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  1. What you've done there is confuse a factual statement made without embellishment with negativity. If a fact reflects we aren't quite what people are dreaming about yet it's worth raising. If anything, you're the one looking to sway the facts by attacking the personality of the person stating them. If you're gonna be positive, that's fine, but do it by pointing out what warrants optimisim, of which there's a good deal. I think it's fair to say that most of us could only dream about being unbeaten and fourth, eight games in. We are only 3 games of matching the unbeaten record set by KK's
  2. And i'm sure you're already booking the tickets to Wembley on the 25th of May next season right? One cup at a time mate!
  3. User problems are extremely rare! You either ain't done it right or ain't explained it right. As with getting the mobile colour scheme wrong, I'm guessing the truth of this error will come out in time. ;-)
  4. And finally.... Before I sink back into the wallpaper can I just add two things. Gloomy, get that fucking name changed. Team Neg, loving the desperate attempts to swim against the positive wave sweeping NUFC. No matter what good happens, Happy manages to find a negative stat...."But we haven't beaten anyone outside the bottom seven"....lol Just let go and enjoy it man!
  5. Definitely doesn't do it for me on the iphone just tried it with this thread and all, are ye sure your on the mobile version and all it should look like the below Seeing as i know what you're on and i've tried it on the same devices i'm going to put this down to a "user issue" as no one else on the same stuff has it No doubt Cath is already acting as a mediator between NO & TT for my transfer now my work is complete here Mystery then!
  6. Lol I'm sure if we took our dogs and our little bald heads for a nice country walk followed by a fine meal and some good beer ( not carlsberg) we'd be fine.
  7. Dave told me he would have paid £70!
  8. Re the edit bit. If I log on your mobile app and click on the show new content, the new threads appear. If I then click on the thread it always goes to page one rather than the last unread post ( which is what happens on tapatalk). Just tried it on this thread which I have read and marked as read several times.
  9. While I wasn't wanting to post here I did want to have the odd nosey and be able to Mark threads as read, hence Gladys. Unfortunately too much beers undid that. I and I'm sure most on here don't miss the weekly bitchfest so I have no plans to start posting again and was just really replying to Stevie ( cos he's a canny lad). :-)
  10. Looks as though the issue is raised here http://www.tapatalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7556 Also in your own mobile app, that just takes me to page 1 of a thread as well not the last unread post.
  11. our I.T nerd is better and all Tatatalk works on Newcastle Online ;-) (sorry) Works on here too, tapatalk has nothing to do with either nerd unfort, it's a 3rd party plugin that's closed source (afaik), so I can't fix the tapatalk bugs for any forum anywhere even if I wanted to, purely on their end. Not wise to rely on something like that anyway (which is why we don't), if tapatalk decides not to support the forum, or takes ages to modify it's plugin after your forum gets updated you're stuck if there is problems. They're awfully slow at fixing any bugs, the plugin for ip b
  12. our I.T nerd is better and all Tatatalk works on Newcastle Online ;-) (sorry)
  13. Gladys Taxi's I'm gonna buy you a taxi firm if I win Euromillions on Friday by the way CT and call it that. I'll buy Boldon Taxi's and that other one merge them just for you. Fingers crossed then!
  14. Did you see me at the match mate? I must've kissed everyone within a 20 feet radius so I might've kissed yee when we equalised. How's N-O? Even the Trent Posse divvint drink there nuw mate. No I haven't seen you there yet and I can assure you if you'd kissed me you would remember ;-) tbh the daughter keeps wanting to set off earlier each week so I'm turning up less sober each game. Ended up at the Trent ad we originally headed to the strawberry first to watch the Mackems and then realised after about 15 mins that I couldn't give two shits about them and was more interested in enjoyi
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