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  1. Please don’t besmirch the good name of The Raby.
  2. Seems to take lots of holidays during the season for a football correspondent. It’s almost like he’s absolutely full of shit
  3. This plan b, which hardly constitutes a plan. Just how shitty do things need to get before it’s implemented? It’s just asking people to wear masks and work from home isn’t it? There was no need to end the mandatory wearing of masks in public places anyway (except to appease morons). And like NJS alludes to, even when it was mandatory no one challenged it anyway. Rising cases, rising hospitalisations and 150-200 deaths a day and we’re not even into winter yet. You’d think any measures, even more lockdowns, would be relatively ineffective now anyway because of the inevitable lack of compliance
  4. I was clearly doing it wrong when I was getting about £75 a week
  5. He had to get that onto his cv to keep his job at The Spectator
  6. It’s pretty much on the money like. As Howay was saying earlier, rather than being someone out of his depth who gave it his best shot, he did as little as he could get away with.
  7. Popularism. Most football fans are against the takeover, most don’t support NUFC. That’s it. You’re right though, it’s s fucking joke
  8. It’s normally Scandinavians wearing the Viking helmets and Scots wearing the kilts though
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