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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    I'm voting Lib Dem despite the Change UK recommendation for London, partly because I feel like the upside could be massive on the day itself, depending on the narrative between now and Thursday.
  2. Europe --- In or Out

    Imagine being such a massive snowflake that you're fine with your idol calling people traitors and enemies of the people and trotting out "breaking point" imagery that doesn't even have anything to do with the UK, but the second someone throws a bit of milk on him, you're pissing your pants in outrage.
  3. Eurovision 2015...6...7...8...9

    This is basically how tonight is going to pan out.
  4. Eurovision 2015...6...7...8...9

    They don't release the semi-final results until after the final, so as not to give away what might happen in the final. So if Coral have settled a bet on the SF1 winner market, they shouldn't have. Full results should be out within an hour or two of the show finishing, so very early hours of Sunday morning.
  5. Eurovision 2015...6...7...8...9

    Of the most likely qualifiers tomorrow (odds-wise) I'd say the six shortest should be fine. After that I'm most sceptical about Macedonia (they haven't qualified for years and are uniquely talented at fucking up the staging, though they've been given a prime slot in the running order so should be okay) and Armenia ("angry woman standing alone on stage shouting" is one of my favourite genres but I'm not convinced Europe agrees).
  6. Eurovision 2015...6...7...8...9

    Haha, sorry, I've got used to no one giving a shit I'll give you my thoughts on the second semi (so to speak) in due course... I had Hungary as a nailed-on qualifier tonight though (just lost a decent amount on them in the top 15 market as a result of the DNQ), so I'm not sure how much use I am.
  7. General Random Conversation..

    We can but hope
  8. Other Games 18/19

    Scroll down to 61st, you massive racist. https://www.icc-cricket.com/rankings/mens/team-rankings/t20i "Israeli cricket - we're better than Bhutan"
  9. Recommend me something to watch!

    Just finished Deutschland 86. Didn't think it worked quite as well as 83 - the wider scope felt a bit unfocused and the earlier episodes more about showing off the fact they had a budget and could make things go boom, but the crumbling and contradictory DDR side of things was largely great, so still a decent watch.
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    Will sign up for that out of curiosity as much as anything else. From looking at the 2014 figures I think my most sensible vote in terms of achieving what they're talking about is Lib Dem, so will be interesting to see if their algorithms agree. Change UK will be the curveball I suppose.
  11. Holidays 2019

    And aye, it's a nice enough place but a bit much of a muchness as far as the resorts go - hoping to get the bus into the middle of the island one day to do a bit of hiking for something a bit different.
  12. Holidays 2019

    I'm actually flying back to Manchester because "even" the London flights on the Sunday weren't at great times (and the least bad one was proper money). Gets me the whole of the last day on site, but it does mean I'm on a National Express coach from Manchester Airport at 3:20am. Wish me luck.
  13. Recorded La La Land a while back and finally got round to watching it last night. What a load of shite.
  14. Holidays 2019

    Took a late decision (once it became evident Brexit wasn't happening just yet) to join friends at the villa they'd already booked in Gran Canaria for Eurovision week. Been to the town itself a few times before but the property is right on the front next to the steps down to the beach, so it'll be a bit different to the usual hotel and pool at least.
  15. Politics

    "Corbyn" "admit"

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