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  1. Under fire from the Guardian itself, is what I'd take from this. And in fairness, this is exactly the sort of thing they'd get worked up about. I've not really approached it from this angle, I was making a more general point about the voter base, but if we're looking at internal party politics, it seems that the Labour left are going to try and do to him what the Labour centre did to Corbyn. Great news for all concerned, I'm sure.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/dec/14/keir-starmer-under-fire-failing-challenge-radio-caller-racism "Keir Starmer under fire for failing to challenge radio caller's racism" A woman called in worrying about white people being a minority by 2066 and talking about them being persecuted (i.e. great replacement theory) - Starmer's response wasn't terrible IMO, but didn't directly take it head on and failed to call it out for the racist view it is. So I'm not bringing this up as a stick to beat him with believe it or not - he's playing the game he is be
  3. How disappointing. I think if it was just poorly optimised I could have forgiven it to some extent though, and waited for the patches to fix it - but it sounds like it's been rushed in all senses - aspects of gameplay letting it down as much as mechanical issues. I would imagine it'll be playable eventually I guess - hopefully they give it a relaunch at that point.
  4. https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/games-cyberpunk-2077-developers-sorry-for-state-of-game-on-last-gen-20201214 Refunds available for Cyber on console for anyone who has given up on it, along with an apology from CDPR for "not having paid enough attention to the console release". Which I think, as a rough translation, we can take to mean "Sorry that the outcry was so big that we had to actually respond to it". I've also been told that people are breaking the game in stacking damage boosters, and that you can buy $10 items and dismantle them into parts which can be sold
  5. I've been reading a few opinions on this and I actually think rejoining is extremely unlikely now. They'd insist on the Euro for starters. And they'll also take the opportunity to move the union on politically towards greater integration, every step resulting in more and more people in the UK getting cold feet. It seems highly improbable.
  6. Anyone have an insight into what has gone wrong for Arsenal this season? First time i checked the table in weeks and am a bit surprised honestly.
  7. Yeah the EU have been almost faultless in this process tbf. They set out exactly what the situation was 4 years ago and have stuck to it all the way through. It's hard to imagine how they could possibly have been any more transparent.
  8. I think we're going for no deal frankly. Even acknowledging the fact that as per the tweet further up, it makes absolutely no sense to do so, it also doesn't make any sense for brinkmanship to be a factor at this stage. I mean, what would we be trying to get?
  9. I'd be curious to know how many people are still backing No Deal tbh. Is it still around the 40% mark or have they been shaken yet? Was polled by Yougov earlier so I'm guessing that there'll be some data on this in the coming days.
  10. What are the tariffs likely to be? Is it an across the board figure or variable depending on specifics?
  11. I mean, sometimes you tell yourself that Johnson is just act, and that the real man isn't as fucking useless as he seems to be, but then you read stuff like this and realise that the only thing that makes you think he's pretending to be a buffoon is that it's simply inconceivable that a man this fucking stupid is running the country.
  12. I'm going to hold off until the new year I think - not particularly convinced my 970 will get very much out of it frankly. I've played this a bit but I wouldn't say I'm a fanatic about it. I might be a bit too introverted to get the most out of it though, it seems to favour people who enjoy talking!
  13. Have just seen this explanation of an "Australia style deal" in the Guardian: Downing Street started using the term at the beginning of the year as a more palatable shorthand for a no-deal. The EU does not have a free-trade deal with Australia, although they are in negotiations. The two sides operate mainly on World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, with huge tariffs on imports and exports. It would be more accurate to describe the outcome that would be secured by a no-deal as an Afghanistan-style arrangement, given the lack of formal cooperation in that trading relationship. Th
  14. I know but when you're in these communities you effectively have "lobster syndrome"- if one of you is somehow about to emerge unscathed from a pot of boiling water/the righteous judgement of your peers, you pull the fucker back in because you'd prefer to see everyone suffer rather than anyone escape
  15. Looking like you may well be right then, he's just now warned of a strong possibility of No Deal. I actually cannot wait for this to be over now, whatever happens. His inevitable resignation can't be far off once this is done.
  16. And I got stick for Magic the Gathering
  17. If he was a brave man, I'd agree with you - but I really don't think he is.
  18. I think Boris is going to cave in here tbh. He'll come away with some bollocks that allows him to claim victory which really just gives the EU whatever the wanted to begin with. It doesn't look to me like he has the appetite for no deal.
  19. So... Cyberpunk looks buggy as all hell. Worse on consoles than on PC apparently but christ.. looks a good few months off being finished unless this day zero patch is going to save it.
  20. As I understand it, "people of colour" is preferable to "coloured people" because the former focuses on their (and our) shared humanity (i.e. they are people first and foremost), and the latter focuses on their skin colour. I do think that some people from older generations have quite understandably missed the memo on some of these things though. I don't think people ever explain these things that well when the change is made, it just "happens".
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/dec/07/remainers-britain-soft-brexit "Hard Remainers wouldn't accept a soft Brexit, and now we're all paying the price" Yes, that one The fucking pillock.
  22. There was enough backing from pro-remain MPs on at least two of Theresa May's deal submissions that had the ERG gone in for it, it would have passed. It has always, always, always been the hard Brexiteers who have forced us to this point. Coupled with Theresa May's own total inadequacy in refusing to seek cross party consensus early on. She was repeatedly asked to include other parties, by the other parties. She was repeatedly asked to include protections for workers rights and other useful and pragmatic provisions by Labour. She refused time and time again because the only thing that mattered
  23. Would he have said "the white one" though? There's a possible argument I guess that if you were in a majority black country and wanted to identify an individual who was white, that you would indeed say 'the white one', but I'm still not sure that this makes it right. The argument I believe is that people of colour never get to escape from being "the black one" in white society. Why not "the guy on the right", or "the taller one" or whatever. The fact that his skin colour comes up so readily as a descriptive tool is probably the problem here. I've certainly said "the bla
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