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  1. Politics

    Wow. Bye.
  2. Politics

    Underlying issues? I don’t think anyone could have predicted this last 3 years carry on.
  3. Politics

    Yeah, have we left yet?
  4. Politics

  5. Politics

    Fuck off. I was entitled to vote whichever I way wanted. Unknown to me was the fact that heading towards 4 years later we would still be arguing about it. That’s the problem. Remain or leave is still not solved. Not who is responsible. I’ve stated many times, if we are having a 2nd vote, let’s just do it.
  6. Politics

  7. Politics

    I’m not discussing who is to blame. They all are. I’m just pointing out it’s not that funny or entertaining. and should be done and dusted by now.
  8. Politics

    The whole saga is putting businesses in limbo across the whole country. If we are having another vote, let’s just have it.. because reality is, if we had left without interference we could have been a year or two into fixing the mess and recovering by now. And businesses would know where they stand. Wish they would just all agree a way forward and get on with it, remain or leave.
  9. Politics

    It’s like you’re enjoying seeing the country meltdown. You may as well get behind no deal and get some popcorn in.
  10. Politics

    Boris is buggered, and rightfully so, but can’t say I’m thrilled to see Corbyn gain. This country man.
  11. Europe --- In or Out

  12. Recommend me something to watch!

    Was going to start watching them this week. Still will but I see it’s getting mixed reviews this season. Bbc1 huh
  13. Other games 2019/2020

  14. This is the news!


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