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  1. @ScouseBirdBlogs Just got a pair of these for shitty weather dog walks 🔥 https://t.co/0xmWXpY5o2

  2. @MasculineTakes Anyone who thinks they are, or calls themselves an 'alpha', is an absolute walloper, by the way

  3. @redhead_ordead Oh dear. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. @ParcelO_R 35 for me, and I reckon it has added and took years off my life in various amounts.

  5. @jesscumpsonx What the fuck has everyone been playing at for the last 85 minutes? Absolute shite. As if they'd only… https://t.co/8AXxoj7P1D

  6. @RockcliffeFiles Here we gan.... https://t.co/ycfVQtycCH

  7. @McMclaughlin16 Them biro tatts will last longer than the shirts, by the way 🤣

  8. @lillai23 Depends what you're using it for? Lots of RAM to handle multiple tasks. Large HDD for storage and quad co… https://t.co/DX5xT61dr2

  9. @RegattaOutdoors Yeah. Bought a jacket because delivery was 5-7 working days. Wouldn't have if I know it was gong t… https://t.co/5DogJhCWxu

  10. @Govanbhoy20 Should have had this chat on twitter weeks ago pal. The bastards must have heard us and sprang into action 🤣🤣🤣

  11. @Govanbhoy20 Poor form that like. A simple and free pleasure that shouldn't be denied

  12. @RegattaOutdoors hi. Ordered a jacket on 02/09. A week has passed and no confirmation email or jacket arrived? Can… https://t.co/wu1daKHbRD

  13. @lukeaaronmoore And these useless England cunts have cost me £80 on a four fold acca. Twats 😞

  14. @ParcelORogues1 We've just got a greyhound a month ago. So lovely and good natured https://t.co/CD8eF45gYK

  15. @ParcelORogues1 Milk and two sugars please chief 😊

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