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  1. Precedent Trump

    That's what she said
  2. Precedent Trump

    Advanced Clinical Practitioner "actually". And I dont but knickers online. Your mam gives me her skidders for free
  3. Precedent Trump

    You listen to Kid Rock, go on holiday with your mam and use viagra to get an erection. I win
  4. Precedent Trump

    And here's me thinking you and Quiff got on
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    The irony being, those are the types of people you aspire to be Like an overweight, pointy headed hyacinth bucket ffs
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    I've checked the prices for Barcelona. Would still be much cheaper to fly direct from Malaga to Newcastle. And Malaga seems a similar distance from Madrid as Barcelona anyway
  7. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    He comes across as a reasonable bloke who is genuinely afflicted by addictions and hates himself for it. Hard to feel malice for a grown man who is crying at falling off the wagon
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    Well if you can afford to drop £4-500 on a short haul flight with BA then obviously that's preferable. If you want to get to a match as cheaply as possible you can't do it cheaper or quicker than on Ryanair or Easyjet
  9. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    Anyone watch Harry's Heroes last night? I didnt have high hopes but it was a cut above the usual legends fare. It spent a bit of time focusing on some of the players issues outside of football. It even made me feel a pang of sympathy for Merson
  10. Terrorism

    I don't necessarily think there are more racists in the world than there used to be, but it's certainly scary that we are back to a point in time where its almost socially acceptable to publically air your racism again.
  11. Terrorism

    My wife's uncle is an ex-con/addict who was banging on the other day about all Muslims having the propensity for terrorism. He couldn't see the irony
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    Ryanair do flights from Malaga or Alicante to Newcastle for about £100 return Or fly Madrid to Edinburgh on Easyjet for £150 and get a coach down to Newcastle That's Thursday to Sunday
  13. Bournemouth V Toon

    Just watched the highlights. Our 2 rejected penalty appeals were both more of a penalty than the one given ffs. VAR will be the end of Mike Dean
  14. Bournemouth V Toon

    Scrappy game in shit weather. Mike Dean a clown as usual. That pass back decision was ridiculous. 2 good goals by us though, Ritchie's was class given the conditions and how long he had to wait for the ball to come down
  15. Terrorism

    This is the result of the drip feeding by the media of racist shit heads like Trump, Boris, Reese-Mogg, Katie Hopkins, Julia whatsherface, Farage, Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones etc. There's always been racist cunts in the world. They used to hate blacks. Then it was Paki's. Now it's Muslims. The difference being they now feel empowered to say and do something about it because they see it on social media and in the news daily. Shame he didn't put up a fight when getting arrested as it would have saved millions in jailing the twat for life when he has zero hope for rehabilitation

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