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  1. Washington Examiner is openly conservative and publishes articles about climate change denial and how prayer mats are found at the Mexican border wall No surprise they are publishing other Trump conspiracies too
  2. The time frame puts paid to some theories. He literally disappears off camera for a few minutes at most and then is back on camera stark bollock naked. Barely time for an altercation. And some of his clothes have never be found It's mad to me that he should have to be careful which streets he shows his face in because of which school he goes to. I know most cities have estates you pedal your bike a bit faster through but (inner city London aside) you don't tend to literally fear for your life. The lack of education in England on the Troubles is scandalous mind. Literally
  3. I'm well aware Belfast is huge, and I'm also aware that it's been big news in the city! And 14year olds don't develop spontaneous psychosis within 30mins
  4. Mad story about that 14 year old Irish lad that died last year https://medium.com/crimebeat/the-deeply-disturbing-death-of-noah-donohoe-3a6b7cd951bc Any local gossip about what happened @ewerk
  5. I miss Renton's lighthearted predictions from this time last year
  6. Bang average keeper who won us a point in our last game with a string of world class saves?
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9533387/MAIL-SUNDAY-COMMENT-Country-better-things-worry-Boris-Carries-wallpaper.html @TheGingerQuiff
  8. Probably more sensible to test the vaccinated people not licking each other's faces first ....
  9. Explain it to me then? 3000 kids sweating all over each other. Vast majority not vaccinated. All had a lateral flow test 24hrs before attendance which, at best, misses 32% of covid cases (https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1090) Sounds like a fucking recipe for disaster
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