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  1. The Guardian is going in hard on the line that the government have bungled this self isolation operation given that COVID is now so widespread again after opening up that we're seeing food shortages as too many people are having to self isolate. Is this genuinely happening? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/23/england-facing-weeks-of-pingdemic-disruption-to-services-and-food-supply
  2. Patel has been subjected to a vote of no confidence from the police. Does this mean anything or is it an empty gesture? I'm guessing the latter.
  3. You maybe, but not everyone is as respectable and pure as you, ewerk..!
  4. Pretty sure I remember reading that some 500,000 people have had their disability benefits cut under Johnson. And that he proposed that they go and get jobs. I can see articles about it online but they're admittedly only in local papers and not the major ones, so I'm hesitant to assume it's truth. But I think at the least it's probably safe to say that he hasn't done anything to make the situation better, while carrying our a number of actions which mean that their cost of living will go up.
  5. I strongly suspect that alongside "macho, conservative values" this will be influenced by "knowing who their viewers are". The world might change and get to the stage where people don't want to watch volleyball for the scantily clad ladies, but I suspect that when/if that does happen, the real change will be that people just won't watch volleyball
  6. I would take anyone with a degree of responsibility. Even an austere one. Johnson is an irresponsible child, squandering resources and wealth on things he doesn't understand, for outcomes he isn't informed about. Give me Osborne over this dopey fuck any day of the week. And then let me vote him out next time. Anything would be better at this point than this incompetent cunt of a man.
  7. What the fuck was that rap battle man The takeover could be declared dead tomorrow by all involved parties and it still wouldn't mean he was right about anything as everything he has ever said has been evidence free speculative nonsense. But aye, let's double down on our "victory" with a rap battle in public. It's like something out of The Office.
  8. I'm not intending to change anything I've been doing because I have absolutely no trust in the government on any level and have seen no convincing data to make me think this is anything other than a political stunt that will cost lives. But let's hope, for the sake of people's lives, that Johnson has got this right.
  9. Are those numbers for real or did you make them up? EDIT - just saw the date, nvm. I'm so used to bad news on that front that I actually found that fringe believable.
  10. I don't even pay for it now. Haven't had a TV license for about 10 years, don't need one, don't watch it.
  11. I reckon he's running out of steam but I have nothing to base that on.
  12. This. Totally this. I mean I would say this is true of society in general. Put all the cheap and easy left wing social stuff on TV while railroading the most right wing policies past people in the background, and claim that this is somehow 'balanced'. It's fucking genius if it's intentional, and I strongly suspect it is.
  13. I mean, there are youtube stations that cover the same shit which do fine - their mistake is in thinking that their audience is watching or interested in traditional news. The problem I suspect is the traditional news in some form, even GB News, does have to report on things based on some manner of factual reality come what may. On the internet, people can say any old shite without any accountability, meaning that biases can be catered to and bubbles preserved more purely. Sargon has given up on YouTube now and seems to run his own news/blogging site with a team of young Tories - a
  14. I like the wildlife documentaries, and some of the historical ones, they do good stuff there. Beyond that though, politically it's useless and entirely beholden to the sitting government. And the right hate everything man. If the BBC wants our support and wants people to stand up for it as it goes, it needs to stand up for itself and others first.
  15. Agreed, he was. My view is that it spawned out of an Internet based culture war that went mainstream but I know that others feel this was just natural progression of overwhelmingly right wing media talking points in general. Trump definitely not the cause.
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