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  1. Well.. nothing lasts forever. It wasn’t a disgrace by any means.. pretty much their only real good chance and they took it.
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    this weekend has been simply brilliant
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    Someone else bumped the thread
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    “the bungalow of light”
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    pissing myself at nufc.com headline
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    tell you what.. after reading rtg just now there’s an abundance of employment opportunities for maths tutors in sunderland
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    fancy getting relegated by burton.. the shame of it
  8. smiling ear to ear here what a win
  9. and to top a good day off, the makems still can’t win a game
  10. gerrin .. safe now. So let’s finish high as we can

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