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  1. More than anything it was the BBC who failed us. The FT isn't read by the sorts of people who needed to be persuaded and the gutter press weren't going to do us any favours. Kuensberg has a lot to answer for as the BBC's lead political editor. Along with Marr. And whoever it was at the BBC who decided to leave Johnson pretty much unchallenged despite all his bullshit. Piers bloody Morgan is doing a better job of holding the government to account for their bullshit than the BBC are for crying out loud.
  2. IMO the media have Neville Chamberlain'd us into this with consistent appeasement of the nutjobs. It's not balance if one side is entirely making things up - it's muddying the water. What we have needed throughout was for the BBC to put journalistic integrity ahead of its own survival. That's clearly not in the BBC's interests in terms of the people who work for it, but it would have been in the country's interests. And the former explains why it didn't happen, I think. And the rest of the media just fell about it along traditional biases.
  3. Is there any logic or benefit to us not recognising the EU ambassador? Or are we just being cunts?
  4. I can't recall the numbers now but it's worth noting that a reasonable percentage of working class white people who voted for Trump, also voted for Obama. Clinton lost their votes. So it either has a woman problem, or it has a rage at the status quo and general shitness of life problem. I mean it has a race problem too, clearly
  5. Biden will reverse it all before it comes in of course, but it's worth saying anyway what an unmitigated cunt that man is.
  6. My next door neighbour is a lorry driver who brings over fresh fish from France. He was saying that there's a time threshold on the delivery for the fish to still count as fresh that's under 24 hours from the time of catching it. Apparently it's now taking 2 days to process things through customs which is compromising this standard. He also told me that what was once a 3 day round trip is now a 5 day one - I don't know which way he voted or if he did at all, but he thinks they'll have to change it or whole industries are going to collapse. I mean he's just a lorry driver in the end
  7. Bit of a debate raging in the Guardian comment sections atm - was Rooney a better player than Shearer? Debate is going on along club lines with the only balanced opinions being from outsiders, but in general the consensus is that Rooney was the better player 'all round' but Shearer the better goalscorer. I remember Shearer being decent in his defensive work towards the end though and I can remember Rooney being completely useless and carried through games at times. Obviously this has all kicked off because Rooney has just retired.
  8. So is one shot of the vaccine all it takes then? I thought you needed two. Or has Renton been lucky enough to have had both?
  9. Ok so it sucks that this happened and I'm sorry for your pain, truly. BUT Imagine how much the Antivaxxers would love this story A grown man gets vaccinated, starts skipping (something they would doubtless associate with homosexuality), and wakes up the following day concussed and in full body pain. You should sell it to them tbf, it could only be more perfect if you'd bought a Windows upgrade at the same time.
  10. I think on top of that, there's a real lack of willingness among Brexit voters to accept that they just aren't as informed as other people. It's almost like they see it as a threat to their sense of self. You tend to hear a lot of these people disparaging university/higher education as a waste of time (and it really can be) but for the majority of people who go there, it's the diversity of opinion that you're surrounded by that really helps you to better inform yourself - and this isn't an opportunity that's easy to come by outside of learning institutions IMO. My Mum never went to
  11. She's lost 150,000 arrest records. Maybe it won't matter if we bring back the death penalty, doesn't appear that any department she runs would be competent enough to actually process anyone for it. I'd hate to be the individual responsible for that loss though - they'll probably be the first person to face the execution squads given how she comes across as a manager.
  12. The Martinez effect. Takes over Everton who had been drilled fairly competently by Moyes, introduces some attacking verve, has a good season as the blend between the two styles takes hold but then loses it as the defensive discipline collapses. At least that's vaguely my memory of it.
  13. Aye he was trying to see off the fringe right but instead gave them the entire party. He was fucking useless.
  14. They were warned by the left though - or at least people they perceive to be 'the left'. And the left are evil socialists who want to bring about communism and forcibly re-gender everyone. Why would they listen to us?
  15. Based on the clip of her versus Ian Hislop that's going around, it would appear that she does not.
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