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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/apr/04/israel-us-gaza-joe-biden-benjamin-netanyahu-phone-call Biden called for a ceasefire at 30k it turns out. Israel wiping out Hamas was never remotely realistic unless they were going to commit a full on genocide through Gaza, so I want to just flag this post back up. The whole world turning around now and saying a ceasefire has to be reached is just stomach turning. The US knew, we knew, everyone fucking knew that Israel weren't going to fucking succeed. Why did we have to let them kill 30k+ people? Because apparently we needed to let Israel kill a sufficient number of innocents so as to be somewhat 'appeased'. The world let Israel collect a blood debt on Palestinian lives. It is beyond sickening how the world has handled this.
  2. A few years ago maybe. I'm not that young anymore tbf, and I'm now spent as a force for 'good'. I'm too cynical and jaded, and I can't see how any of it can ever improve in reality. The ship sailed and I lost hope when it did. I'm now just bitter, as per my previous post
  3. Mind you, Labour are trying to paint me (us?) as the enemies... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2024/apr/08/middle-class-lefties-wont-stop-labour-using-private-sector-to-cut-nhs-backlog-wes-streeting-says MIddle Class Lefties apparently are the enemy of NHS reform. Not fucking worthless, abject politicians like Wes Streeting.
  4. Yeah I'll definitely be cheering that outcome. Though I doubt it'll be the end of him.
  5. I'll enjoy it too on some level I'm sure. Every staunch Brexiteer that goes down will be celebrated. JRM would be a real scalp, I gather he's in trouble.
  6. In fairness, none of my position is tactical or motivated by anything other than the fact that I am deeply pissed off and let down by politics in this country, and I am simply beyond being able to compromise on it any more on a personal level. I agree that we are aligned on basically everything. The difference I think just comes down to hope/optimism for the future. You have some.
  7. Also not so much desperate to fail as desperate to see other people also sharing my views trying to hold them to account, which makes sense you would think in ensuring that I don't just give up on the whole thing? Granted Gaza and climate change aren't the sum total of my issues with Labour. I'd still vote for them despite those things if they were doing either of the two things that actually mattered. On Gaza we're just a pathetic nation with no actual leadership skills, doesn't matter who is in charge, it's going to be the same. On climate change, its the same. Baked into the national psyche at this point.
  8. Just to clarify, I too want Labour to succeed. I just measure success in more than just winning this election. They have to actually also be good and useful in government.
  9. Progressive young/urban voters turning away from Labour over Gaza and climate change apparently: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2024/apr/11/labour-may-fail-to-grab-target-seats-as-young-voters-turn-away-over-gaza-and-climate Could just be a scare article but some suggestion it could cost them some key seats here and there. Doubt it matters in the end but hopefully something that will remind Starmer that we're not all collectively a centre right hive mind. Sunder Katwala, the director of the non-partisan thinktank British Future, said: “This is a 2025 or 2028 challenge for Labour. There is a danger of taking your core vote for granted, and that danger will be very apparent after the election.”
  10. I don't personally feel like I am but I suspect the same could be said for most of the Tory party I did have a civil conversation with an ethnonationalist recently and somehow resisted the urge to cancel him, so I'm going to use that single data point to claim that I could be worse
  11. Do I come across as that woke to you guys
  12. Yeah just to be clear then, I'm not saying that most of the British public are secret fascists. I'm saying that enough of them are stupid enough that they don't need to be in order to cause harm, and that this characteristic should be enough to keep the Tories around.
  13. They still elected Johnson though, and he's certifiable. The sensible/boring British public voted for this complete fiasco we've had for the last 5 years. Clearly they didn't understand how mental their choice was going to be, but all that means is that they lack the critical thinking skills to understand the consequences of what they're voting for, meaning it could easily happen again. That's my point - the British public cannot be trusted not to make stupid voting decisions on the right hand side of the political spectrum.
  14. Loads of the centrists tried to sabotage Corbyn, so I assume they were all pricks too. Also I voted for two centrist Labour administrations before this. My issue with Starmer, as you know because I keep saying it, is that he fails to deliver anything useful to me across the only two policies that can make any significant difference to the country. Should that change, consider my vote bought. As for the Brexit point, I didn't say in any post that the majority of people were far right leaning. I said what you have just said, that they were capable of voting for far right insanity, as evidenced by Brexit itself. I think we agree on this point tbh.
  15. I think that's exactly why he was voted in. "Let's get Brexit done" was the framing of the entire campaign - and Brexit remains, all the way through, a far right wet dream. I don't really understand how him campaigning to deliver a hard brexit (pure enough for the right wing of his party, remember) is somehow something other than a highly desirable right wing fantasy that a lot of people voted for. None of us would have said in 2019 that Johnson's platform was about bettering lives or anything, it was entirely on Brexit. Unsure of the leanings of the statesmen but Gen Z are definitely in the crosshairs, yes: https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/society/2023/11/gen-z-most-conservative-generation-radical-youth Labour are presently nothing because we don't know what they stand for. They're a series of assumptions that we're projecting onto them due to our own biases. But tbh I would still vaguely consider them progressive anyway, at least in some areas. That said, I've no idea which areas those are at the moment, just blind optimism tbh.
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