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  1. Coronavirus

    As if Johnson is remotely capable in the first place man. It reads as if the only reason we've not been in sorting this out better is because he's been delegating this stuff away. Now though, the man himself is going to come to the forefront with his expert operational abilities and serious management style. Give me a fucking break. It's nothing other than outright propaganda and an attempt to draw a line under the abject chaos of what came before. Which, as we know, he was still fucking responsible for. "Reawakening after a tough old time". Just fuck off.
  2. Precedent Trump

    That video was grim.
  3. Precedent Trump

    I hope this too, and there's a lot of evidence that we have Blair to thank for it due to his drive to get so many young people into university and thus foster far more positive values and critical thinking skills than their parents (by and large) seem to have. However, the right are the ones with the power and influence in the immediacy, and who knows what they'll do to retain that. I am inclined to think that Trump, if he loses the election in November, won't go without a fight.
  4. Coronavirus

    I've heard people complaining about this insofar as not revealing the outcome of the data will mean people of colour are less "aware" of the risks around the disease, but on reflection could it not also be possible that if you looked at BAME people as a demographic in isolation, then the case for ending lockdown drops considerably. Which in turn means we are actively increasing the risk to them, sacrificing them on the altar of capitalism. Or am I getting a bit carried away?
  5. Precedent Trump

    Invited that one really
  6. Precedent Trump

    There's a Nazi prison camp guard in all of us, supposedly.
  7. Precedent Trump

    I mean Trump has literally ordered this. He will have ordered that the press aren't safe, that extreme force should be used, all of it. He's playing this one terribly IMO. It's got a hint of the Cummings saga about it tbh, it appears to be playing poorly across the aisle too.
  8. Precedent Trump

  9. It says something about this bloody takeover that the most recent post in the football forum of an NUFC site is almost two days ago ffs. Definitely done by the end of this week though right?
  10. Precedent Trump

    A friend of mine has said that this militarized response isn't new in the US and that Trump isnt the first to wave it through. I'm stunned by it frankly but maybe I've just not paid enough attention to US policing over time..?
  11. Precedent Trump

    So white nationalist groups have descended to do what... loot for themselves? Or is it that they're trying to false flag the issue? Or is it that they're there for a race war? Fucking lunatics.
  12. Excel People

    Damn, I didn't even notice the reply. Sorry mate! It's still relevant tbf, I haven't moved on from this beyond deciding that I need to do some more detailed system development work to make it happen. I want the list in B to present a range of variables depending on the content in A. So in effect, there will be 3 or 4 potential lists for B, and the relevant one is selected once A is populated. Clear as mud, right?
  13. Coronavirus

    Looks like he's definitely not resigning. Onwards to the next crisis, I suppose.
  14. Coronavirus

    Think I'm with Renton on this app. I have no goodwill towards the government whatsoever. They're not taking this seriously and will indeed probably sell the data. No thanks.
  15. Coronavirus

    I did think it was a bit soon to start letting the MSM off the hook Although in fairness to the rest of them, the BBC is running scared of the Tories far more than anyone else. I would presently trust Piers Morgan over any BBC journalist.. And that's just crazy.

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