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  1. You all have had a great season thus far. Where in the table do you see Newcastle finishing? Do you have what it takes to finish about Arsenal, Liverpool, or even Chelsea? We have had a great season. It makes you wonder how great it would have been if we'd have been a bit luckier with injuries (losing to Norwich away, WBA home and drawing nils each to Swansea during that period. I do think we have the quality to finish above Arsenal and Liverpool but think we'll be pipped by Arsenal in the end. 6th, 7th or 8th is more likely. Where do you see Spurs finishing this season? 3rd. Nailed on. It seems like many Newcastle fans questioned the hiring of Alan Pardew at first. What are your thoughts on him now? Fair play to the man. He came in during a shit-storm and has come out of it looking very good. Seems to have introduced a new level of discipline to the players. Speaks well to the media and seems to have recovered from his infamous quote "Andy Carroll is going nowhere". What is your opinion of Harry Redknapp? Personally don't like him one bit. Obviously doing a great job with Spurs but i don't like the way he goes about his business. Dirty tactics when talking about Demba Ba in Jan but loses the plot when the shoe is on the other foot (i.e Modric). P.S. He's not a f*ckin' wheela' deela'. Would you take Andy Carroll back at a reasonable price or have you moved on from him completely? Do you think he'll ever be able to regain his form at Liverpool? Nope. That ship has sailed. All hail the boys from Senegal. Are you surprised at the team's form after losing Nolan, Carroll and Barton in a short space of time? Yes but in hindsight losing such big egos from the dressing room and replacing them with players who want to play for each other is obviously a positive. How highly do you rate Tim Krul? Do you fear losing him in the summer? Very highly. Will get much better too. Has kept us in a number of games this season! Yes I do fear losing him which is why its important we do everything to secure European football this season. Who is your favorite Newcastle player to watch play? Favorite Spurs player to watch? Coloccini - a touch of class at the back. Is usually one step ahead of the opposition (and his back 4). Would be interesting to know how many of our goals conceded are down to him - it wouldn't be many at all. Modric - his awareness of his surroundings is ridiculous. Always seems to know what to do 2 passes ahead of everyone else. One of the best midfielders around. Can't believe we didn't sign him when we had the chance (alledgedly). Who are your top transfer targets in the summer and how many pieces do you need to add to be a legitimate top 4 threat (if any)? Jan Vertonghen (CB), Aly Cissokho (LB), Hugo Rodallega (if Wigan go down.) We need to strengthen the squad rather than the first XI. I believe our best XI would go toe-to-toe with everyone in the league and could beat them on their day. Finally, what is your prediction for the match? Who scores? Ba to score first, Spurs to equalise on the stroke of half time (Bale). Spurs to score two in the last 15 mins (Adebayor and Bale). 3-1 Spurs.
  2. Good article that. He always speaks so well and seems to have stressed to the players the importance of professionalism in and around the club which is clearly working. Fair play to the bloke. He walked into the club in the middle of a shit storm and has come out smelling of roses. As long as we get through the next few days without losing any players I honestly believe we can finish in a very good position and fingers crossed for a cup run.
  3. Business and Marketing mate.
  4. Real Name: Sam Age:21 Birthplace: Dorchester Whereabouts: Bristol (uni) Favourite Club: NUFC Favourite Band: Kasabian, Oasis, Noel Gallagher's HFB's, Arctic Monkeys Favourite Food: Italian/Indian Favourite Drink: Lager, Ale, Southern Comfort Favourite Place: SJP or any field with booze and live music Favourite Tv Show(s): Inbetweeners, Scrubs, The Office, Extras, The Thick of It. Favourite Film: Taken, Lock Stock, Inception, Goodfellas, Favourite Shark: Can't say I have one Footballing Heroes: Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley, Sir Bobby Robson. Footballing Villains: Clattermole, Niall Quinn. Other Teams: Charlton Athletic (one half of my family). Other Sports: Cricket and Golf. Role Model(s): Freddie Flintoff or Alan Shearer Plans For The Future: (Hopefully see NUFC win a major trophy), Graduate. 5 Things To Do Before You Die: See NUFC at Wembley, Skydive, do a cricket season in Australia, Northern Lights, Glastonbury