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  1. Also given a name that sounds a bit like spewing up. Talk about hiding in plain sight
  2. 50 years after they had the Commonwealth Games, just to make me feel even more fucking ancient
  3. Seeing as she did a show called You Are What You Eat she must be chowing down on it too judging by the clip of her
  4. I would say an ok impression of a journalist would be more accurate
  5. Thought the best thing was that bint pretending she was surprised at the stuff he was coming out with
  6. Canyon (am I doing this right?)
  7. Showing your age there (as am I)
  8. It became fantasy the moment it included a friend of his
  9. Campsite at / near Helmsley. I will be taking plenty of fucking booze
  10. Their narcissism trumps everything else. They probably both have gotten to the stage where they believe what they did was for the public good and not just for power and fuck everyone else.
  11. Surely Cummings shortcoming here is that it’s difficult to believe he’s being candid with most of the things he says. Basically getting his target completely off the hook
  12. Going camping near York for three nights from tomorrow. Looking forward to Saturday
  13. That’s the official line with the NHS A bit like the above example. You’d be breaking restrictions if you went out for a walk but it’s fine if you’re looking after vulnerable patients
  14. I said that to my lass the other day. Back when they were trying to contain the spread of infection it made sense. Now it’s just a pointless inconvenience. You’ve got events taking place with thousands of people mixing with no real controls and at the same time you’re saying people can’t take their kids out for some fresh air.
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