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  1. Good news is he won't be starting for England anytime soon after last nights clanger
  2. Convinced him to sign a new contract and then sacked the manager 24hrs later
  3. Im off to Mexico in 4 weeks. Playing Russian roulette with when to buy my pesos
  4. Pope's had a mare tonight. Ballsed up his chance to start during the WC
  5. We are getting to the tipping point with this though. Half the country has cognitive dissonance about Brexit being great, despite the fact every aspect of their life is worse. It's like the real life version of "don't look up"
  6. They know they're fucked at the next election. Win win for them. Make their rich mates richer, and fuck the economy just in time for Labour taking over
  7. Don't know the ins and outs of the case, but injecting agitated patients with Ketamine isn't uncommon in the NHS. Theres a reasonable evidence base. The issue comes when patients continue to be pinned to the floor 'after' the Ketamine, which is a good way to stop them breathing...
  8. At what point do we acknowledge that Mitrovic is probably one of the most prolific strikers in world football and we dropped the ball letting him go?
  9. P10 - W3 Enjoy the championship next season son
  10. Im on an 8B but my lease car knocks a chunk off so dropped me into the pension bracket below. Need to choose between just swallowing the extra pension contribution (and hoping I see it when I'm 68) or adding more salary sacrifice shit to my wage to drop pension brackets again
  11. NHS staff get their pay rise this month, back paid to April. I expected it to be roughly £80-100pm, with a £5-600 lump sum in a back dated payment. Got an email today to tell me that it bumps me into the next pension bracket so I'll actually have £35pm less take home pay. And I owe them 6 months of that/£210. FML
  12. Far fetched? I mean apart from the CCTV swapping stuff, the rest of it may as well be a documentary on Cambridge Analaytica and their interference in the Brexit vote and US election.
  13. My favourite ever series. People who put the Wire and Soprano's above it are idiots
  14. Why are you no fan of Meghan out of interest?
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