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  1. I can't see Dummett or Colo playing in this one. For me it will be Krul Hadaira Taylor Mbemba Janmaat Anita Sissoko Gjinaldum Aarons Cisse Mitrovic The problem with the above is ... Are Mbemba and Mitrovic match ready and can Aaron's actually handle 90 minutes due to him being injury prone. Result draw. Southampton have a European tie but I don't think newcastle will be up to taking advantage. McLaren will need time to be in a new style and players. I think the midfielders will be shocked to see the ball being played to them instead of looking up to see it f
  2. We have John Carver... He worked with Bobby Robson so we should win this haha
  3. That and to make wanker signs at Pardew haha
  4. Does anyone know where I could secure a ticket for this match? I am going to be living in London at the time. If anyone knows anyone, etc. I am willing to pay a little bit on top for the trouble. I would love to go to my first competitive away game.
  5. To be honest it Fat Freddy wasn't immune to fucking something dirty and getting herpes
  6. Next he will come out with that he met Ronaldo by chance at the airport and he asked him when he was going to come the Real Madrid to show them the magic before Messi intervened and said Barcelona must ditch Tikka takka football in favour of Allardyces long ball
  7. Personally I think Neil Lennon would have been a good fit for Newcastle and say what you will but he done alright at Celtic. Frank De Boer would be a great choice as he plays football, De Jong our Marquee signing would play and would probably be played effectively. We would play total football however I think Mike Ashley wont go down this way, its too sensible and De Boer wont take the heat off him by head butting other players!
  8. I was at the match on Saturday. I got the SackPardew.com flier however as soon as I got in line to the Gallowgate end there was a steward to take it off me. A long story short, he said I wasnt allowed in and if I refused to give him the flier then he would have me escorted of NUFC property. The Gallowgate end wasnt really as Anti Pardew as I had hoped. There were a few get out of our club chants followed by Its never your fault Pardew, you dont know what you're doing and your getting sacked in the morning. When the second goal for Hull went in there was around a hundred that left
  9. Commentator : "Goalkeeper will be disappointed to be beaten at that angle" He'll be be gutted to be beaten by Obertan FFS
  10. Mbiwa is a really good defender who was captain of Montpellier, guided them to a league title and became a French international in the process. The problem is he has been Pardewed. This guy is seriously quick off the mark, strong and he was a very cultured centre back who could bring the ball out of defence like Colo. The problem lies in the fact he is a defender who needs a good centre back with him and to learn off. Colo wasn't great last season at all and appears to be in decline. I won't say he will be absolutely crap next season because he still has experience and positioning. Persona
  11. Pardews fucked up the whole team to be fair never mind Ben Arfa fucking Cisse and Cisse fucking Ben Arfa!
  12. Signing Cabella and De Jong could be a big way of fitting Ben Arfa back in the team. Unfortunately, I feel having a defender like Debuchy was never going to help Ben Arfa as he was never the type to get back and defend. If Pardew was a smart man (Doubtful), then he does have the makings of one very good midfield however he needs to shore up his defence and adventurous full backs come wingers like Debuchy are not going to help us. He would be better getting a defence minded full back with better positioning. I also think it's time to play Sissoko in his more favoured central position.
  13. You're getting before my time with Kenny Samson! Watson was great, never understood why we sold him. I think Griffin was better when he left Newcastle and got more first team games. He put in a shift but he got caught out just like Simpson. I think Simpson kept on improving. I do think that Debuchy has the potential to become one of our better right backs. In a 4-3-3 I think he has the potential to thrive especially when we attack but when he goes, you then need Anita, Sissoko to realise we are now exposed on the right in case they need to cover. We bought Debuchy for his running and
  14. You must have a very short memory David considering we had the likes of Stephen Carr and Andy Griffin who were no better than Simpson. Especially Carr! I have never been so pleased to see a player leave the club. I would have expected Debuchy to get the hint in the first 6 months however I do believe he will improve if he gets the right coaching about getting back. If we really want to talk about poor full backs.... Celestine Babayaro
  15. His passing was actually 76% completion and I never expected that and I don't blame him for giving the ball back to the centre back when he Obertan as his option. He didn't exactly have Ben Arfa most of that time either due to his injury record. Danny Simpson also completed a lot more crosses in some seasons compared to others in the league. Not always however he made clearances off the goal line which won us matches. He was also an excellent shot blocker as well. I am not going to say he was the most amazing right back we ever had, that would be foolish however I would personall
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