'm glad you're self-aware about how long this will last.
  7. It's the most... wonderful time... of the every few months (Good luck CT, hope you make it stick )
  8. "5 is a bit excessive, I think it might be 5" (safety )
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