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  1. I´m so sick and tired of seeing tattoos - they are so ugly and common looking these days. Some of my thoughts: Too many average footballers are covered in them. Just watching the football tonight - Richard Dunne for fuck sake what´s that on your left bicep? Real, proper men and decent footballers from the past, eg Shearer, Keegan, Sir Les, even ones I have begrudging respect for e.g. Gerrard, Lampard, didn´t need tattoos. It doesn´t mean you´re hard, Wayne Bridge too what a tosser it makes him look. Ordinary blokes in the street, it doesn´t make you look hard if you have tattoos. If I were looking to employ someone and had two candidates - one with and one without a tattoo in an obvious place - no chance would I gofor the thug with the tattoo. And if my daughter ever tried to bring someone home with a tattoo I´d tell him to keep his hands off. Women who get tattoos automatically become complete and utter sluts once they get a tattoo done. Perhaps a generalisation but I reckon the number of tattoos a woman has is in directproportion to the number of sexually transmitted infections they have had in their lifetime. Nothing could be a bigger turn-off than having three stars and a dolphin behind your ear love. What are your thoughts out there?