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  1. @WallaceHWilson @tfMichael1892 @Thegavinwebster @thechillingham He was mint. As always

  2. @andrewbenson94 Best and most talented player in the league.....? You must be on the fucking glue pal ;)

  3. Hi, I am gifting you my ACCA. You can bet on it for free. Let's win together! https://t.co/5XRcqQ07b5

  4. @NexusMetro and 4 metros have gone the other way since my last tweet. Couldn't hit water if you fell off a boat 😕

  5. @ourrachblogs Someone let these fuckers vote on this. Next stop? Fucking brexit. 😕

  6. RT @PercyArmsDisco: I very much doubt my grandparents went through rationing in the hope that their future generations could also experienc…

  7. @piersmorgan Aye. Like Jose never ran down the touchline giving it the big one to fans etc. You absolute fucking rocket

  8. @Scroobiuspipyo That would be bloody lovely. A proper stramash. A right old tear-up. Barns would be burned. More fi… https://t.co/psu8w9pw9B

  9. @MickMcCahill @TheClumpany No. From Rangers. Not the ethereal 'holding company vehicle'. Cheating bastards, pure and simple

  10. @IamTheImmortal Same. GGG jab and accuracy winning the rounds. Canelo throwing the odd big shot but not much else

  11. @PaulFerris_Gla @stevewraith @Professorofcool Great little doc, and a nice companion to your books. Looking forward to the next one!

  12. @ciarano71 @Pmacgiollabhain It's character building to stand outside with all the other young 'uns with only a bag… https://t.co/sDFKYOnrAw

  13. @Pmacgiollabhain Keith Jackson couldn't hit water if he fell out if a boat 😉

  14. @LukeEdwardsTele Agreed. He's a massive shithouse and I enjoyed his tears.

  15. The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro download free ebooks EPUB, MOBI, PDF, TXT, Kindle - Your Library https://t.co/gEJdPiimfV

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