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  1. I'm called Stuart, but I'll be sure to leave one for you later!
  2. Don't hate on literate, successful authors.
  3. Does anybody actually leave or receive revealing voicemails though. Are they ever more than "give 'es a ring when you get this"
  4. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/11848130.Gazza__Phone_hacking_linked_to_alcoholism/ Talk about trying it on
  5. I don't mind May and Clarkson, Hammond is irritating as fuck. Think Clarkson should do something else without them two though, some of his early career documentaries were class.
  6. You'd just punch him back though wouldn't you. Getting him sacked is effectively getting yourself and all your colleagues the boot. As well as probably making yourself a bit of a public enemy in the process.
  7. essemmbee's boss and colleagues after the phone call
  8. Jesus that's with half your brain out as well so realistically 18s
  9. Is that all you heard or can you elaborate? I'll clear some PM space for you
  10. I heard someone got flung out, something about 35 million and a simple question
  11. Being too fair to him, any man with any integrity would have refused, in those circumstances.
  12. His Dad was black you know, after the fire anyway
  13. He's had it all rebuilt and tested etc it's mainly cosmetic stuff that needs doing now. Replacement original parts are just ridiculously rare and priced though
  14. Just been taken for a spin in the inheritance, a mk1 gxl Capri. It's been in his garage for 30 years and endured about a dozen aborted attempts of restoration but my old man seems to be actually going through with it this time!
  15. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/11840275.Can_you_help_family_of_20_month_old_Spennymoor_boy_achieve_his_bucket_list_/?ref=mr What do you's think about this? Whilst the boy's condition is extremely sad of course, asking for donations for a 20 month old's bucket list??
  16. So many scumbag names around now. Anyone called Dillon for example, you know both parents are on benefits. Kai as well
  17. If he does carry on I can see him getting a tight hammy right before matches at SJP every season
  18. You agreed on a name yet mate? If not we could break new ground and take it to Toontastic poll.
  19. If he's guilty then there's every chance. Mainly because of our press. Did Ribery ever get prosecuted in the end?
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