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  1. Over the moon for him 😊 https://www.cbf.com.br/selecao-brasileira/noticias/selecao-masculina/selecao-brasileira-esta-convocada-para-amistosos-com-guine-e-senegal
  2. P38 L5 Thats some effort mind. We also conceded fewer goals than anyone else in the league
  3. Liverpool moaning to PGMOL that the ref cost them a champions league spot in the Villa game, and then dropping points to Southampton anyway ...
  4. So if the relegation and promotion playoffs end in a draw, they just revert to using league positions to decide who goes up and down anyway? What a complete waste of time
  5. No chance we are buying 2 more wingers with Isak, ASM, Murphy, Almiron and Gordon at the club
  6. Crazy if Dortmund lose and still win the league!
  7. Dortmund just need to win their last game of the season to win the title. 25mins in and they've missed a penalty and are 2-0 down
  8. I also didn't realise how good a record Moyes had at Everton
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