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  1. ffs all we need to crawl through the rest of this season is someone who knows where the goal is.. come on ashley dig deep in your penny jar
  2. Bitcoin

    The internet was open for everyone. The real value was attained by the companies who developed products or services which utilise it and disrupt whole industries.
  3. Bitcoin

    And you think the Dow Jones isn’t being driven by speculation right now? Im invested in shares in my SIPP. But I top slice and leave free rides whenever possible, as there’s always a bump around the corner waiting to happen.. in fact there’s one due anytime now!
  4. Bitcoin

    I don’t own any bitcoin.
  5. Bitcoin

    You think Bitcoins a bubble..? Good luck with your shares when the Trump affect wears off. You’re going to need it. Slice while it’s hot.
  6. Bitcoin

    Nowt to me.. still over 100% up on FCT.
  7. Bitcoin

    Mad eh. I bought a few this afternoon.. will shift them into fct tomorrow.
  8. Bitcoin

    I admire his honesty https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/950329721811886080?s=17
  9. Bitcoin

    Post it for sale on bitcoin talk. Be careful who you sell your verified account to tho! You’ll have interpol knocking on your door.
  10. Bitcoin

    GL! with the way alt’s are should only be up.. Most exchanges have stopped accepting new customers because of unprecedented demand. Once they all get their shit together the money piling into alts will be unreal.
  11. Bitcoin

    Now that’s speculation! What exchange did you take it on? Still in LINK on binance here.. looks ready to do a 2nd bag
  12. Bitcoin

    That is completely true. But so far I’m near 100% up on it.. roll on 2018..
  13. Bitcoin

    I know it’s all banter.. no offence taken I know the risks..
  14. Bitcoin

    I know you were, and I’m proper laughing at your comment. Stick with your ISA .. you’ll be minted by time you’re 90.

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