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  1. No more a fan of Edwards than anyone else on here, but I can't see how or why that takeover would happen now. Would they really just have sat on their hands for the past year? Is there any evidence at all that it's still in the pipeline?
  2. The European Super League and Scottish Independence thread. That's how we roll on TT.
  3. I'll be impressed if they're sanctioned at all. Pleasantly surprised with how this has gone though - the collapse of it has probably demonstrated that for all the bluster, these 6 teams do need the PL more than the PL needs them - at least that seems to be the position we're in at the moment. Whether Masters called their bluff or they failed to call his, I don't know.
  4. Wonder if Charnley will bother himself to make a statement, or will just wait to see what the others write and copy and paste bits of what everyone else says.
  5. I suspect all 14 of the clubs will be primarily motivated by the financial aspects of this, and will weigh up whether the damage from kicking the 6 "big" clubs out of the league will be greater or worse than letting it run on like this. Only the fans care about the sporting competitiveness of the league. The PL only care about their money and brand, the FA only care because they're paid to, the government only care because they think there's votes in it. As much as I'd love everyone involved to grow a pair and tell them to sling their collective hooks, I can't see it.
  6. And the fact that 'the money' was one of the key reasons to leave prior to the vote.
  7. A boost to the LDs has to be a Remainer issue. Greens potentially also, frankly, just from the other side of the Labour spectrum. The Tories having taken some more of Labour is a bit fucking weird but there we are I guess. Those numbers are on par with Corbyn iirc.
  8. I'll stress I'd be perfectly happy with a national anthem that didn't push a single person's life over and above everyone else's.
  9. Was just surveyed by YouGov. "Do you like, love, dislike, hate the British national anthem?" "Do you own a union jack flag or something that displays it" "Do you think government buildings should fly the flag every day?" What the fuck is this country on? And for the record, my answers: 1 - Hate it 2 - No 3 - No
  10. I think "hope" is probably the problem. Some people are too far gone. Understandably, tbh.
  11. I suspect Labour will just about hold on and are making noises like this in order to shore up turnout. If they lose it'll be a clusterfuck though.
  12. I mean, that's what you're asking for though - Biden was completely the same. Yeah he seems to have a bit of life in him now, but pre-election he was aiming to be as bland as possible. Starmer is literally doing what you and these journalists are saying he should be.
  13. The current polls are intensely depressing. We're basically a one party state.
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