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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    He's not counting himself though
  2. Europe --- In or Out

    Just read that May's dithering about the vote cost the country the equivalent of 6 weeks of the NHS' running costs. Fucking brilliant the Tories are. £1bn paid to the DUP to get them to behave, billions lost over Brexit, and now May is just throwing money away trying to delay the inevitable and hold power a little longer. Fuck off.
  3. Europe --- In or Out

    Aye but they'd never have the numbers to actually win. Agree that a second referendum is the way to go for legitimacy but I'm not sure Leavers will accept that either.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    If we had a cross party vote to rescind article 50, who would leavers get annoyed at? They cant vote against all of parliament.
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    I mean it's not us though, it's just the ludicrous fucknuggets we vote to "represent" us.
  6. Nah, the papers are being racist. Plenty of previous examples to underline it.
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    Maybe Corbyn is at least higher than Gove? What a shambles. I wonder what Churchill would have thought.
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    He's on ludicrous money now from what i read the other day. Hate always did sell.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    So many Brexiters in that thread claiming there'll be a war or anarchy if we get a second referendum and vote remain. Hard to imagine them doing a damn thing about it in reality.
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    It really is like May is clinging to the basic principle of just surviving as long as possible despite the inevitability of her demise. It's stunning. Why doesn't she just hold her hands up, blame everyone else, and let just let the democratic process run its course from here. What is she trying to protect? It cant be herself, it sure as shit isn't the country. Are the Tories themselves even benefitting from this farce now?
  11. Politics

    I hate everyone equally. Especially May.
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    I mean has this not gone on long enough now? Has anyone flip flopped more than May in the course of politics throughout time?
  13. Politics

    I was? And just... what you feel this lad hasn't had the opportunity, with all the media fanfare, to come forward and say it was a racist attack? I dont know what planet some people live on sometimes... If you're happy to hearsay a verdict of racial hatred then go for it. It's the kind of superficial, judgmental view the racists come out with when they accuse Syrians of all being rapists, but ok.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    Oh for fucks sake. I fucking hate May, i hate Brexit, and i hate with an undying passion, the motherfucking Tories. Just fuck off you bunch of utter clowns! Do us all a favour and Brexit yourselves, probably the one thing that actually could unite the country now.
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    You didn't vote for Cameron?

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