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  1. Pissheed taking the mick out of Miggy https://twitter.com/sportbible/status/1528826527634292737?s=20&t=uUmi9xtd8yjaeijcbzNtkA
  2. There's a ban on sharing tweets from that IndyKalia lite twat
  3. The way I look at it is there are 2 groups. Fans with season tickets and fans without. Renew those currently with a ticket and put the rest on general sale or in a ballot. Trying to rank non-season ticket holders into a table of worthiness is a waste of time. Obvious as to which group of fans are pushing for it...
  4. I'm as excited to see who we peddle as to who we buy. Almiron and Murphy were fucking hopeless with their decision making and final balls today
  5. If West Ham won today then Man Utd would have been in the Europa Conference next season and we would have finished top half. The daft twats
  6. Mbappe announces he's re-signing for PSG. La Liga (not even Real Madrid) throw a total strop
  7. I see NUFC Trust are kicking up a stink with the club over the possibility of season tickets going on general sale I assume their alternative proposal is that they all go to NUFC Trust members...
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