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  1. @D8nnyJ @swanseacity1 Thank fcuk for that, he was only good for corners and free kicks anyway, the rest of the gam… https://t.co/ca16hFOx4W

  2. RT @EvertonLouis8: Imo Sigurdsson isn't even worth 35 mil

  3. @OfficialWolves Not good enough are we Only a small club from Wales :)

  4. Gomis to Swansea according to Express.

    Alright Lads , Swans Fan here. I believe to stay within our wage structure we got him for a signing on fee of £5million and £ 45,000 a week. No way the Swans would pay the sum being bandied about. Looks a good player to me from what I have seen of him. Big strong , does more running than Bony and creates chances as well as scoring them. Who knows he may be shit as you say, but we are willing to give players a chance, something we have always done at this club. If he doesn't workout then no big loss as we are making loads of money in this League Also, we are keeping Bony to play alongside him Should be an interesting combination for the next season All the best for the coming season Lads !!!

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