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  1. Ledley is proving it at the top level in the champions league, a difference of opinion, can be argued either way I think
  2. Ledley has a fantastic engine, good positioning and is quite versatile, he has filled in at left back on numerous occasions with some success. Rarely loses the ball as well
  3. I think the 1st leg is on itv so it won't clash with Man U as itv would have picked that game, I might be wrong though
  4. If you can watch him against juventus, it will be a good platform for him against players like marchiso.
  5. I completely respect that opinion, wanyama for me though dominates games like few others. I've never seen xavi and iniesta struggle so much as when they where against wanyama and Ledley
  6. I Like tiote, good player, it's just central midfield is celtics strongest position so at the moment I would pick wanyama over him, same with Anita.
  7. Not a formation I would chose, just trying to pick the best players, I appreciate it wouldn't work on the pitch. Ill give you Ben Arfa, I doubt we will ever agree on the rest.
  8. Fair enough! I Shouldn't listen to the media so much then
  9. Forster Santon coloccini ambrose izzaguirre Wanyama cabaye Ledley Stokes Cisse hooper Just if the top of my head, probably would change if I thought about it more
  10. I thought he had a recurring knee problem? Happy to be corrected though a good player who I enjoy watching.
  11. Thanks for the responses, in reply to fisher, cisse of course and ba until he left. I've always liked santon troubled by injuries but a fantastic defender in my opinion. Some of you're midfielders are great but so is ours so not sure if I would chose to swap any. Coloccini as well
  12. Just out of interest who are these good players in your opinion?
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