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  1. RT @TSF: I’m where I’ve always stood on VAR. For offides it’s fine, it’s like goal-line technology, it’s black and white. This nonsense rul…

  2. @LukeEdwardsTele Once again. Loads of 'fans' failing to see any of Luke's criticism of Bruce and his tactics. It a… https://t.co/3wOwycvHR3

  3. @mmaLiam96 UFC GOAT maybe? Fedor is the real GOAT. longer career against a much better calibre of fighters.

  4. @LukeEdwardsTele Tin hat and bulletproof vest on pal 😉

  5. @LadyWrites_Blog @ourrachblogs Superb! Good luck and all the best

  6. @LadyWrites_Blog @ourrachblogs Amazon fire tablet are cheap and good

  7. @TrueGeordieTG The old fella totally no sells the punch though. Tough chins on the Irish 😉

  8. @duckbozard @TheJimCornette Or spell, judging by that output! Bloody hell

  9. RT @chris_sutton73: That’s the Tierney money gone tonight... the messing about in the last few windows has bitten Celtic on the backside...…

  10. @JonnyBones No way you will fight him at heavyweight. As your advantages will be gone. You're shook. And frankly, y… https://t.co/HNrdIsIxlq

  11. @LukeEdwardsTele When is it out to listen to mate?

  12. @cmlebugg @LouHou @feministjourney @SkipTheDishes @CBC @CBCNews @ctvwinnipeg That's crazy. Different strokes and al… https://t.co/FL6f8ECemp

  13. RT @nocontextfooty: https://t.co/P0alhcYG0f

  14. @Military4Trump @feministjourney @SkipTheDishes @CBC @CBCNews @ctvwinnipeg xlate? And youre complaining about MY En… https://t.co/g6uuEr1N6W

  15. @JohnnyTheNic Good. Thank fuck for that. I'll take the SPL over the hyped to jaysus money league any day of the week

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