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  1. My memory is long enough to remember how we played when he wasn't in the team!
  2. You a delivery driver these days? I thought you worked on the ropes?
  3. The media pile on for Ole is delicious! All of Bruce's mates who defended him last week now sticking the boot in when it affects their club
  4. Overmars and Ten Haag link gaining traction. Id be happy enough with that. They could sort the academy at least!
  5. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/all-nufc-and-sportwashing-stuff-in-here-threads-will-be-merged.1562234/ 6778 posts on us in 9 days WTAF
  6. Get our whipping from Chelsea over and we have Burnley, Brentford, Norwich and Brighton as 4 of the next 5 matches. That's our chance to kickstart the season prior to the transfer window
  7. When does being the richest club on the planet start being fun? Cos this football is as bad as it's been all season! The new manager has their work cut out
  8. 60 seconds in and Wraith's said he was the victim of "far left trolling"
  9. Fonseca's name is all over Twitter. I'd imagine they just needed to name someone while they are ironing out the finer details. Although Fonseca got this far in talks with Spurs before he fucked them off at the last minute
  10. There's also something a bit off about a bunch of non-Saudi's telling Saudi's what they should find offensive.
  11. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/10/20/steve-bruce-sacked-newcastle-reveals-hard-called-inept-cabbage/ Quite extraordinary parting salvo. Even shoehorns his dead parents in there. No mention of 8 games without a win this season strangely
  12. Which club in their right mind is going to buy Shelvey and pay him £80k pw?
  13. I don't think we are going to get relegated but it's going to be a challenging few months. We need a decent striker, a partner for Willock in CM and a couple of defenders as a minimum in January. Add that to Dubravka, Willock, ASM, Wilson, Almiron etc with a new manager and we should have a reasonable starting XI The challenge is then stopping the players dropped from the starting XI/1st team squad becoming toxic around the dressing room until we can get them shifted
  14. Stick Graham Jones in as an interim manager and you buy yourself 10 weeks until the January transfer window opens to get these things in place then
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