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  1. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Bollocks. Winning every ball into the box over 90 mins, cutting out crosses, last ditch slide tackles, all have fuck all to do with Rondon playing 70yds away
  2. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Schar, Lascelles, Lejeune and Fernandez are potentially in the top 6 or 7 centre halves we've had at the club in 30 years. Who was better? Woodgate? Colo in spells? Add them to the best keeper we've had, and one of the best managers we have ever had and its fucking scandalous we are battling relegation. If Ashley dropped £100mil on the midfield and strikers we would be pushing the top 6 imo
  3. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Yep. He's exactly what Rafa wants in a striker. Grafts all over the pitch, holds the ball up and chips in with goals to. Bit like Mitro
  4. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Shame all the teams arounnd us win when we do! We could do with Cardiff having a dip to open up a gap with the bottom 3. Get City and Spurs out of the way and we have some winnable games.
  5. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Gettin. Perez, Yedlin and Atsu have been good today. Not always got the final ball right but Cardiff can't handle us running at them
  6. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Hayden being a tart for a change. Every match without fail he rolls around screaming
  7. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Perez goes down and that's a penalty ffs
  8. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I don't think Ashley gets enough grief for scuppering a deal with Sheik Mansour. We could have been Premier League champions with Pep as manager and a bigger ground, and that cunt ruined it by being a boorish, racist dickhead
  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Also, what happened to the other 3 buyers? (it's a rehtorical question)
  10. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    My only surprise is they haven't kept up the facade for another 10 days
  11. Nufc vs Warnock's Jonny Foreigners

    Reddit streams has stable HD streams every week. Don't waste £50 Bundesliga-stream.live/lv.php?id=34
  12. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    Some canny designs on here http://www.retroclasico.co.uk/category/t-shirts/
  13. Elias Sorensen

    He probably thought the same about Longstaff before his hand was forced. And he's infinitely preferable to Hayden
  14. Elias Sorensen

    Sorensen is the u23 league top scorer this season. I get that he's not ready to start first team games but I can't fathom how he's deemed less of an option that Joselu
  15. Elias Sorensen

    Interesting that, despite having the shittest group of strikers in the league, Rafa is willing to give Sterry, Longstaff and Roberts game time ahead of Elias

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