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  1. Aye. Of course, no bother. And feel free to remind me too
  2. This definitely, definitely, definitely really happened btw:
  3. He’ll be absolutely hopeless, as opposed to being a great prospect, now?
  4. Alex

    Eddie Howe

    I’ve checked out that much I’m not even particularly arsed about this
  5. Jones is hoying more petrol on the fire for selfish reasons. That’s about a far from being ‘spot on’ as it gets.
  6. I think I’ve said before he’s just a grifter at this point. But distorting something like this is truly cuntish behaviour. Leaving the Labour Party was a career move rather than a principled stance but this is genuinely the sort of thing that could lead to politicians coming to harm.
  7. Rumour has it the sight of your lugs brought back happy memories of winning the cup
  8. What I find absolutely crackers is his playing career started about 7 years before WW2 and he was still playing top flight football in the mid 60s. And I think he played his whole career in an era when subs weren’t permitted in competitive games. So you couldn’t carry players or have them make the odd cameo appearance
  9. Talking about other countries somewhat ignores that practically every general election we’ve had would’ve returned a progressive coalition.
  10. The weirdest thing of the lot is Allardyce never having returned, despite the numerous opportunities, to his beloved Sunderland
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