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  1. Other games 2019/2020

    Man City’s loss today means Liverpool would have won the league with the 82 points they had pre lockdown
  2. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    Joelinton should have been off at half time today. He must have it written into his contract that he starts when fit
  3. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    Joelinton must have completed pass stats of 25% today.
  4. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    Joelinton is always noticeably the worst player on the pitch for us. Everything slows down or breaks down as soon as he touches the ball. Get Lazaro on for him at half time
  5. Coronavirus

    Blame the government tbf. Targeted adverts telling the public its their duty to go to pubs to kick start the economy
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    We did the Scottish highlands in a 70s VW camper. One of the best trips I’ve done
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    £20k for a bog standard transporter and another £10k to convert. Looked myself but fuck that for a laugh. You can hire one for £100 a night. We’ve just booked this for a week in Cornwall next Summer
  8. Aye. We’ve gone 4 at the back against Sheff UTD and Bournemouth and won twice against shit teams. The media are banging on like he’s turned into Guardiola. Conveniently forgetting the fucking horror show that was the City game on Sunday. Luke Edwards is now using this as a stick to beat NUFC fans who were sad at Rafa leaving with.
  9. New Strips?

    Could do worse than this Puma template
  10. Mental that ASM isn’t in the national team but Payet, Thauvin, Lemar and Sissoko are
  11. That’s worse than Gayles miss
  12. Carroll must be the only player in the squad without a goal pretty much

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