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  1. Just now, Meenzer said:


    So you didn't understand any of the underlying issues when you voted. Good of you to clarify.


    Underlying issues? I don’t think anyone could have predicted this last 3 years carry on.

  2. 1 minute ago, Alex said:

    Or just keep pretending it’s not your fault. Although you were banging on about people being responsible for their own actions and where that takes them to in life (or words to that effect) on Saturday. Not that I’m suggesting you’re a hypocrite along with the vast majority of people who voted leave or anything. 


    Fuck off. I was entitled to vote whichever I way wanted. Unknown to me was the fact that heading towards 4 years later we would still be arguing about it. That’s the problem. Remain or leave is still not solved. Not who is responsible. I’ve stated many times, if we are having a 2nd vote, let’s just do it. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Rayvin said:


    It's the Tories who stopped us leaving in March, not everyone else. The diehard Leavers, in fact. Remember, May had a majority back then, the opposition votes were meaningless if she could command the full support of her party.


    But yes, the limbo isn't helpful - and I'd put a second vote before any and all other considerations.


    I’m not discussing who is to blame. They all are. I’m just pointing out it’s not that funny or entertaining. and should be done and dusted by now.

  4. Just now, Rayvin said:


    The country will be fine - the journalists will get excited about it but some semblance of normality will have returned by tomorrow and we'll get back to fighting over Brexit again. Boris has already said he won't resign, I don't see anything hugely damaging taking place from Parliament agreeing to sit again.


    The whole saga is putting businesses in limbo across the whole country. If we are having another vote, let’s just have it.. because reality is, if we had left without interference we could have been a year or two into fixing the mess and recovering by now. And businesses would know where they stand. Wish they would just all agree a way forward and get on with it, remain or leave.

  5. Just now, Rayvin said:


    Ah come on man, the drama is enjoyable. Politics has never been this engaging in living memory. It's like a soap opera - lies, cheating, breaking the law, expulsions, betrayals, Johnson battering his partner - all we need now is for some kind of forbidden 'cross the aisle' love affair between JRM and Thornberry and it'd have everything :D


    It’s like you’re enjoying seeing the country meltdown. You may as well get behind no deal and get some popcorn in.

  6. I agree with the twat unfortunately, we are missing Longstaff. Hope he isn’t going to have an Andy Carrol type injury plagued career. :( He seems a nice kid, watched that interview with him and Matty on bbc. Both canny young lads.

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