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  1. @TheBigNath I know mate. How the fuck do you even interact with someone who will not change their mind, even when p… https://t.co/Mxv2vO8QcW

  2. @Oedouard22 I wanna be Édouard. Cheers pal 👌

  3. @IrvineWelsh I wouldn't toss a two headed coin with this cunt if I had heads. Fucking untrustworthy Tory bastard

  4. @MoaningSloth @JohnTAlcock1 @Bob_NW123 @MrNishKumar @BBCFrontRow Folded up like clean washing. The fucking lot of you. 😉

  5. @JohnTAlcock1 @Bob_NW123 @MrNishKumar @BBCFrontRow If I'm a comedian, and someone throws anything at me while I'm o… https://t.co/xqRK2Bou9Q

  6. RT @MTCPODCAST: Absolute carcrash from Boris Johnson on #Marr Clear as a bell he’s a coward and a liar. I don’t care what your political af…

  7. @IrelandTAL32 @Pmacgiollabhain Anyone, everyone yeah? Absolute fucking whoppers

  8. @benjamin8213 @IamTheImmortal It didn't. And also, it's a count to ten. Not ten seconds. None of which changes the… https://t.co/Yzb0krJe2T

  9. @cals_own This Christmas market shite can absolutely get tae fuck, by the way

  10. @IamTheImmortal He got clearly beaten by Fury though didn't he? Had the ears boxed off him and couldn't finish him.… https://t.co/5VdkzX7Ges

  11. RT @evolvepolitics: What do people actually think the super-rich donate huge sums to the Tories for? Do they think wealth-hoarding billion…

  12. RT @BonniePrinceB0b: The most satisfying element of this is watching the careerist narcissist politically bankrupt nonentity utterly buckle…

  13. @KTHopkins She's the fucking diet coke Hopkins. And a massive fucking racist if that t-shirt is real. Why does she… https://t.co/AVpKecdEt7

  14. RT @RonJichardson: A truly appalling Home Secretary. A government who genuinely do not believe they are responsible for a situation in whic…

  15. @SyWilkinson Not even watching mate, as I know I'll just end up shouting at the telly

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