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    We’re the bacteria the earth will try fight off

    end of the day world population is too high, and is exponentially growing. Going to take some miracle to stop what’s coming.
  3. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    while i support any idea to try get rid of mike.. let’s be real here, even with a boycott we’re still going to have 40+ thousand in
  4. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    why. constant noise for the cameras or a handful of stadium shots with a few empty seats?
  5. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    wouldn’t it be more effective if it’s live on sky to have a full house singing get out of our club for the whole game
  6. Man Utd V Newcastle United - 6th October - 17.30 KO

    completely agree, if we can’t take minimum 6 from next 4 we are really in trouble at such an early stage.
  7. Man Utd V Newcastle United - 6th October - 17.30 KO

    normal service resumed
  8. Man Utd V Newcastle United - 6th October - 17.30 KO

    more of the same now.. pick them off with pace cos they have to attack all this half
  9. Man Utd V Newcastle United - 6th October - 17.30 KO

    well fuck me sideways, what did mike put in those pizzas??
  10. Man Utd V Newcastle United - 6th October - 17.30 KO

    yeah about time he started a game .. let’s see how this pans out. Pity Manquillo is on, or we could possibly have kept a clean sheet ha
  11. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    we could lose rafa the best manager we’ve had in a decade .. we could be relegated because of underspending on the squad nobody knows if the club is being sold or not .. divvent worry lads big Mike says the pizzas are on him
  12. Kevin Keegan

    unfortunately for one poor sod he got so drunk he bought sunderland.. imagine that?
  13. At least it stopped the rot. Hate to say it but Joselu looks lively compared to Rondon. We need goals .. fast..
  14. What's Currently Wrong With You

    ah brilliant news strawb!! and howmanheyman!

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