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  1. @LuckyTony72 He's wearing shorts! The lying stupid cunt 🤥

  2. RT @GingerSAFC73: 😳 https://t.co/k232ekMAzR

  3. @hannahrosewoods @SimonRoffe He's a big ol' unit, by the way

  4. @wrestlingleva @JimmyHavoc Underrated as fuck, by the way. As is 'dust to dust'

  5. @FakeTJHawke @ViewsHawkeNest where can i find this to watch - do you have a link? Ta :)

  6. @SheaSerrano I think he may be part cyborg 😉

  7. @Beige29 That's a bit wordy for me fella, I prefer the more concise term 'massive fucking walloper'

  8. @JONNY_RUBBER @LukeEdwardsTele But what have you won mate?

  9. Drake should've left this man alone.... https://t.co/ndygHWnn9f https://t.co/ndygHWnn9f

  10. RT @FoxyLariat: I've never seen the Mass transition vid

  11. Shock as Brexiter plan for 'Big Ben bong' fails due to being an expensive vanity project where no-one considered th… https://t.co/c7Bb9vcEPz

  12. RT @steveaustinBSR: https://t.co/IzE8JpMHfm

  13. @OllyHFR @chrismorgan57 The black garter always seems like a wake for a gangland funeral is happening, on the rare occasion I'm in.

  14. @CANCEL_SAM I mean, I'm no maths expert, but surely the one with the highest percentage is thd clear leader yeah? P… https://t.co/UdRvvFZD4k

  15. @JoeyHunter1989 @LUFCPATRIOT69 @theawayfans The biggest myth is that Liverpool isn't a shitehole full of unfunny wa… https://t.co/m7O2YQ5Rqq

  16. RT @bobservant: Ten years ago I was the 8th busiest cheeseburger van in Dundee. After a decade of hard work, listening to the punters, menu…

  17. @jimsmallman Celtic fan. Andy Goram was a hear breaker in the 90s. But then they cheated like fuck and died, and we… https://t.co/AAgSrEB2Ul

  18. @ettrickscott It's here 'surprised eyebrows' that get me like

  19. @theinsidernufc Aye. And I'll get they booed him all the time he was a Newcastle player, until the last season when he looked half decent.

  20. @FootbalIStuff @GingerSAFC73 Little Hun bastard 😉 x

  21. @LuckyTony72 Amazing, bit also a 'teachable moment' . So pleased for him, and you xx

  22. @stuheritage I'll turn up, chin the lot 'em, then fight you all 😉

  23. @FightOwensFight Shout out to your kid rocking the Dunder Mifflin tee 😉 He has incredibly good taste

  24. @fesshole Genuinely hope it burns to the ground, but no-one gets hurt, and you've forgot to renew your insurance 😉

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