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  1. Meant more if Rafa leaves.
  2. Always makes me a bit nervous when Pulis is 'available' though. He's exactly the sort of manager Ashley loves.
  3. Wow. Actually kind of surprised by that one. Pulis is a fucking painful manager but they weren't going to get relegated with him.
  4. Aye but you're assuming the kid hasn't had an unfortunate upbringing.
  5. Not even slightly having a dig my friend. Just an observation
  6. He's just slightly off kilter with the rest of the forum on humour It'll come in the end like, but yeah..
  7. We're not even sure he's from this planet...
  8. You're just having the best afternoon, aren't you?
  9. TBF, there's no point in being positive either. Whatever helps people get through the day
  10. In fact if you get it on steam i can give you a load of pointless car mods
  11. Would have far preferred them to get McCoist. Coleman is literally the best possible outcome for them from what was available IMO.
  12. Alright well my tag on Steam is [VA] Raven Add me if you want to try it (But let me know yours as I tend to get randoms adding me from time to time).