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  1. All The President’s Men just started on BBC4
  2. I like Clark but I just meant he shines because of the pressure the defence is under. He’s limited but good at what he does
  3. The MSM reference is a bit of a pisstake on here as it triggers you every time. Use the ‘majority of the mainstream press’ and I think it’s an accurate assessment
  4. The FT is a specialist publication behind a paywall
  5. That’s your straw man argument anyway tbh
  6. Unless we’ve got our wires crossed I think we’re (except the person working in the industry - funnily enough) acknowledging the role the majority of the “MSM” played in what happened as opposed to exonerating everyone led down the garden path.
  7. You generalised about the media when you rendered them blameless but that’s ok. And you've given one example to back that up, using a station where the likes of Farage and Hopkins got equal billing.
  8. Especially given you just know he’ll be opinionated about a range of subjects on which he’s completely ignorant
  9. Not to the standard he thinks he did. He’s an excruciating pundit anyway but on the odd occasion Ive caught bits of him on 5live in the past he pull that chestnut out when the caller made a point he couldn’t counter. He also seemed oblivious to the presenter not being an ex-pro either
  10. That’s a Robbie Savage favourite ‘have you played professional football?’
  11. The phrase ‘hung like a Chinese mouse’ springs to mind
  12. I used to leave notes on the old paper board next to The Strawberry
  13. He was probably 50 back then.
  14. WERE THE IMPLICATIONS FULLY EXPLAINED BY THE MSM? Were they fuck. The media’s role in this has been, on the whole, shameful. Social media was a big issue too. Are you suggesting the Mail et al. Or the BBC even. Gave a balanced view outlining all the downsides? The Beeb were licking Johnson’s hoop for getting the deal ‘everyone said was impossible’ or words to that effect in the run up to the election
  15. Bigger crowd too
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