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  1. @AngelaHaggerty Aye. Pure shite in Newcastle. Absolutely pissing down :(

  2. RT @TheClumpany: To be fair to Hargreaves I'd never heard of Ronaldo before tonight... https://t.co/9Ge1kqywDC

  3. RT @hrtbps: YES THERE FUCKING IS @theresa_may #bbcqt #GE2017 https://t.co/yM5EOONx7U

  4. RT @bet365: Celtic’s domestic record under Brendan Rodgers: ⏱ 47 games ???? 43 wins ⚽️ 134 goals ???? 3 trophies ???? 0 defeats https://t.co/Kvzonf…

  5. @paullarkin74 Nee pints around the match, but have enjoyed several beers now i’m back in the house :) Hail Hail from tyneside No.1 CSC :)

  6. @SimonRoffe yup. ’twas class. have you seen ‘get out’ yet? really good and thought provoking long after it’s finished

  7. @tfeditor1892 It is class like. Kevin Spacey just heeling it up to the Nth degree :)

  8. RT @MundialMag: "GET RID OF IT" https://t.co/BcaJ2LOk6L

  9. @Strakermaker aye. typical NUFC.. pissing their game. man sent off and pen in the villa game. all looks lost and th… https://t.co/Q0WqTpuMQt

  10. As long as you have a hole in your arse Santon is a shit left back. Not left footed and can't defend. Here's a crazy thought, let's try him on the right wing where he wont have to come back onto his good (only) foot all the time and he can get first time crosses in rather than having the striker make a run only for him to hold it up and THEN cross it.
  11. RT @nellyscupcakes: Quote of the day from @FeedTheHoss 'not to be a dick but you are going to make cream cheese frosting, right?'

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