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  1. On the positive with that, our owners looked at both of them. That's a really good sign for the future tbh, if they're this strong on identifying competent management.
  2. Villa made Europe didn't they? They'll drop off if so. As will we in fairness but at least we made the top tier competition for the sacrifice. Brighton will have the same issue. Chelsea have a lot of rebuilding work to do but you never know I suppose. As for the rest, Liverpool are an unknown for me - have they transitioned to something formidable again or was that end of season run in just a death rattle?
  3. A player who fully deserved the useless management and pointless club he ended up with
  4. Imagine what his career might have looked like stuck under Steve Bruce man. Would have been difficult to shift as no one would have paid anywhere close to what our outlay was, so could have been stuck here through his 20s having an unproductive, pointless career. And now with just 18 months under Howe, he's made the Brazil team, qualified for the champions league and is probably more than worth the 40m we paid were we to sell him tomorrow. Fully deserved. I wonder how many other genuinely brilliant footballers had their careers ruined by useless managers and pointless clubs.
  5. They did almost win it at the end though. If Pope doesn't make that save, the whole gameplan would be lauded as a masterstroke. If they'd opened up and played us properly, they would have lost by 2 or 3 goals IMO.
  6. Rodgers seems to be the one coming under serious fire from Leicester's fans for what's happened to them. Has his star fallen or was it never up that high anyway? I'm inclined to think the latter.
  7. Some of them are claiming it's a conspiracy mind Not sure you want to stand too close.
  8. Fucking good, since his entire shameful political choice to cut the country to the fucking bone undoubtedly killed people. Fuck all will happen but maybe just a bit of attention about the actual human cost of austerity might land with a few of the 'a national economy is like a household budget' halfwits.
  9. Posted the Dan Burn article but can see it's already been done Nice that it's not all horrific media nonsense though.
  10. The guy is more than entitled to have his view tbh but I'm not sure where this idea that we as fans of NUFC give much of a toss about what anyone else thinks about it is coming from. Who gives a fuck if he and/or other neutrals don't like us anymore? I'd wager it was more pity than like anyway. If we're not that pitiable club anymore, good.
  11. I mean yeah, that looks really bad. I'm not even sure it is 'legal' in his words tbh, it sounds like grooming.
  12. Think that was pre-takeover when he'd had some success with Derby, in my (very flimsy) defense? I have a mate who is a Derby fan who was singing his praises at the time. So to be clear, we're comparing pre-Chelsea Lampard with Steve Bruce at the point in time I said that
  13. Aye, it's all about the relegation scrap really. I do wish Chelsea were down there too - if only they'd brought Lampard in sooner.
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