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  1. I'm alright I'm as responsible as I can be with this kind of thing, not that I recommend self medicating to anyone :lol: It's used to treat anxiety as well which is less grim that the seizures bit, and I can't switch off at night and work horrendous hours so I'm like a zombie sometimes

  2. A lad that works at our place got arrested for havin' thousands of wrong'un pictures... work didn't even suspend him at first and he continued to turn up. It got about and he got tortured like, car done over whilst he was at work and that and confronted by some. Then we got briefed by H.R that anyone saying anything to him would be disciplined. Funnily enough he had a walkie talkie complete w/ earpiece and continued to receive anonymous abuse over the airwaves. They paid him to just fuck off in the end, he pleaded guilty. Suspended sentence.

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