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  1. What is his rationale for thinking this? Because this would be a concern if true. I mean I can't imagine someone just told him that they were caught off guard.
  2. Interesting to see. Speaks well of ASM but does suggest that Bruce had a genuine rapport with at least some of the players.
  3. I reckon this might, just might, be a bit childish now.
  4. You know what, fair enough. It does track with all the stuff you see elsewhere about impersonating other cultures and how demeaning that is for the cultures in question. I could make a decent argument against it I think but it's not for this thread and I have been told off about bringing in politics before. We should just do what they say because it's easier and they're probably right anyway.
  5. I am really struggling, even with my guardian hat on, to see the racism in an affectionate impersonation of a particular culture - I'm struggling to see it even more given that Arab people on twitter appear to be encouraging it. Having said that - I do wonder if this is the club maybe taking the opportunity to get people to stop doing this because of the real reason it's objectionable - that it buys hugely into the sportswashing thing and has caused a lot of fuss - and I daresay the everyone at the club wants the takeover and the parties involved to be normalised as soon as possibl
  6. Fair. I mean I'm still feeling fairly confident on this now anyway given the discussions that have gone on. Still can't believe they're bothering though, I'd be flabbergasted if Newcastle United actually became a global footballing superpower.
  7. Yeah but I was under the impression that if we go all out this year we'd need to pull it back in next two years in order to avoid being fined. It sounds risky to do much other than simply match other middle of the road teams. I guess I don't know what net spent averages are these days though.
  8. Guess so but if they take a longer term view of it (and I'm not really imagining that that sort of scheme would happen btw) they could probably get around whatever they had to while they fight the other clubs in litigation. the most urgent issue we have is getting money into the club to save ourselves. Just an aside though - if we did get relegated, could we then immediately ram through several 10 year sponsorship deals while we were in the championship, since the PL rules would no longer apply?
  9. Even quicker than that we could have him go out to Saudi and deliver football training programs. Subsidised by the Saudi government and £10m per class/student. I mean Quiff is right tbh, we could get very stupid about this before they managed to shut down every angle.
  10. I mean she might have to if they stop us putting money in through sponsorship. We can't get money in easily without it.
  11. Yeah I agree, she doesn't seem like someone who is going to be pushed around which is good news.
  12. Does anyone think we have serious cause for concern about the cabal play on sponsorship? I'm having a hard time believing that Staveley wouldn't have expected it on some level and the fact she sent Charnley to go and deal with it is actually sort of reassuring in a way, keeps cards close to the chest etc (I doubt Charnley knows anything remotely useful beyond what he was told). I do find it quite depressing though, that this is how the league is reacting to the still fairly slim chance that we might actually someday manage to win something.
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