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  1. Alex


    High praise indeed
  2. Just reminded me I used to love the adidas gear Ivan Lendl used to wear in the 80s. Even the Argyle-patterned stuff.
  3. It does but at the same time what else can they do. It’s not like both parties get the same treatment from the media. Look at Corbyn’s failure to shut down the issues around antisemitism in the party. I think that was a big issue whilst also thinking it was overplayed and not treated in the same way as the institutional racism in the Tory party.
  4. Also, any excuse to post this pic of an 18 year old Bergomi playing for Inter. As my dad would say, he had a hard a paper round
  5. How thick do you have to be to give the Tories any ammo at this point? Not that I think it’s likely to be a big deal in most people’s eyes. The Tories have got a fucking cheek as well
  6. In that 86 pic that’s Scirea in the back row next to Bergami. Scirea was so good he kept a young Baresi out of the team (Baresi actually made the 82 squad too so he’d been on the international scene a while). In fact he was so good that, unlike most Italian defenders of his era he didn’t even resort to the ‘dark arts’ and was generally a very fair player. By the time of the 1990 photo he was dead. Having died in a car crash in Poland the year before. He was retired then but in a scouting trip for Juve
  7. Up to a point (early 2000s iirc) Italy weren’t allowed to have the kit manufacturer on the kit. So the version you bought in the shops had Diadora / Nike / Kappa / whatever on but the ones the players wore didn’t. I think there might’ve been a pattern on the material (the Italian fa badge maybe) on the 1990 kits. Irrespective the 86 and 90 kits were almost identical. Same goes for 82 too I think
  8. It’s also a quirk of fptp that she only needed to do that in enough key marginals in places like the midlands though. She also bribed people by selling off the family silver cut price to fund tax cuts and all but gave away huge amounts of social housing. It was all short-term stuff really. She’s portrayed as modernising the economy to the benefit of most but she essentially kicked off where we are now.
  9. I think Gemmill was right about the current situation being different to Brexit though. Because you could spout shite about the future and enough morons would buy into it. It’s different when you’re demonstrably worse off. Also you’d need to go back to 1992 to see a higher turnout for a UK general election than we saw for the EU referendum. A significant few who voted there probably won’t bother for the next GE. I’m not hugely optimistic about it making things much better but I do think it would take something incredible for this lot to turn things around. If this budget (in all but name) is the best they can come up with they’re fucked. Even Johnson coming back is a bit meh, all he ever really had was ‘getting Brexit done’ and having Corbyn up against him
  10. I hated Thatcher but she had an ideology where she believed she was ultimately making life better for most of the people. She was a cunt who just wrote off swathes of the country but you could at least understand her reasons. This lot are just in it for the power and all that comes with it. Like SpongeBob says, they can’t even grasp who’s pulling the strings and why and I doubt they’d fucking care anyway
  11. Even at the last election Johnson’s “huge mandate” was about 44% of the 67% who actually bothered voting.
  12. Odd backstory but apparently he received a lot of ( basically laundered Russian) money via the leave campaign. About £750k iirc. At the time he was a fashion student at Newcastle I think. People like that get lots of paid fake bot followers on the likes of Twitter to boost their online profile. Not sure what the point in him is though. Despite (or perhaps because of) all that
  13. Also, I assume he going a bit Vera Lynn, hence the flat cap replacing the middle-aged lesbian look
  14. Aye. Him and Alan Green openly whingeing about their jobs whilst they were doing because it was a boring 1-0 on a Monday night or whatever. Just fuck off and let someone else do it then. He also gave the impression he’d rather be anywhere else whenever he was on football focus or motd. I mean he possibly has a point re: losing his job but the flip side to that is he probably only stayed employed that long for the same reasons. His short spell here as ‘defensive coach’ (for which he also seems to be bitter about) revealed he wasn’t the tactical genius he likes to think he is.
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