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  1. I found this forum- this thread actually when I "googled" "red bull stratos hoax" because I saw the event and was astounded on the poor quality of the video show as a "Live" fall from 20 miles altitude. I was wondering of other people felt as I did that it must have been a hoax because for two plus hours every shot is crystal clear HighDef clear blue sky until the "jump" when suddenly Felix turns into a tumbling dot of light against a grey background only to suddenly reappear back in HighDef when he approaches a "normal" jumping altitude. I know that I have been asked to leave this foru
  2. I know that I said goodbye, but the paper referred to here has been dismissed as invalid by the Journal of Engineering Mechanics; http://ascelibrary.org/doi/abs/10.1061/%28ASCE%29EM.1943-7889.0000362?journalCode=jenmdt Sorry, Ant. Here I go jogging on once again. I would like one opportunity to respopnd to Fish's last past but, unless you allow me to do so, I will leave it at that. Enjoy your Forum. regards, Steve O
  3. Sorry, I must have struck a nerve. . Since you are an administrator of the forum , f I am not welcome here, I will gladly "jog" on. Not sure why all the vitriol. Was not necessary. Regards,and best wishes to all! Steve O.
  4. I answered each statement below the actual line. After asking me NOT to put words in your mouth ( not even sure that I did, but I apologized anyway) you are now trying to frame my arguments in your own words. Why is that necessary. My position is clear: the entire set of 911 videos and photos depicting airplanes are faked. If you can show me even one authentic photo that has not been photoshopped, or altered, or was not computer generated I will be astonished and admit that I my position "may" be misguided. I do not believe that anyone died on fictitious airline crashes, and I bel
  5. Yes the photo was faked , and the people who made the comments that you object to know that it was faked. Is it appropriate to publish the material? yes. The basis of the site is to expose media fakery. Scrutinizing the photos in a public forum is the stated purpose of the site. The fact that there were no listed casualties of any young children ion the towers victims list probably has something to do with people "laughiing" at the fake photo.
  6. DId I ? If so, I apologize and ask you for the same courtesy. Regards, SteveO.
  7. Your own arguments defeats you. You're saying I cannot state as fact it did happen as I wasn't there, yet you can state as fact it didn't happen, despite not being there yourself? Come on Steven, you're better than this. What I actually said was that you don't know that thousands of New Yorkers saw a plane impact with their own eyes, yet you continuously use that assumption as your main argument. I ask again that you please stop putting words in my mouth. Come on Fish, you are better than that. You're insisting that it's fake despite having zero credibility, you haven't expertise in a
  8. The Fish, on 16 October 2012 - 10:30 AM, said: For a start, I respect the fact you've leapt into the lion pit as it were. Now that's out the way, you've got to be fucking kidding if you think an entire city is complicit in a lie. That you think that hundreds of people are lying about witnessing one of the worst disasters to be committed by the hands of men. However interesting, it is difficult to debate with you if you continuously put words in my mouth. Secondly you keep repeating as fact that hundreds (if not thousands) of NewYorkers witnessed a plane (or planes) crashing into a bui
  9. Here are three pictures that prove the images of jumpers (every single one still and video image has been analyzed and proven to be fake) are photoshopped. Those two are real pictures... now look at this one, an obvious phony: EDIT:: sorry I inadvertently posted the same picture twice , that is the reason for editing. (S.O). I repeat : the evidence for video and photo fakery is overwhelming. Until I saw the mountain of evidence for myself I could not believe that this whole thing was a hoax. Now there is no question in my mind . The fact is that even ONE single fake
  10. So you are willing to state that you believe the hijacker passport story? Interesting , a tad gullible perhaps? My position is that the major media networks were all complicit in broadcasting OBVIOUSLY faked video showing airplanes crashing into buildings. I never said that the entire population of the city was complicit, because I have no first hand knowledge of anyone that claims to have seen a plane strike the buildings that day , other than those that were interviewed on television. Most of those that were interviewed on television admitted to having "witnessed" the crash on
  11. yes , but are they real? Edit: That was in refernce to Jamie Lee Curtis photo/ SteveO.,
  12. On what evidence do you base the assumption that hundreds, if not thousands, of New Yorkers saw a plane strike the second tower? The way that the story is "sold" is that everyone is led to believe that so many people saw it happen it had to be real. The truth is that the only people who saw a plane strike the tower were those that saw it on television. It took only a few planted witnesses, and the "trusted" news anchors to repeat the fact that it was a plane and that became the "accepted" story, Again you will only need to watch the "live" broadcasts with an open mind to realize that the st
  13. It doesn't matter how many videos and stills there are of Air Planes melting into buildings, I have seen most, if not all of them, and I have yet to see one that hasn't been PROVEN to be a faked, or photo shopped. I know that t sounds incredible, and those who have not watched the "live" video of the major networks ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNN side by side and frame by frame might think its insane , however I challenge anyone to watch the so-called "live" TV broadcasts during 911 as seen here : http://septemberclues.info/wtc_airplanes.htm and NOT come to the conclusion that it was anythi
  14. Actually, I would expect a plane to crash when it hit something, most likely slow down, and like every other time a plane has crashed, and huge sections go flying in different directons., IF a plane actually hit into the side of a building. In any case, Legend, you can go on believing that something is real simply because you saw it on your TV screen, but don't claim that is others who do not have a grasp of the basic laws of physics. I am not here to discuss the truth of 911 with you , only to point out that the media broadcast fake videos and reports it truth on a regular basis. One
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