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  1. She’s a bit like Johnson where she lacks any real ideology and it’s just about gaining power for its own sake. But she doesn’t have the charm (not that I find that cunt charming, but you know what I mean) or the social background to carry it off. People just see straight through her. Then there’s the very real financial pain for millions of people which she’s directly responsible for.
  2. She killed the queen so she’s not all bad
  3. Aye. I think I mentioned before this that I could see her back as leader given she’s going to be one of the few recognisable Tory faces who is still an MP of the polls are even close to being correct. The members are mostly middle aged / old men who fancy her. Which was enough last time. As Sonatine points out she’s loopy, but so are the members
  4. Gaslighting. But she’s even ineffective at that
  5. Not sure re the requirements tbh but I am sure they will anyway. They were already the only full time professional club in their division. Which is the third tier split into a north and south league. So they’ll now go into the championship, just one below the WSL. Two things I say about women’s sport - it looks amateurish when it’s played by amateurs. And it’s worth the extra investment because a lot of lasses stop playing team sports when they leave school. And like you say, an actual path to professionalism and a football career for more locals can only be a good thing too
  6. It’s a shame sports direct is such a successful model. Everything else he touches turns to shit.
  7. There must be 100s of millions of pounds worth of talent in that side. Given all the players worth in excess of £20m that couldn’t even make the XI
  8. He did when he said it. But not after he’d sobered up
  9. Aye. I don’t see us getting CL anyway. I also think Villa getting CL is better for us in the long term than Spurs getting back in next season.
  10. You can get 10/1 for Liverpool to win the league after that result. Incidentally, you can get 50/1 for us to finish in the top 4. 6th would be brilliant given the way the season has gone
  11. I like how he’s just invented these scenarios and then convinced himself it’s just a matter of time until it’s uncovered with massive ramifications. I suppose it’s a bit like convincing yourself you used to be as good at football as one of the best midfielders in the premier league.
  12. Agree with all that, plus Netanyahu possibly wanting / needing this to continue even longer, to play to his base. Again - at what cost?
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