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  1. Aye, getting involved now it’s fucking done and dusted and the PL have been allowed to take the piss. Are we going to get some ‘closure’ now? Seriously, who gives a fuck?
  2. Who’s better informed as to what’s been taking place behind the scenes do you think? Him or Olivier Bernard?
  3. Politics

    Class but hardly anyone’s arsed any more
  4. The court ruling banning Bein was an odd one. Perhaps timed to force the PL to make a decision but like you say, I don’t see how they thought it would help. The idea the people involved in the bid were unaware of it seems far-fetched too. But while this was an important, high-profile asset for their portfolio they’ll have much bigger fish to fry and will probably have moved on. Maybe to an Italian club, as someone suggested. It was a much bigger deal to us than it ever was to them.
  5. There was a story the other day that the government did very little to help despite advertising the UK as an investment opportunity. I would imagine the PIF tried to do a lot during the 16 or 17 weeks or whatever to get the bid approved but if the PL did make unreasonable demands, moved the goalposts and refused to give an end date then I’m not sure what more pressure the Saudis could apply, especially if the UK government weren’t helping. I find this notion pretty odd but it could just be down to them being an incompetent set of fuckwits. Maybe the Saudis weren’t prepared to bribe them or donate millions to the Tory party in return
  6. It’s incredible when you think about it. The PL could find absolutely nothing in the bid that would give them an excuse to block so they just wouldn’t make a decision or give a timeframe whilst all the while moving the goalposts. Just to keep the teams competing a closed shop. And most journalists are blaming the bidders.
  7. Coronavirus

  8. In that case, I take it back
  9. You might be right. In fact I could imagine him just wanting things to stay as they are because Bruce is quite avuncular and open and it makes his job easy. Although it doesn’t explain why he wants to piss in every Newcastle supporters’ chips
  10. What are you drinking?

    That’s why I go anyway
  11. Wraith has a point, badly made. It’s weird that Edwards is so pleased it’s off but I guess it’s because he’s painted himself into a corner with the way he’s behaved towards the majority of the fan base and his ridiculous claims to not have watched our matches when we played shit etc. The daft bit is, as Howay pointed out, it would have been a fantastic boost to his career if we’d been converted into a top European side competing for honours for the foreseeable. It’s fucking bizarre that he’d rather score points on Twitter.
  12. What are you drinking?

    McEwan’s Export was something I drank as a kid of about 15. Not had it in years. Speaking of Aldi, the one at Northumberland Park has some canny beers on atm. Some Goose Island, etc. Plus Budvar which a nice drop.
  13. What are you drinking?

    You need to drink loads of white wine tonight and puke up on the red wine sick

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