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  1. Aye. But watching them live during the game though? Especially a one like this on both the main terrestrial channels
  2. Who the fuck watches them btw?
  3. Poor game but fuck those horrible cunts. Even better in a way that Man City were nowhere near their best and Man Utd got a ridiculous pen yet they still got beat.
  4. Mind Man City haven’t played with enough tempo. Scored early and looked to just pass it to death. Then struggled to lift it after the equaliser.
  5. Never a pen like how’s that an unnatural position?
  6. Was about to post it should’ve been a red based on the current rules
  7. Aye. And even then it was completely unconvincing against Ireland on a good Lord’s pitch with the sun shining. He looks like a walking wicket and the Aussies will be licking their lips
  8. Well they find the idea of toilets offensive anyway so it’s inevitable the notion of a Geordie one will tip them over the edge.
  9. He comes across as a pissed up parody of his former self these days. I know those comments about Spurs / Levy were funny (because it’s Spurs), but he only said it because he was a failure there. It’s always someone else’s fault
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