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  1. Just get on with it you plank and stop making up silly excuses to ban me. Now I've gave you an excellent reason to permanently ban me, so get on with it and press that little forum button.
  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. Backward, yes. Retard? I wouldn't go that far with you, seriously.
  3. He's a free agent now, due to Newcastle releasing him from his contract but who had already completed his registration papers for the loan deal for the season at Brighton, so everything is above board.
  4. Not as easy as you made out, is it. Silly Billy.
  5. I'm not really after validating anything. That's how I see it. You can see it in any light you wish and that's where we'll differ.
  6. Course it was, but the sport is dying a death as a SPORT. It's becoming entertainment acting in many cases with the big money bouts. The losers are the minnows with real boxing heart. That's true boxing.
  7. The SPORT of boxing is dying. It's turned into a sort of WWE like entertainment for the ready and willing paying public. The fight build up is usually the entire highlight of the whole shebang. Money making of the highest order for those involved and a big two fingered salute to those paying good money to be basically ripped off. The real fights are on the UNDERCARD. The trouble is, real boxing is dying a death.
  8. WWE wrestling commands huge crowds. If you think there's no rigging in boxing or all sports, then you carry on. The gullible public will always be ready to empty their pockets for a bit of entertainment, because at the end of the day, that's what's put before us in the pay per view channels. All geared to relieving you of your hard earned cash for (in many cases) fights that already have an outcome before a punch is thrown.
  9. David Roche the sub. Wasted his career by being a wannabe gangster and getting into the drugs scene. Ended up in jail and later, kneecapped, wasn't he?
  10. Krul will have his odd good games but he's basically running on empty as anything like a decent keeper he was in the earlier years for us. Still, good luck to him and I hope he enjoys whatever time he has left as a keeper.
  11. You can tell who the genuine boxers are. They're the one's that don't have two ha-pennies to rub together. The sport that is boxing is dying a death because of farcical fights and also people Like Ferdinand and Flintoff, etc, being thrust into the limelight. I used to love boxing not too many years ago. Still do with the real warriors who do it from the heart. As for the heavyweights and the money making has beens. It's just a pay per view ACT. Such a shame.
  12. Basically the very same reason why anyone is on any other forum, for whatever the forum depicts.
  13. Your mammy must have smacked your bum something terrible. I don't really want to take you on, for two reasons. 1: You will end up crying like a baby soon enough. 2. Ant will ban me again to help you people out. I'm on a loser, aren't I.
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