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  1. You see that old man reminiscing about early 90s comedy? That's you, that is.
  2. Coronavirus

    Went for a run round your way earlier with a bunch of lads and lasses from a Peckham boxing club. We felt a little out of place. But aye, both there and here, there seem to be bigger queues for the barbers than any of the boozers.
  3. Coronavirus

    Gyms can open in a couple of weeks too. Still no organised outdoor running though, that'd be dangerous. Spend your £££ and breathe in other people's recycled sweat instead.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    Posted from his tank shed.
  5. What are you drinking?

    Mikkeller's alcohol-free beers are among the best ones I've had too.
  6. Politics

  7. General Random Conversation..

    Invite them round to the shed for your inaugural curry night. Tell them you're doing a quirky-fabulous lockdown glamping theme. Then take a sledgehammer to the fucker while they're tucking into their bhajis.
  8. The only severance package the Saudis should be giving him is a beheading
  9. "I allow you to moan" is the very height of Deutsche Sexytalk.
  10. The Guitar Thread

    Join in, everybody!
  11. Cooking

  12. Cooking

    Although I'm fairly sure this is the CT method
  13. Cooking

  14. It must be true, I read it on loerrach-zeitung.de

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