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  1. Generalising again dear bhoy. I never came on here with the attitude the spl was good, i even posted as much. I know we cannot compete with the english league, but not because England produces much greater talent than Scotland, more that it can afford to buy in the best foreign talent.
  2. Haha irate, no? On my phone, yes. It's not really a difference between lung and throat cancer if you choose to educate yourself, but you won't, like the majority of english fans, you stereotype and over generalise like the english do with most things. Racism i.e. bigotry is no less of a problem in england than it is in glasgow, just because you may have a differing problem with racism to glasgow, doesn't make your society any less fucked up. We hate each other because of inequality, power, land, wealth etc. England's racism problems are no different. Racism in your game is a massive i
  3. Well that highlights your loyalty to your club. What you're saying is, if Newcastle weren't in a decent league you wouldn't even watch them for free.
  4. I think you may be the one struggling with comorehension. You keep taking my posts, avoiding the questions and then tell me i'm here arguing a point that i haven't argued about once or try and convince you of anything. I stated my opinion that we would be a big club in the epl, you disagreed, i see no arguing, do you? I came on here to question the bigoted comments, to which i've had little to.no answer on and your justifications of why you believe certain things are laughable. Oh it is sunday isn't it, as a celtic fan i should probably be at mass praying to an invisible man shouldn't
  5. So you admit you have no idea what you're talking about and do not understand the conflict at all, but try and make your points like they are informed, when in fact they are a nonsense. To be fair when it's broken down like this, you come across like one of those people who would say they prefer rangers because they wave union flags. I don't get why fans of English teams even want to comment on bigotry and sectarianism in glasgow when they have no idea what they are talking about. I suppose that is one of the pit falls of being a massive club.
  6. I don't get your point about us thinking there are two sides? Also the fact that you don't care who started it and who are defending themselves, who is worse and who is subjected to abuse just about sums up what is wrong with society. Basically what you're saying is that you have absolutely no idea why things are the way they are but you're gonna hate both sides equally, just because. No reason, no attempts to inform or educate yourself on the matter properly, just because.
  7. And what info did the guy at your uni tell you about the founding of celtic that wouldn't be known by every other celtic supporter already? It must be something for us to all be misrepresenting it.
  8. Yet again highlighting your ignorance and also to use religion as a source of conflict shows how deeply you look at situations without just following the crowd and saying how terrible something is. Nearly every conflict across the globe will have reasons beyond religion for it's existence, but the opposing sides within the conflict will hide behind the mask of religion to justify it to the masses, thus making the source of the conflict not praying to invisible men on clouds. If you think Celtic Football Club as it stands today is deeply religious, then you know nothing about our club.
  9. Firstly we're not 'renowned' for bigotry by anyone that is educated on the matters they wish to discuss and choose to look at each argument from both sides objectively without any rose tinted glasses on. Secondly i think it's obvious we would be a big club in the EPL, we're a massive club playing in the spl so being in the epl isn't going to hinder us is it? Thirdly, I don't think the spl is necessarily a joke, but as a nations premier competition it's not far off.
  10. Misrepresent our creation? How's that then? Seeing as you work around glasgow you would have thought you'd take a bit of time to suss things out before making uneducated and ignorant comments. Also your comment sounds a little bigoted to me, but you'd have known that before posting what with having such a fine grasp on all things 'bigoted'.
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