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  1. I've honestly never looked forward to a season less.
  2. That's it. Why spend £20mil on Willock if we can get him on loan for another season. And why get him in loan at the start of the Summer if we can save 3 months wages and loan him at the end. Ashley's sole aim is to run the club with as little outlay as possible until the court case is over. And if we lose the court case then he will continue doing his best to make us a cost neutral exercise. What a time to be alive
  3. There's a Delorean driver that visits one of my neighbours regularly. I remember when you could pick one up for about £15k. You're looking at closer to £50k these days!
  4. Brits smashing the Yanks in the female BMX freestyle final. So much so that the Yank bottled her final run. You love to see it!
  5. Feel free to PM me. Detention under the MHA is an absolute last resort. They would normally go for the least restrictive option first. Daily visits by crisis team etc or voluntary admission if needed
  6. Fun fact. Ben Stokes bought Adam Johnson's house off him when he went to jail
  7. We sound woeful in the Rotheram game. If ASM doesn't play then we rarely get out of our own half, and if Wilson doesn't play then we have no-one to score goals. There can't be another team in the league that relies on one or two players as much as us
  8. Willock and Tuanzebe would be a good start. We are still massively short on strikers though. If Wilson gets injured we are knackered
  9. It really is 😂 One if my favourites
  10. Which is exactly why the law allows the police/CPS to charge domestic abusers whether the victim wants to press charges or not
  11. It's not polarised though is it. Everyone on here is happy to have it and you're doing your best CT impression
  12. Why though? Because it gave you a dead arm?
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