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  1. A sign of the times which indicates the decline of the British Shipbuilding industry (or rather lack of it) is that 4 new tankers for the RFA are going to be built in South Korea (DSME Yard) and no one has really commented on it. I am sure the ships will be up to the task but ultimately they should have been built in the UK?
  2. Carry out Surveys for a Classification Society. Being an island nation most of our imports come via ships, plenty of ships come to the UK, which require survey work. Believe it or not there are many manufacturers who make items for vessels or rigs in the UK, which are mostly exported overseas. These items are certified under 'Class' Rules. We are very busy as a whole, don't think the general public hear about success stories. The vast majority of factories I go to are very busy, many of them can't recruit skilled staff. I take it by your Avatar you are or were in the MN?
  3. Hello all, Been a part time lurker on here for a while. Real Name: Jon Age: 45 Birthplace: County Durham Whereabouts: Northumberland Job: Marine Surveyor Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Johnny Cash, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, etc, etc Favourite Food: Too many to list. Favourite Drink: Ditto Favourite Place: Home and New York. Favourite Tv Show(s): Sopranos, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, usually anything good on Sky Atlantic. Favourite Film: Heat Footballing Heroes: Pedro, Big Al, KK. Footballing Villains: Anyone from Albania on Wear. Other Teams: Glasgow Rangers, Crewe, Juventus. Other Sports: F1, Rugby Union, Moto GP. Role Model(s): Dad. Plans For The Future: Get out of the rat race at earliest opportunity. 5 Things To Do Before You Die: Ride East to West Coast USA (Motorbike), See NUFC lift a major honour, Continue seeing as much of the world as possible. See a decent government in power of this country who will look after the people (whatever colour the rosette!!). Learn to play a musical instrument well.