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  1. As I put in one of my posts....I will wait for it implode ....but not with Schadenfreude... meantime I`ll carry on watching the toon
  2. That can only from within and address all these issues http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19303004 Though I shall keep following the toon
  3. I`ll see you and raise I want your money by the flying Lizards
  4. It` remind`s me of the tune pop will eat itself (which it has with all the xfactor shit)....now it should be football will eat itself....and it`s well on the way
  5. Yes there is many in the lower leagues who do not thrive on the media oxygen bubble But premership is fair game as it is more highlighted , therefore higher profile for roles models, with the olympians although the media oxygen is not as much they still set a bar which children etc will aspire for , I love football...love the toon, and as I wrote in first post , I think we as a club are maybe starting to turn , but I do think the look in the mirror needs to be in vogue this season
  6. I get that...and myself is a hardened cynic......(too many years to mention)...but did feel we as nufc did turn a corner last season on this....with many fans out there secretly hoping that their club could be run like ours....and then the olympics playing it`s part , but we know greedy agents and players always exist....
  7. 1st post just discovered this forum long time supporter based in London Just been reading this on the bbc website although all are not bad Though bit of a paradox The greed ...Michael Owen The Bad...Joey Barton Using them as reference pointers http://www.bbc.co.uk...gazine-19281103
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