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  1. RT @paullarkin74: ???????????? I’ve pushed better folk out the way to get into a fight. https://t.co/w6Hi1EfOvC

  2. @JonnyBones Hard work. And 'dick pills' you fucking roaster

  3. @BroganRoganTrev Lagavulin. If God drinks whisky then I reckon that's his tipple

  4. @IAmChrisRamsey Aye. Our cat had some of her teeth removed and turned in the fucking predator. She left a dead post… https://t.co/xqkUNM3rFe

  5. @Dominos_UK Unable to pay by CASH when ordering online. Had to register a card and all sorts of shite, when i had A… https://t.co/XEOEwhKUiO

  6. @PaulFerris_Gla Actions speak louder than words

  7. @PBear90 Hi mate - after the wrestling on demand password please? Muchos gracias :)

  8. RT @PaulFerris_Gla: Always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

  9. @My_Metro You don't seem to understand the urgency of me getting to my daughter, what will the help point do exactly?

  10. @Halfords_uk will be visiting your Silverlink branch tomorrow and someone had better put it together, not happy at all :(

  11. @Shallowking Please invade Newcastle upon tyne...... You couldn't fight sleep ya wee roaster :(

  12. #AdamColeBayBay I had a dream last night we were at Newcastle university together. Further education learning and ting BAY BAY! ????

  13. @paullarkin74 @jonronson https://t.co/my9CfCfSZ0 - this is a very interesting one about tickling, which starts off… https://t.co/L8epBjR5Ts

  14. @JonnyBones Fuck bones. Coke head fake christian repeated criminal. And I used to like you as a person and a fighter. No longer ????

  15. @virginmedia done that - and this is what i'm getting! was working fine last night, getting the full 100mb. any kno… https://t.co/V9dcytAHL9

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